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Bitlife Best School

David Lawrence
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Dental School : Increase your smarts and study a science. Graduate School : Study a core subject like English, Psychology, or Mathematics.

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In this guide, we’re going to list all the schools in Billie, what sort of career path they lead to, and how to get into them. That’s not really that difficult, as you can just visit the library once per year and study hard at school.

Then, continue to study and go to the library during university too and you should see your smarts max out before long. If you are working towards getting a job in a specific career role in Billie you will need to pick the right school to get you the qualification to move up in that sphere of employment. It will help a great deal if you can start of with a character that has a high smarts stat and you should try to maintain or increase this early on by studying hard at school and using the library when you are able to.

Once you graduate from High School you will hopefully have a very good smarts level (90%) and you will then be able to pick your choice of university course to move on to. Pick a degree course that is related to the career and further education that you want to do, depending on the school that you hope to attend later.

Once you move on from university the school that you attend will provide opportunities for you employment. Business School leads you to Corporate positions, and will eventually lead you to a potential CEO position.

Law School To be a lawyer This can also lead to becoming a judge or Magistrate. In our Billie Version 1.23 Guide, we detail all the changes included in our favorite text-based life simulator’s latest update.

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This update is all themed around school life, which is apt timing given that many of us have actually just returned to one of the world’s worst institutions. You can now interact with your classmates and teachers, participate in extracurricular activities like joining a sport team or a band, join a clique, getting involved in frats and sororities, and go to grade school.

Now, provided you’re studying at school, you’ll encounter a bunch of new means of interacting with your classmates and teachers in Billie. Judging from chatter on Twitter, these new interactions include fighting off bullying, having relationships or flings with your classmates or teachers, and receiving detention and other punishments for behaving badly.

These include all the clichés from sports types to nerds and band geeks. For example, you may have to join the school football team or band, or even have a high looks score.

Frats and sororities are similar to cliques in that they’re social groups for like-minded folks. That should help make the school system more familiar to you no matter the country you live in.

Here we’ll round up the remaining changes and features that were included in this update that aren’t quite big enough to get their own section. It includes links to all of our other guides, where we’ve covered pretty much every aspect of this awesome game.

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The first thing to note before you set your heart on law school is your own intelligence. Lawyers are no fools so you will have to be a clever individual to be accepted into law school.

If you pick a course like dance, arts or information technology you will not be eligible to enlist at law school. You will need to study hard for a long time, no one falls into medicine so you must devote your Billie into becoming a doctor.

If you want to be a medical doctor, then studying Biology, Chemistry or Physics should see you qualify. Picking any solid subject like English, Psychology or Math is sure to see you qualify.

Avoid any silly subjects like dance or anything that would be difficult to gain employment with. Think of graduate school as a place to enhance whatever degree you studied previously.

Nursing is a relatively well-paid profession with ample opportunities to gain promotion, so it is worth doing if you can do no better. I have lumped these three schools together for good reason, they all require similar subjects and intelligence levels.

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I am sure you can enlist in pharmaceutical school with many qualifications, but in my experience having a science as your major has always helped. The same goes for vets and dentists, they require an intelligent person who could easily just enlist in medical school.

You can get anything from undergraduate, graduate, business, medical, dental, law degrees, and more, but first, you actually have to get into the school, which is the toughest part. You have to be born smart and continue to build your intelligence as you go to school by studying, going to the library, and doing other intelligence-boosting activities.

If you don’t see your major immediately, ignore university and apply a year or two later and it might show up. NEW: January 2021 Active Promo Codes for Pokémon GO: The Full List and How to Redeem Them Other majors, such as Psychology, will also get you in, but when you graduate, you’ll qualify for different jobs than you would have with a scientific undergrad major.

Business School can make you the CEO of a company eventually, but the requirements are surprisingly not that strict. This is a quick school to get through; the real challenge comes in finding the right company and dedicating yourself to it until you get a promotion or qualify for a better executive job.

Typically, the requirements are not too strict; just go for and achieve your undergraduate degree and then try to apply. Typically, it’s pretty easy to do, but study harder every year that you can, and continue to do that which builds your intelligence, like going to the library.


Category: AndroidiPadiPhone Tags: android, APK, Billie, iOS, iPad, iPhone Evan Heisenberg named himself after a Breaking Bad character one time, and then got stuck with it. He’s a San Diego guy living in Tacoma, so he legitimately enjoys the cliché “long walks on the beach.” Aside from writing about mobile games, Evan is an aircraft hydraulic maintainer and maintenance instructor.

He likes weightlifting, beer, dad jokes, the Padres and Chargers, and slightly-old luxury and exotic cars. File photo of Los Gatos High School, which is part of the Los Gatos-Saratoga Joint Union High School, which was No.

