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Bitlife Best Way To Be Rich

Danielle Fletcher
• Thursday, 07 January, 2021
• 7 min read

If you want your character to be rich in their adult life, you need to think about how you’re going to make money from the moment you start. If they’ve got a high generosity rating, you’ll be able to ask them for money for both activities and your education.

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You can then keep that in mind throughout your character’s life, as you’ll even get an inheritance when they die and won’t have to pay for student loans. Of course, if your character isn’t the brightest due to the generation of the game, you might struggle academically anyway.

It’s also important to focus on a traditionally academic subject (English, Political Science, History), if that’s possible, because it’ll allow you to get a higher paying job. To up your smarts, you can also opt to study harder by selecting the Education option to the left of the menu icons in the middle.

Once you’ve graduated as far as possible, with a good degree under your belt, you’ll be able to apply for job. If your Smarts improve from that point on, you can also choose to apply for different jobs and increase your salary.

You’ll be away from your family, and that may hurt relationships, but it’s easier to get rich in countries that have more properties on offer or better paying jobs. If you do so too early, you will run out of money before you die, and some careers won’t offer you a pension.

You’re able to buy, sell, and upgrade, making yourself a lot of money in the process. There are many ways to do this, a good job, a successful criminal career or just luck.

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If you can set up a good schedule of buying and selling through the years then you can keep a steady income coming in from this in addition to other sources. High Paid Jobs Some of the highest paid jobs include Doctors, Layers, Politicians and all require that you have studied hard and chosen the correct educational path during your youth.

The lottery has better odds than in real life although you still need luck to win and if you do then you will be set, so it is worth doing this. Both will require you to have a decent amount of cash to start betting with and both have a chance of loosing you a lot of money and gaining it.

But playing cards at the casino is probably your best bet as there is at least some chance of using skill to win there. You will need to be lucky to find yourself in a wealthy family but you also need to make sure you treat your parents well (or possibly in-laws) to be certain to be the beneficiary when they die.

Crime As an alternative to working hard you could decide on a criminal empire. The bigger the crime the more you can make but you run the risk of getting caught and ending up in prison for some time.

Our Billie How-to Make the Most Money post will guide you through getting rich ! If you want to cross that 100 million dollar milestone, we've got tips and tricks for getting that done easily.

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You can gamble yourself to success, or you can get a high paying career and invest into real estate! There's a wide variety of options now, you can be an actor, singer, DJ, writer, porn star, influencer, and a lot more.

Start hitting the gym as soon as you can, go for walks, and do martial arts to increase and maintain your looks. Graduate from High School and start looking for a job in any industry that could possibly make you famous.

Once you find your position, make sure to keep your looks at least above 90%, but at this point you should be able to keep it at 100% if you hit the gym and use the Salon & Spa each year. Make sure to use the work hard at your job option each year to increase the likelihood of you getting a raise and promoted.

You should eventually reach the height of your profession and you will open up the Fame percentage bar. You can now write a book, do a commercial or photo shoot, and go onto a talk show in the Fame activities tab.

Keep repeating these steps, and then take a look at the Real Estate section to make even more money. Buy the most expensive thing you can afford, and go ahead and pay for it in all cash.

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To sit on them even longer, you can leave them to one of your kids (under Will & Testament in Activities) and then continue living on through them after your main Citizen dies. This way you are constantly making money, and can even get into the billions if you continue to purchase homes and leave them to your kids.

It costs you a bit of money each time you look for a person to date. If you can find someone like this then you should maximize the relationship stat with them, and you can hopefully elope with them.

Once you have a little nest egg, you can repeat this process over and over again because you won't have to sign a prenup. You just need it to work at least one time to get enough money so that you can marry someone old and wait for them to pass away.

Update: This was patched out of the iOS version and might only work on Android. Go to a Casino (stick to the same one each time) Place the highest bet you can (the bet grows as you win more money) Play the hand If you win, leave the casino (this basically “saves” your win) If you lose, immediately close the game and reopen it (full app close, not just going to your home screen).

On an iPhone, you can double tap the home button and swipe up the app to full close it. If you tied, play the next hand as normal and refer to the above options.

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Head to the Real Estate section once you've started to amass a nice fortune for tips on how to continue forward with making even more money! We can try to better our hand by taking a “soft” risk by hoping to get a low card that will get us closer to 21.

To live your bestialize, you’re likely going to want to make lots of money and get rich. In this guide, we’re going to detail the myriad ways you can make money in Billie so you can start rolling in it.

There are numerous ways to make the big bucks in Billie. It helps to plan your career path early so you know which grad school you want to go to.

Then, get a job as an actor or porn star and start working on your social media presence. This guide is focused on 1 thing: how to get rich in Bit life.

We’re going to give you several methods that you can take advantage of to increase your cash stockpile in the game. These are the best methods we’ve found, and they should allow you to amass tons of wealth quite easily.

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There are 2 main ways to make a lot of money by being an actor. Once you become a lead actor you’ll be able to increase your fame percentage.

This means that you can basically obtain an unlimited amount of money this way. It used to be the case that when playing the lottery only the first 10 tickets you bought had a chance of winning.

However, as we explained in our guide to winning the lottery in Bit life, this has since been fixed with an update. This means that you can buy an unlimited amount of tickets every year, and each of them will have a chance to win the jackpot.

One of the easiest ways to make money in Bit life is through real estate. Now that you’ve got a lot of cash on hand through the previous methods, you can invest it in real estate.

This means that buying real estate is never a bad investment and you’ll always be able to sell it for more than you bought it eventually. Spend all the cash you made from the previous methods on as much real estate as you can afford and check the prices next year.

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There are other ways of making money in Bit life, such as gambling, becoming CEO, a pilot or a lawyer. But to be honest, if your main goal is becoming insanely wealthy they’re not worth doing.

If you have any other tips of making money fast don’t hesitate to leave a comment down below. If any of the methods no longer work (such as the commercial exploit) let us know as well, so we can update this guide.

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