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Bitlife Best Tax

Paul Gonzalez
• Monday, 26 October, 2020
• 9 min read

Not: 'You can never escape these two: Death and taxes' Today's guide is gonna about taxes and tips to get the most out of your fortune.

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That will be provided in a separate link that'll be attached at the bottom of this thread at a later date. The overall quality of salary: Poor.

Si denote: The value of your jewelry bought reduces each year, remember to sell off as soon as you move onto your next generation. Buy only when you're about to die, rinse and repeat steps.

The following tip only works for inheritance and not divorces. A divorce takes in your total net worth, including houses, cars, boats, airplanes, helicopters AND jewelry.

How to accumulate millions or billions of dollars: Fame and billion-dollar guide. Although annual tax rates are high, it's worth it in the longer run.

The only exception: Argentina, zero tax, a slightly higher salary. The death tax is a fixed percentage the government takes from your estate every time you move onto a new generation.

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Annual taxes may vary, depending on your annual income, housing, cars etc. [Disclaimer: All figures are calculated to the best of my knowledge.

For each country, I accumulated at LEAST 10 million and above wealth in order to show the most accurate percentage as death tax comes in at approximately 8 million. The 10 million rule is a general figure.

I've just received my iOS a couple of days ago and have started writing the outlines of a couple of the guides! As my workload has drastically increased over the past week, there may be a delay in any upcoming iOS/android guides.

If there are any kind souls that are willing to write for iOS (android welcomed too), please DM u/CerealMonsterKiller AKA me. Do credit will be given, rest assured.

I'll even design a custom flair for whoever that contributes to any guide. It can be a dual contribution (I write half, you write half or some sort of arrangement) or full contribution.

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No pressure if you have no extra time to spare or just a reader. All guides are for the Bit life community to share/use.

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