1 on Niche's list of the top California public school districts. Robert Marina/Flickr pandemic, for better or for worse, has normalized the idea of online schooling.

Niche also released its annual list of the top California public school districts this week, analyzing multiple data points, including metrics on teachers, health and safety. Los Gatos-Saratoga Joint Union High School claimed the top spot for the second year in a row.

Niche bases its rankings on U.S. Department of Education data self-reported by school districts and from school reviews, test scores and survey responses. Before joining the team in 2019, she specialized in food, drink and lifestyle content for numerous publications including, The Bold Italic, 7×7 and more.

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Will you try to make all the right choices in an attempt to become a model citizen sometime before you die? You could marry the love of your life, have kids, and pick up a good education along the way.

Billie baited Dir Menus, we Du she in Westlife finest. Some positive scenarios before reaching death or the endgame are marrying the dream partner, raising children and picking up an ideal job.

Will you try to make all the right choices in an attempt to become a model citizen sometime before ... Here you can choose different stories to outlive and make decisions just like you do in the real life.

The decisions will lead you one way or another, shaping your life ins this or that light. For example, you can become a perfect husband, love your wife, and take care of children.

Billie is an excellent video game that squeezes an entire life inside your screen. Another amazing feature is that the possibilities are almost unending and all you have to do is choose how you want your character to live from the moment they're born until their last days.

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You should also have a setting that you could tap the age button and go by month or years. Animations are one of the most exciting tools in the education sector.

Animations allow students to be more creative and more interested in classrooms. As we all know that animations are one of the fantastic ways to brighten up the classroom, and the result of these students does not lose their interest in the school, and they get the opportunity to enjoy the lessons and lectures.

These apps encourage the users to create the animations according to their choice on Android or iOS. Using photos, cartoons, images, and scripts, you can make a storyline.

It will help the students visualize the things that they cannot see in real life. There is an excellent range of animation apps that are available easily; you need to download it on your devices; it can be Android, iPhone, iPad, and laptops.

These apps will blow up your imagination and create the perfect animations that will attract the students. Here is a list of animation apps that will help you brighten up and bring life to your class.

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With this app#39’s help, you can create amazing animations by using the drawing, photos, shapes, and text. There are ready-made templates available on this app like school, beaches, forests, the ocean floor, and summers, etc.

Still, their quality is best, for example, paint palate, shapes, combined video and photo, color adjustment, rotate, and add music. There is much more to enjoy this app for creating fantastic animations for the classroom.

Monastic is a great app that helps you to create a short animated description for your students. The main feature of this app is that it provides realistic scenes of energy.

This app is terrific for classrooms, and it is readily available on Android or iOS. What a great way composing is to save money for your everyday purchases.

Gone is the old days when you had to clip and trim the physical coupons from flyers, catalogs, and newspapers. They are so handy to find, easy to save, and use the digital coupon codes.

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All credits to accessible receipt-upload functions that can deliver the cashback or retroactive discounts. When you are armed with your favorite coupon applications, you no longer need to clip the physical coupons.

All the following apps offer savings and several opportunities at the dozens, hundreds, and thousands of retailers. This amount matters a lot to the regular users of Honeymooned, who are committed to using this application.

Honey can allow you to find the discounts without promo codes or coupons. Honey enables you to shop black FridayandCyber Monday and even throughout the rest of the year.

Via Honey#39’s droplet, you can avail discounts without the promo codes. Gotta (Sign up and avail $20 bonus) One of those coupon apps which are very well-known among the users ricotta.

Thiscouponis boasting a wide variety of those retailers who are participating, almost 275 in all. All you have to do is to open the app and accomplish easy tasks to get to load the offers.

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After you are done loading your loyalty cards, you will automatically be eligible to avail cashback within 48 hours of the sale. Pros:All you have to do is load your loyalty card, and then you are ready to claim rewards.

Dropkick This app is a heavily gleamed application, where there are no required conditions once you have made a purchase. A signal trade-off of this coupon app cannot work correctly when location services are not enabled.

Thus, we can say that the Dropkick coupon apps not an ideal match for those users who are conscious of privacy or battery. After earning enough kicks, you are ready to redeem gifts from major retailers, including Walmart and Target.

Pros:This app can allow you to earn rewards without completing the purchases. Add any deal which makes you feel more appealing, select that, and then go to the store to shop it away.

As long as your store card is being used at the checkout, you can easily claim the cashback within few business days. Once this balance reaches $20, you can redeem it via platforms like or EFT.

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In the same way as Gotta, SavingStaris offering track about the store loyalty card problem. You have to do is to add the rebates to your account and take a photo of your receipt to match them with the active SavingS tar offers.

You#39;ll observe that there is no delay in cashback delivery. Platform: This is available on chaos and android Pros:You can link the store loyalty card of you for easy rebating.

