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Bitlife Athlete

Paul Gonzalez
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A professional athlete ’s life takes a lot of hard work, and Billie requires quite a bit of dedication for you to earn your time in the spotlight. To become a professional athlete, you want to focus on increasing your character’s look and health as early as possible before they reach college.



When they become 18, you can choose to change their diet to assist with this, but making sure they hit the gym and go on walks often is an excellent way to keep the health stat high. Once you graduate, you gain the option to apply for the open draft, and based on your skill, a team will randomly pick you.

From there, it’s all about practicing, watching your skill at the position you choose in your sport, potentially being traded to other teams, and working at the professional level. Thanks to the pro sports update, players can now become professional athletes in the game.

Like real life, achieving pro status requires a lot of dedication and practice. You want to think of any attribute that a professional athlete might have, and make sure your Billie character has it as well.

Good grades should help your odds at furthering your career as an athlete. After graduating from high school, it’s time to go to university and play at a collegiate level.

After completing four seasons, you’ll have the opportunity to declare your eligibility for the pro draft. Review your offer, and you can choose to accept, turn it down, or negotiate for more money.


Make sure to train your body and focus on strength, balance, cardio, flexibility, and the like. Also, be sure to practice on things like tackling or defending, or whatever other options are there depending on your position and sport.

Billie ‘s Bit League sports update has added the new professional athlete career choice! Players can now train and become professional athletes and be paid to play the sports they love.

However, much like real life, the path to becoming a professional athlete is a long and arduous road, so you’ll need to be prepared. Most of the professional sports teams in the Billie League are based in the US, so for the easiest time just start in the US.

To become a professional athlete, you need to start conditioning your body early on in your life. Age up until you hit 8 years old, at which point you can start taking martial arts classes and go for walks.

Choose one martial art and then repeatedly take the classes over and over again until you stop moving up in belt colors. Do all of these activities once every year for the best chance at giving your character a high athleticism stat, which is hidden until you try out for a team.

professional bitlife athlete become pro

When the game prompts you to join a club/team, it’ll finally reveal your athleticism stat. Try to join a team as soon as you start your first year in high school, as this will give you the most time to grow.

Make sure to keep working on your body and also go into your Education menu and go to your activities to find your sport. You will be promoted to team captain if your performance is high, which looks wonderful on your professional athlete resume.

Once you graduate high school, you have two choices: you can either directly apply a professional sports team (which almost always end in failure) or you can hope that you get drafted, which is more likely to happen. The higher team position you were in by the time you graduate from college, the better your chance of getting drafted.

When you finally make the team, you will unlock the fame section of your stats as if you became famous through any other means. This means you’ll need to go on walks, hit the gym, go on a diet, and all that healthy good stuff.

As mentioned, the stat is hidden unless you upgraded it with God Mode when you first started your character. So, at the age of 8, you can start practicing martial arts and walking.


Do both once a year and be sure to select the Speed Walk option and continue for the maximum amount of time. Once you have graduated, you can either directly try out a team of your choice or go to the University and possibly get recruited.

You’ll get a pretty cheap first contract if you decide to go to high school, so it might be worth going to college. You only have to do each thing once to gain the added benefit, so don’t feel the need to repeat them over and over again every year.

In this tutorial, we will check out whether you could become a famous professional athlete in Billie or not, and if yes, then how. A single wrong decision and you could end up looking at the bleak future.

With so many career opportunities to choose from, people generally fail to pick up the job that might suit them the best. In this regard, we also compiled various career guides, including how to become a dentist, chef, farmer, social media star, or even a President or Prime Minister and have control over Citizens.

If you are a sports freak, then you might definitely look out for the idea to become a famous professional athlete. Well if not famous, then just another sports athlete and then through hard work and dedication make a name for yourself.

face north athletic

So the first thing you might do is head over to the careers section of Billie and find the instructions that you need to become an athlete. Furthermore, making your presence felt on social media platforms is also highly recommended.

So with this, we conclude thew guide on whether or you could become a famous athlete in Life. We hope the developer adds the said feature pretty quickly.

Do you want to become famous for your baseball skill, or do you want to stomp your opponents on the court in a game of basketball? You can even choose to take your character’s talent overseas and participate in soccer games or become a world-class rugby player.

The options will increase as developers Candy writers add more, and players should expect to see more sports coming to the game in the future. After participating in the sport for at least three years, they graduate from high school and should receive the option to draft for any of the professional teams looking to recruit players.

You typically want to accept the first offer you receive, work on your character’s skills by practicing, and then see if you can get them to join a better team. Microsoft may earn an Affiliate Commission if you purchase something through recommended links in this article.

fortnite bundle deadpool gear cosmetic packs

© Provided by GamePurWhen you first join a team and become a professional athlete, your greatness is extremely low. Whatever your two or three lowest stats are, try to work on those in the practice category underneath activities in the job section.

Each year after the end of a season, your greatness increases based on how often you could play in games and how much of an asset you were. The various stat sheets you receive at the end of a season breakdown how useful you were to the team, and these come from your various skills in the sport.

Microsoft may earn an Affiliate Commission if you purchase something through recommended links in this article. In two years’ time, Candy writer has become a household name for mobile gamers, thanks to the enduring success of their life simulator game, Billie.

Regardless whether you choose to play professional basketball, football, baseball, or soccer, your pro position is mostly random, though the operative word here is “mostly.” For example, if you have high Smarts, that increases your chances of getting drafted as a basketball Point Guard, a baseball Catcher, a football Quarterback, or a soccer Goalkeeper.

In other words, you can work on your Rebounding, Defense, and Tricks once each before hitting the Age button and see improvements for all three attributes. After choosing which attributes to focus on and doing the usual things you need to do before tapping on Age, you can hit that button and view your numbers for the season.

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The very first decision you’ll need to make, of course, is whether you’re going to accept your first contract offer, negotiate for a higher salary, or outright reject it. Take note that Billie sports free agency isn’t as lucrative or as (seemingly) easy to navigate as it is in the real world.

While we’re still on the topic of Respect, we should also let you know that this stat, combined with your Greatness, has more of an impact on your Fame as a Famous Athlete than the usual avenues, meaning your book deals, TV commercials, magazine photo shoots, talk show appearances, and social media posts and product endorsements. The Greatness bar can be found on your main athlete menu, and this goes up or down depending on your attributes as a player as well as the Respect you earn or lose by doing good or bad things on and off the court.

You can still star in them, you can appear in sexy photo-ops, you can write autobiographies, and you can endorse everything from sportswear to scorpion lollipops in the various in-game social media platforms. This would usually happen if you’ve proven to be too much trouble, typically as a result of frequent on-court issues, off-court legal problems, or if you chose to do a Lateral Farewell and attacked your coach for one reason or another.

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