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Bitlife Best Friends

Maria Johnson
• Sunday, 15 November, 2020
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Candy writer has sprinkled a bit of Holiday cheer into Billie with a brand-new update that introduces and expands a bunch of the smash hit text-based life simulator’s features. Candy writer has expanded the friendship system to allow you to befriend classmates, teachers, workers, supervisors, and more.

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With friends come enemies, and Billie has finally caught up to that fact. Billie continues to expand into new territories, with a bunch of new countries making it into the game.

Austria Bahamas DR Congo Costa Rica Kazakhstan Kenya Kuwait Lebanon Mongolia Nepal Ukraine Vietnam Here we’ll round up, in bullet point form, everything else that’s new.

New childhood scenarios: Basically, new stuff will happen to you when you’re a kid Saving multiple lives is easier Burglary and prison riot mini-games now feature swipe controls Holiday surprises Bug fixes and stuff And with 2019 drawing to a close, we aren’t surprised by its enduring success as the number one life simulator for iOS gamers, and also a huge hit on the Google Play Store for Android device owners.

Over the past few months, the Billie universe has become much bigger, as Candy writer released expansive school and workplace updates and various realistic (or sometimes, ridiculous) scenarios that come with both environments. That made it possible for best friends to, well, technically survive until their hundreds of years old, with the only ways for you to get rid of them being emigration, unfriending (in the event they commit a crime or develop a drug problem), or murder.

Conversely, you want to befriend low-Craziness students and coworkers if you’re trying to be as much of a good guy or girl as possible and trying to build up your Popularity at school or the office. Generally, friends who have low Craziness stats will be loyal and wouldn’t require much maintenance, the latter of which we shall be discussing in another tip.

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We’ve seen the latter scenario happen, though thankfully, that didn’t result in the cops busting our Citizen for being an accessory to the crime their friend committed. Now that it’s possible to make multiple friends in the Billie world, we’re going to talk about the different options you’ll have throughout each play through, starting with the different types of activities you could share together.

Just like your partner, parents, siblings, children, pets, nephews, and nieces, your friends can be viewed in the Relationships menu, and while many of the interactions will be the same, some will be unique to the friendship mechanic that was expanded on in version 1.28. Either way, it’s not guaranteed that you’ll be successful in your attempts, and failure will invariably result in your Relationship bar getting diminished, or even set back to zero.

Speaking of insulting, doing so before parting ways with your friend may leave you feeling better, but not if they respond to your verbal attack with a physical one! The bottom line here is that if you don’t want to lose any friends, you have to make them feel appreciated, even if it’s through one compliment or conversation per year.

Once again, we would need to caution you about making friends with authority figures in Billie, just as we did when we talked about buttering up teachers with compliments and going on special team-building exercises with supervisors. But instead of manually going up, down, left, or right in the burglary and prison riot mini-games, the game now allows you to navigate using swipe controls.

For most players, this appears to be a welcome change, especially for the riot mini-game, which isn’t always easy to play once prison security gets involved and your chain of rioters becomes rather long. With the ability to swipe in the four aforementioned directions in order to move your Citizen around, it’s now easier to avoid running into the wall (or a security officer) and successfully establish your prison credibility by inciting a massive riot.

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Austria, Bahamas, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Costa Rica, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Kuwait, Lebanon, Mongolia, Nepal, Ukraine, and Vietnam are now available in version 1.28, with country-appropriate economies and customs for each of them. As also stated in the change log, version 1.28 has introduced a number of new childhood scenarios that may have some bearing on your Citizens’ stats and other aspects.

It also appears that certain first names, e.g. Peyton and Carson, as we’ve noticed, are now available for male and female Citizens alike. The entire process took a lot of patience, but it was nonetheless very easy and straightforward, and a surefire way to become richer than anyone in the real world.

If you’re at a family dinner and you refuse to save the life of a relative who’s choking on a piece of food, that doesn’t just mean you’re letting the person die and increasing the chances that they may haunt your house because you were such a terrible individual. theyounger you are, the easier it would be to make friends ,and you’ll be more likely to accumulate larger numbers of them.

youd have the usual interactions with them, like “have a conversation,” “spend time,” “go to the movies,” “give/ask money,” etc. BBest Friendswould stick around regardless of your relationship bar with them, unless it hit absolute bare minimum for a certain number of years.

standardFriends would stick around until your relationship bar with them dipped below half, after which point they’d leave after one year. youcould have as many friends as you want, though bear in mind maintaining all of them would require lots of interacting with all of them, which takes still, like in real life.

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onceyou’ve hit adulthood, you would have the option to take your best friend (if you have one) on vacation if you wish. anotherthing would be that you’d have the option to ask friends out on a date, in which case there’d be a chance of them saying “yes,” “friend-zoning” you, or unfriending you altogether.

ifthey say no, aka “friend-zone” you, your relationship bar with them would drop slightly, but you’d remain friends regardless (unless they decide instead to unfriendly you altogether). Going to the gym, the library, or throwing a house party could also give that chance.

As we have previously explained in our previous Billie guides, this is an adult-themed game (the description specifically says you have to be 17 or older to download it) where you can control a virtual person’s life from infancy to old age, making various decisions along the way that could affect the path their lives take. You can also turn your characters into unapologetic two-timers by having them hook up via the Love menu, or accepting hookup opportunities while nightclubbing.

You can beg your partner to stay, which tends to have a higher success rate if the person you broke up with has low Craziness, but more often than not, they’ll choose to leave you anyway. Even when you’re in college or already an adult working a regular job (or not), the possibility of breaking up with a partner or getting divorced from your spouse will keep on looming large.

Conversely, high Craziness exes or flings tend to be less receptive to these kind gestures. Regardless of whether you choose a Booty Call, Text, or a Chit-Chat/Compliment, all of these interactions, once carried out, will help toward restoring your relationship bar with an ex, or making it go higher if you’re dealing with a fling.

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To put it simply, there’s no way arguing or insulting an ex or a current fling would end well for anyone involved. Your Health won’t be affected, as these are merely texted or phone conversations (and not face-to-face scenarios where you may get attacked by these NPCs), but in case we haven’t stressed it enough, employers don’t like it when you’re too mopey to put in a good performance at work.

Still, this is a good way to improve your relationship with those men and/or women whom your characters used to date, albeit a costly one if you choose to buy some of the more expensive gifts. The final option in an ex or fling’s profile is Stalk, and this allows you to unleash your sneaky side and, well, do creepy things in a desperate attempt to get them to like you again, such as hacking into their social media or sending them anonymous letters or gifts or following them around.

Based on our observations, exes and flings with enough Craziness will appreciate your stalking attempts on occasion, and your relationship bar will show a slight improvement. They may politely tell you to back off, and while they likely won’t attack you or have their spouses (if applicable) do so, they are also more likely than the crazier ones to do the rational thing…and issue a restraining order against you.

Once you’ve been served the restraining order, any further contact you make will automatically be reported to authorities, and could have you facing a one-year prison sentence. And in case you may have forgotten, prison sentences will always force your employer to fire you, while also making it harder for you to get a new job due to your criminal record.

If you’re wondering about the option to accept or tear up the restraining order after being served, it doesn’t make a difference. In addition, you can also choose to file restraining orders against exes or flings who keep bugging you with Texts or keep asking if they can get back together with you even if you’re in a committed relationship or already married.

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