Upload receipts photographically in the case an active loyalty account is absent. The top 10 most popular applications in 2020 are given as under: Zoom TikTok YouTube Instagram Netflix Face book Google Meet WhatsApp Gmail Like A short introduction to each one of the above is given below: Zoom It is a USA based communication company having headquartered in San Jose, California.

TikTok provides you popular songs, dialogues, and reactions of your own choice, which you can add to your video. It allows you to make your profile, Personal Pages as a public figure, Groups of your mats, etc.

It is designed especially for professional online discussions during the current pandemic situations. You can share data like pictures, contact numbers, audio, and video clips through WhatsApp.

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It is straightforward to send and receive emails like messages, just because of the Gmail application. The Gmail application is helpful if you are traveling, and you need to work through email; you can use it.

It looks like TikTok; you can edit, share, and post videos with this application#39’s help. Few of the applications and build this year and enlisted into the top 10 due to popularity and downloads.

Therefore, the newly build applications having unique features are getting popular in no time. The most frequently used applications include Facebook, Instagram,Twitter, Banking apps,Google Maps, etc.

In this article, we have complied with ten mind-blowing applications that you would have never even heard. Just Watch including a gamut of movies#39; online TV and streaming services, it becomes a challenging task to track all the series channels and films simultaneously.

Fabulous: Several people are a massive fan of getting themselves involved in activities like fitness and lifestyle. It starts with simple goals like making you habitual of drinking water every morning.


Another cool feature of this app is that it helps you maintain your workout routine. It will genuinely help you feel fabulous, only if you follow the simple steps.

This app is anti assistant app that aids you in eliminating your depression, anxiety, and other issues related to these. You can even have a chat with the app, helping you get to know more about your mind, improve your mood, and help you overcome the feeling of stress or time you propose a dynamic record of your mental and physical health.

This app helps you move forward on the journey of becoming the best version of yourself better than before. Funny memes and stories can be made with this app to get them posted on social media.

Feel free to share your creations in Gibson your stores and social media posts. DISA: Seeing many of your friends online but on multiple apps can seem to be a bit messy for you.

It aids you to organize your chat service, including different social media platforms includingWhatsApp,Facebook Messenger, hike, and the list goes on. It will call your phone every morning, and a stranger from any part of the world will have a conversation with you until you are awake.

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You can then export these photos to your gallery and post them on your social media to let your friends see them. App esp Toggle navigation Log Out search Site Configs Website Configs Sears Keywords Blogs Apps Manage Tags Utility Tools File Manager Black List Add Post Created:Can’t Download Apps on iPhone: Easy Fixes for App Stuck on Waiting and Updating Title Excerpt (limit 160 char) Direct Go Affiliate Rich Content With changes in weather, the mood also has changed along with the season.

There is the idea of a group fitness class that leaves you exhausted, just thinking about it. These apps will have you working out into action all from your living room#39’s most comfortable zone.

You have to check out these top 10 apps that make your life most effortless and crazy if you are lazy to Work out outside. Quin tic: If you do not want to go outside for a gym but still love having an instructor to teach you how to Work out through a workout routine, but do not have the time or wish to set out to a class, Qineticis a perfect app to become your new best friend and an instructor too.

They are giving live-streaming and video, Kinetic#39’s courses can be watched right from the simple and easy way from your own home zero cost. Containing a blend of exceptional fitness workouts such as Yoga, Zumba, HIIT, and more, these are all classes.

Charity Miles: It is easy to make your workouts count and make money for charity along with you burning calories. Charity Miles experts team with corporate sponsors are collaborating to donate a little money for every mile you run, walk, or on the bike or move alone! Every Workout consists of just 5-10 minutes and will strengthen and tone your core as if there is a fine trainer around you and helping you count reps just like an instructor.

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Daily Yoga provides an individual coach and several poses to select from plus contemplation classes for people who want to decrease their stress and feel more focused and stress-free. Well, you don't need to worry that your work out will be becauseSworkitlets you leave chocolate, sugary items, wine, etc.

From Yoga, cardio, strength training, or stretching, it#39’s a regular sporting to go all the sugary things as soon as possible. Relax Melodies: Experts at The University of Chicago discovered that the ones who were well-lazy and lost more weight than those who slept continuously.

Relax Melodies permits you to cool down and make a limit of calming sounds consisting of rain, wind, and white noise. This app for lazy girls at home is useful for them in every condition which means even when they are not feeling well.

Nike: It is your perfect personal trainer, permitting you for workouts anytime, anywhere. Get fit with 130+ free of cost workouts in a variety of full-body challenges.

Read More Reviews and evaluations are so essential for users to pick the best app. Hope that we will have a good chance to partner in the long term.

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The download section will appear on each recommendation, click to download and install for free in a moment, in case you are required to pay the cost, you need to top up your account.

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