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Bitlife Can Pets Have Babies

Bob Roberts
• Sunday, 08 November, 2020
• 8 min read

So, in other words, if you want to fully experience the Pets in the game, you will need to spend some money. These furry animals are a bit like humans in the game: they can be accessed from the Relationships tab and you can (And should) interact with them constantly each year.


The latter stat should be as low as possible if you want a safe life with your pet, or higher if you’re up for some adventure. I haven’t had any trouble with my pets so far, but apparently they can do some crazy things, the crazier they are.

You can also release your pet into the wild if you no longer want them (or if you want to prevent a mood drop from them dying). All in all, the new Pets feature in Billie is really cool and I enjoy the sheer variety of animals available.

Pets are animal companions in Billie added in March 2019 as an update. Pet shave five Stats ; their relationship, their health, their happiness, their smarts and their craziness.

The pet will have a name of its own but can also be renamed if the player chooses to do so. Exotic pets, horses, and llamas are exclusive to adults (18+).

Age, if your character is under 18 years old (unless asking parents to buy a pet). Finances, from being unemployed or insufficient funds to pay a monthly payment.

If a pet starts acting unusual, this could indicate that they need to go to the vet. While exotic pets may only be purchased by adult characters, if the adult dies and the generation legacy is passed to a juvenile, that juvenile can still keep the pet.

In the latest update, a character waits to come back, then the stranger will return the pet. There is also a rare chance someone will kidnap your pet giving you an option to give $20,000 or call the police and there's a small chance you can get it back.

Scenarios where a character will find a random pet and make it theirs if they choose to do so. Notifications, if a player turns them on, it will sometimes notify a pet scratching at their door.

If the player clicks on the app within an hour of the notification, they will have the pet. This Billie guide will try to provide you with a comprehensive list of the newly added pets, as well as useful information on what they do and how you can get them.

If you are not happy with the available selection in animal shelters and pet stores and you are looking for a particular breed of dog, then you have to check the breeders for an amazing selection of happy and healthy animals that range from puppies to a couple of years old. However, purchasing from a breeder implies higher monthly and upfront costs.

But you will need to meet certain requirements: a specific type of property that features the word ‘equestrian’. That means that the property is endowed with a special facility specifically designed for horses.

Unless you can afford to spend that amount, owning a horse is impossible. While basic players can only enjoy, the company of cats, dogs, and bunnies, Premium users have access to a wide range of animals including: snakes, finch, tigers, hamsters, goldfish, parrots, lions, coyotes, monkeys, cockatiels, panthers, gorillas, and even unicorns.

That is a perfectly reasonable request when virtual dog shopping and Billie has the answer for you. If you don’t like the look of the traditional mutts that are pretty common in the pet stores and animal shelters, then you need to check the breeders.

Normally, a breeder will have very healthy and happy animals that age from a puppy to around a couple of years old. The only downside to buying from a breeder is the monthly and upfront costs are a little higher than the pet store.

This type of property has the word ‘equestrian’ in it, which means it is a special facility designed for horses. There is no point in owning a horse unless you have the space needed for them to gallop and frolic all day.

One lucky user on Reddit managed to randomly encounter a Unicorn, and he successfully rescued it. Once again it's important to note that if you aren’t a premium member then you will miss out on most of the animals listed below.

Our favorite life simulator has a new update, and it has the community jumping for joy! Well, not the entire community as Android has yet to catch up with all the iOS features.

Basic members are only allowed in the animal shelter, whereas any premium Citizens will have access to a cat breeder, dog breeder, pet store or exotic pet dealer. So the animals in the shelter are more likely to be older than breeders or pet stores and might come with some ailments.

These ailments can be medical conditions like kidney failure, or the animal might have bad stats, like a full “crazy” bar. If you aren’t premium, then you’ll have to grab a cheap pet from the shelter.

If money is not a problem then why not grab your perfect pet from the breeders? This dealer will often have some rare and awesome animals including coyotes, tigers and even gorillas.

So, if you are bored with your standard cat’s, dogs and goldfish, then the dealer is a great option to consider. One last thing to mention is that there is another shop you can purchase pets from called a Horse Ranch.

To unlock horses, you will need to purchase a property with the word “equestrian” in it. Just a simple ranch or farm is not enough, it will need to be a horse specialized home.

If they decide to go off birth control, they can choose whether to tell their partner (if they have one) or keep it a secret. Birth control is very effective when you are dating someone, but hook-ups who claim they are on birth control may be lying or misusing it and could still get pregnant if your character does not use protection.

If your character is a male, usually when the couple turns 18, the female partner may usually go on birth control. After age 55, women will no longer need birth control.

If fruitless, you & your partner will have to wait until the next year to try IVF again. But, this is not always efficient as in some rare cases, people can still reproduce after a successful sterilization procedure.

Unspecified reasons may include having a disease, having a criminal record, having too many children, or having donated too many times in a lifetime. Sometimes the reasoning will simply show up as “No Sperm Needed”.

When you press Surrogate, a menu will pop up and present you with different women. You can check their stats and choose whether to use their eggs for the baby.

If they accept, you will have to choose whose sperm to impregnate the woman. If a surrogate fails at getting pregnant, your character can be reimbursed half of the expenses.

Some surrogate mothers will keep the baby for themselves and dishonor your contract; should this happen, your character may file a Lawsuit against them. To get pregnant you must not use birth control and certain diets or it will prevent pregnancy for females.

When pregnant, women may not have certain types of Plastic Surgery and may get Pregnancy massages. Other massages can be done, but run the risk of miscarriage, with Pregnancy the only one fully safe.

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