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Bitlife Bad Santa

Bob Roberts
• Wednesday, 11 November, 2020
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You might want to focus on this objective as the final one, as it’ll be a bit more challenging maintaining. Normally, you can have it happen to your character following a series of negative events, such as losing a loved one, a job, or being rejected by multiple people to enter relationships.


All you have to do is wait for something horrible to happen to your character, with the best outcomes surrounding losing loved ones. When you’re ready to commit crimes, you’ll need to burgle 10 homes and shoplift 10 items.

You can burgle homes by going down the activities tab and choosing to commit crimes. From there, you’ll see a raccoon icon, and you can attempt to invade a home and steal what’s inside it.

It’s a random scenario that you encounter, so there’s no way to trigger it, other than hoping it appears throughout your character’s life. There are tons of players who have been having trouble completing the Bad Santa Challenge in Billie and if that’s you then look no further as we have got you covered.

To complete the Bad Santa challenge in Billie, your character should be a male or more than 65-year-old and have a White beard. Since becoming a depressed old man is also a requirement, it is necessary for your characters to have gone through multiple terrible incidents in his life.

Now, the next thing you will need to do is to loot 10 homes and Shoplift 10 items, which you can do by going into Activities and Crime tab respectively. In one of them, there will be a situation, where you are volunteering at an orphanage and a kid arrives and asks you about Santa Claus.

Sundays have become an important day for many Billie players on both iOS and Android versions of Candy writer’s massively addictive and popular life simulator. That is when the company launches a new challenge, or a limited-time event where you can unlock new accessories by living your virtual character, or Citizen’s life in a certain way, based on the theme for the week.

Your first order of business is to become Saint Nick himself, and the way to do that is to age up and keep checking the part-time jobs. Make sure that you’re not famous in any way, as this prevents a lot of the lower end jobs from showing up.

Be very sure not to get caught, as this can make completing the challenge a lot harder. If you do get caught, force quitting the app seems to send you back to before you committed to anything, giving you another chance.

After you complete ten successful burglaries, you can start shoplifting items. We choose the cheaper items every time thinking that you have a lower chance of being discovered, but again if you’re caught you can always do the force quit trick.

The simplest way of tanking your happiness is to apply for prestigious jobs that you know you don’t qualify for. And the last objective requires you to tell a kid that Santa isn’t real.

To celebrate the upcoming Christmas season, Candy writer has released the newest update for Billie. If you’re one of the Billie players who am wondering how to complete this new challenge, make sure to follow the steps below.

You can do this by opening the Occupation tab and search for the Santa job under Part-time section. If you’ve been playing Billie for a while now, the rest of the challenges are pretty simple.

Image via Billie /Copywriter LLC Billie ’s Mafia update is now in the game, allowing players to do some additional activities like joining organized crime syndicates. The Mafia Update brings lots of new content into the world of Billie.

There are many organized crime activities now available, and you can join whatever family of professional gangsters … Read more. Billie ’s Mafia Update is now available, and players can join a family of their choice.

There are six mafia families to choose from, but you’ll need to prove yourself before … Read more. The holiday season is here, and Billie is celebrating this weekend with a Bad Santa Challenge.

It’s time to channel your inner Batman knowledge and live your life as The Dark Knight. Following this week’s Pop Star Update, a brand-new challenge is available this weekend.

Billie ’s latest challenge is to become a K-Pop star, so you’ll need to have the looks, … Read more. Sometimes in life, people are born with special talents that give them an edge over the competition.

Billie ’s Pop Star Update is now live, which adds many new features to the game of life. Your Citizen can now become a famous musician, join popular bands, hold massive … Read more.

It turns out it’s an excellent way to make a lot of money … Read more. Having a terrible relationship isn’t all bad because it can help you complete challenges if … Read more.

One of Billie ’s spooky tasks for the Spookier Challenge is to carve a scary Jack-o-Lantern. This week’s challenge is a spooky one, and requires Citizens to encounter a ghost, carve … Read more.

You’ll need to do some spooky things like performing ten exorcisms. For this week’s challenge, you’ll need to work your way from Porn Star to President.

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