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Bitlife Best Property

David Lawrence
• Monday, 14 December, 2020
• 8 min read

It’s not an easy task, but it does help to have a full-time job, but for those who don’t, you will need to start saving up early if you want to buy a house without the luxury of a full-time gig supporting you. You can own multiple property pieces, so if you buy one early on, you can choose to sell it after a certain amount of years, which should net you quite a bit of money.

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An excellent way to prepare for purchasing a house early is to start doing part-time jobs while in high school and freelance gigs. When you become 18 years old, if you have enough money, you should have the option to apply for a loan to purchase a house or to pay it in cash.

For those who constantly spammed the tutoring option while doing a freelance gig, most of you probably won’t be able to pay for the house with straight cash, and you need to apply for a loan. You want to apply for a loan keeping the monthly expenses of the house and the mortgage in mind when you accept it.

The higher the condition stat, the better chances you have of not having to maintain it too much and waste even more money along the way. However, if you want to go down a cheaper route, you can choose the purchase lower quality homes at a better price, but you can expect to deal with several problems and try to fix those using money and time.

When you attempt to renovate the home, you can increase the value, but you usually do it at a direct cost of your current income. You can own several property pieces, so if you buy one early on, you can choose to sell it after a specific amount of years, which should net you a fair bit of money You can typically make more money from offering it than when you at first purchased it if you take care of the house.

You to be at least 18 years old to purchase home You have to wait for that to take place before you can start taking a look at any pieces of property available on the market An exceptional way to prepare for buying a house early is to start doing part-time tasks while in high school and freelance gigs. When you end up being 18 years old, if you have enough money, you should have the option to use for a loan to purchase a house or to pay it Incas For those who continuously spammed the tutoring option while doing a freelance gig, many of you most likely won’ t be able to pay for the house with straight cash, and you need to use for a loan.

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You want to use for a loan keeping the regular monthly costs of the house and the home mortgage in mind when you accept it. The higher the condition stat, the much better possibilities you have of not having to keep it excessive and waste even more money along the way If you want to go down a less expensive path, you can choose the purchase lower quality homes at a much better price, however you can expect to offer with numerous problems and attempt to fix those using money and time.

When you try to remodel the home, you can increase the worth, however you typically do it at a direct cost of your current earnings. After a couple of years of sitting on the house, you should see how much it is worth on the market to sell it.

Some years people are purchasing houses left and right, and other times you won’ t be able to do it. It’s the single best means of increasing net worth that I’ve found.

It’s also insanely reliable, because if what follows holds true, a house in poor condition will appreciate in value even without renovations, minimizing the risks associated with declining condition and ensuring insane profits. First, know that holding on to real estate isn’t necessarily or always a good idea, since every so often, beyond a certain point, appreciation appears to “reset.” This is independent of things like inheritance: I’ve seen it happen even within the same generation.

Third, based on what I’ve seen, I suspect that given the choice between two houses of the same initial price, it’s best to choose the one in worse condition. This is because the price of a house in bad condition (assume, for the sake of illustration, 0%) seems to be a floor beyond which overall value can’t decrease.

Sixth, if you’re just starting out, mortgages are your friend, just like with real-life real estate flipping. Property values seem to depend, in large part, on the cost-of-living for each region, so wherever you earn the highest salaries, you’re also likely to see the highest property values and, by extension, the greatest overall profit from flipping.

To illustrate how potent this is, I’ve had previous play through in which I’ve managed to increase overall net worth above a billion in two generations: a celebrity can easily earn over 100M, which when passed to their child and then regularly invested in real estate, can allow that child to increase net worth by a factor of ten or more. With so many activities and decision points you can have in Billie, it can be a real challenge to stay in line with what you really want out of your virtual life.

Add karma and luck to the mix and you can be sure to go through a variety of experiences as you live one life to the next in Billie. It’s a common saying that “Health is Wealth” and while you may only be inclined to see a doctor when you have ailments and illnesses, staying healthy takes a little more effort than that.

The key to being and staying in tip-top condition lies in the activities you engage in Billie as in real life. Although you can only afford to go to the gym once you start earning money, it’s always good to proactively make it a habit instead of investing time on it one the need to raise your health becomes increasingly important.

Although at some points in time you may feel that you no longer need to do this as your smarts level is always at its peak because of the library, doing this continuously seems to raise the chance of earning a scholarship after high school. Keep in mind that if you start frequently visiting the library to raise and keep your intelligence level maxed out at an early age gives you a much higher chance to be granted a scholarship for college.

Since next to maintaining health comes the quest for increasing wealth, reducing costs and expenses contributes a lot to the net earnings you gain at the end of each year. As such, make purchases for cars and real estate properties in cash as applying for mortgages entail higher total costs and if you can afford the price in full anyway, there’s no good reason to pay in installments.

