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Bitlife A-z Challenge

Maria Garcia
• Friday, 27 November, 2020
• 7 min read

Challenges are worldwide goals done a few times each month with players around the globe. Note : This section might be outdated; as of September 7th, 2020, archived challenges no longer show up in the game.


Billie added the Archived Challenges Catalog on iOS on April 5, 2021, and is not available on Android yet. The Alphabet, Ghostbusters, Shamrock, Gold Digger, and Black Widow challenges are Archived.

Encounter a ghost Carve a scary jack-o-lantern Give a child some candy Go out in a costume ?? Update 1.31 has come out for Bit life adding a challenge as well as additional scenarios such as a new crime event named Embezzlement.

Bit life is one of these amazing life simulator games where you can become anything be it a detective, chef or hobo. However, for this alphabet challenge, you will need to be an incredibly fertile female who can tolerate an abundance of pain while maintaining good looks like Jennifer Lopez.

To help you try to complete this Alphabet Challenge as easily as possible, below you’ll discover some necessary tips. The number one tip for how to complete the Bit life Alphabet Challenge is to be female.

Keep randomizing your female character until you have a person with high looks, and then increase their popularity up until the age of 18 by conversing and complimenting boys. Make sure you have a boyfriend so you can keep rocking their world repeatedly until their scrotum looks like Gollum.

Once your character is pregnant and gives birth, you must name the first baby something beginning with the letter A. Make sure your female character remains good-looking at all times by visiting the gym, doing yoga, getting plastic surgery, and staying happy.

Whenever she becomes ill, always visit the doctor, so she can quickly get back to work to complete the challenge. Players will have a limited time to work down the path of becoming a famous K-pop artist, and it won’t be an easy task.

© Provided by Gamer Be born in Korea Get a job as a dancer (Android) Become a famous singer (Android) Become a K-pop Artist (iPhone) Get a million subscribers on YouTube Achieve 100% fame Have a son named Won ho From there, you’ll want someone who has high looks and health to ensure they can excel in the professional field of dancing and musical arts.

When you’re 18, Android users try to find a career as a dancer and then work your way up to becoming a singer. For iPhone users, you’ll need to convince your parents to give you vocal lessons, which you can do starting at six years old.

Once you become a K-pop singer on either mobile device, you need to increase your YouTube participation the entire time. Because you’ll be taking vocal lessons and becoming a dancing, doing music-centric videos is a good way to increase your followers.

Next, you’ll need to reach 100% fame, which you can do by writing books about yourself, being a part of commercials, or taking your picture for magazines. Microsoft may earn an Affiliate Commission if you purchase something through recommended links in this article.

You might want to focus on this objective as the final one, as it’ll be a bit more challenging maintaining. Normally, you can have it happen to your character following a series of negative events, such as losing a loved one, a job, or being rejected by multiple people to enter relationships.

All you have to do is wait for something horrible to happen to your character, with the best outcomes surrounding losing loved ones. When you’re ready to commit crimes, you’ll need to burgle 10 homes and shoplift 10 items.

You can burgle homes by going down the activities tab and choosing to commit crimes. From there, you’ll see a raccoon icon, and you can attempt to invade a home and steal what’s inside it.

It’s a random scenario that you encounter, so there’s no way to trigger it, other than hoping it appears throughout your character’s life. The previous week featured The Dark Knight, and so it makes sense for players to experience life in the caped crusader’s arch-nemesis’ shoes.

Be a male Become a clown Rob a bank with a silly string Kill 6+ people Escape prison 3+ times A clown lifestyle is simple, and it’s an occupation you can choose without any education, so feel free to do this whenever you’re ready.

You’ll need to wait for the job to pop up as an available occupation, so you may need to refresh it every year until it appears. The item, silly string, is a weapon you can choose to use before you rob a bank.

You may not see it the first time, so if you’d don’t, refresh it for another year and then try to rob the bank again. The Prince of Crime will be proud, and you might even fight Batman trying to put you back behind bars.

The Joker wasn’t a woman, so just make sure to start a new life with a male character. Moving on, the fact that you can become a clown without even graduating from high school is an important note because of the next couple of objectives.

It doesn’t matter what bank you choose, just make sure that your weapon of choice is silly string. During your early years in elementary and high school, make sure to be as mischievous as possible.

Once you’re an adult, you can purchase a vehicle and use it commit hit and runs, or you can just straight up murder people you know from the activities and crime tab. As you’re trying to take out people and rob banks, don’t resist arrest as you’ll need to head to prison eventually.

When you start an escape, you’ll be placed in a grid with walls and empty spaces. The trick to these mazes is that you need to get the guard caught against walls, because their AI is programmed to prioritize horizontal movement before anything else.

You’ll notice that most of them have little pockets that can catch guard and keep them in place while you work your way to the exit. Important note: juvenile hall has smaller and easier layouts than regular adult prisons does, so you might want to try to intentionally get thrown in Julie earlier on to knock this objective off early.

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