Keep in mind that your annual salary amount won’t reflect entirely as earnings from the previous years as you will have expenses as well. What matters is that you have a basic idea of how much money you need annually to survive and determine what is best to be done with extra income.

Being employed is your stepping stone towards fulfilling your dreams of having a good long life and a grand legacy but it’s not everything. Regardless though, what you would want to do is to start thinking about investing in real estate as soon as you can and with whatever job you have, you can always set targets as to when you should buy new houses to earn more moving forward.

Like in real life, it’s relatively easy to be blinded by the amount of cash you have to make you thinks about your and your family’s future. Be sure to purchase one though when your spouse asks you to do so as maintaining a good relationship with your partner is as important as everything else in Billie just as in real life.

Having more houses may contribute to its growth along with your annual salary but if it starts to decrease, then perhaps you have been spending a little too much or have cars that lose value over time. Winning the lottery in Billie has a much higher probability than in real life which is why you should consider it as an investment rather than an expense.

Regardless of how much you win, if you do, it becomes a lot easier to become even wealthier than you will have more working capital to invest in real estate. You may be aware that in real life, there are so many sad stories about former lottery winners who lost more than their share of good fortune in just a short time after they got it.

You can set it to $1,000 for starters and once you start playing, reaching either end of winning and losing marks will be your cue to moving out of the casino and proceeding to your other activities. Doing both the lottery and gambling with very controlled restrictions may help you earn more in Billie so be sure to engage in these activities whenever you can afford to do so.

Although it may be regarded as a narcissistic tendency when people subscribe to plastic surgery, looks do actually matter in the real world and in Billie, random stats and features may not endow you with good looks for starters although it changes as you grow and mature. It can help boost your health and happiness and may also be a factor when asking for a raise or promotion at work, on top of being intelligent of course.

Keep in mind though that as you go past the prime of your life, your good looks is bound to slowly fade and knowing your age, you should instead accept such fate and no longer risk going under any sort of surgery. By strictly adhering to norms of society and always watching over yourself the right way makes for a generally long life.

So go for the routine approach whenever you feel like going for the best life and legacy in Billie and save the experiments and the more “colorful” lifestyles for another play through. Hopefully, if you were able to read through the tips and strategies we enumerated here, you’ll most likely be on your way to making it past your 110th birthday or even farther.

In any case, prepare for that much of a monotony if you really want to reach your goal and you’ll be sure to catch a good drift of the routine activities in your Billie life as early as 21 in-game years. We’ll tell you how to survive the new twists and turns your Citizens’ lives can take at the workplace, and offer some tips on how to make use of the new features for selling stuff in the game.

In the real world, the office can be a lot like school in a number of ways, but also much different at the end of the day. While you’ll have your usual circle of friends, as well as some coworkers you wouldn’t give the time of day to if you didn’t share the same office space, the stakes, of course, are a lot higher here.

Aside from the usual job performance meter and the options to adjust your weekly hours, resign, retire, or work harder, you can view a list of your fellow co-workers and report someone to Human Resources. Tapping on the Co-Workers tab will then pull up a list of the people you work with, starting with your immediate supervisor, then moving on to the rank-and-file employees and their respective positions.

One said reality most of us learn when we start working is that some schoolyard bullies don’t exactly grow up once they reach adulthood. This time, though, instead of stealing your lunch money or giving you a wedgie after class, they pull nasty pranks and spread those proverbial water cooler rumors with any employee with an appetite for some hot tea.

Billie version 1.26 made that possible in the in-game world, as you can now hook up with your fellow employees, or you can make a decision whether to accept or reject a co-worker’s advances. But if you’re willing to add some spice to your virtual character’s life, you will once again need to keep your co-workers’ Professionalism and Coolness in mind, as well as your Relationship with them and, in some instances, their Looks.

If you try to defend your actions (wrong as they are), a low-Professionalism Supervisor will likely look the other way, while one with high Professionalism won’t buy your lies, hence resulting in a huge Performance drop or even termination. And lastly, seduction will only work on low-Professionalism bosses; otherwise, it’s a shortcut to more trouble, a bigger drop in Performance, and once again, potentially getting sacked from your job.

As for refusing a hook-up opportunity if you get a notification, you’ll probably lose some Popularity since your Relationship with the person making the, well, indecent proposal may be damaged in the process. But the good thing, of course, is that you don’t need to worry about getting your spouse or partner angry if they find out about your side activities or worse, if your hook-up results in a new addition to the family.

Version 1.26 of Billie may have focused a lot on providing a more in-depth workplace experience similar to the offices many of us have encountered through the years. This is mostly a cosmetic change at the moment, but it’s nice to see each house having a distinct address that adds to the realism of the game.

We’ve yet to determine the long-term in-game effects of such a decision, however, but we hope to figure that out once time comes for our next Billie strategy guide. As usual, Candy writer is very much on top of its pop culture game, and that shows in some new scenarios that have been introduced with versions 1.26 and 1.27.

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