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Bitlife Are You A Goal Oriented Person

Ellen Grant
• Saturday, 31 October, 2020
• 11 min read

Why the interviewer is asking this question: The question is asked for two reasons: 1) to find out if you set (and achieve) goals in your work; and 2) what your primary motivators are in your work and your life in general. The question technically only requires a yes/no, but you should answer it affirmatively (“Yes…”), then follow with an example of a recent goal you have achieved.

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Therefore, Candy writer, LLC presents Bit life : Life Simulation for mobile devices such as Android and iOS. The game in itself is fun and brings thousands of exciting questions to ask in return for a better future and lots of delicious deals.

Whether you love enjoying a decent and peaceful life or want to be a criminal, the game has covered all possible options that could be existed in real-life. Start your 2nd beautiful life with nothing, even not a single penny, and build your future by attending schools, colleges, universities, and doing your dream job.

We’ve covered all prominent features in Billie : Life Simulation Walkthrough Guide. Firstly, you should keep in mind that all events, characters, and environments are fictional and randomly generated.

Many players praised the gameplay, including me; because it seems a perfect platform to fulfill your dreams virtually whether the game does not impact your real-life. At the start, the game randomly gives you a name and creates a fictional family, including siblings.

Every choice affects the bars at the bottom of the screen, and your task is to keep them max up. To avoid being sick, you should manage a timetable of your activities like gym, reading books at the library, and meditating.

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It has only a Single-player mode where the player sees different stages of life and ends the journey at the death of the fictional character. During the game, both star signs and health bars decide what type of death needs to happen with the character.

You can’t achieve all victories at all, because to obtain each one, you should do proper planning and make decisions appropriately. Although the game is fun to play, it teaches you how to tackle the situations in real life either.

Therefore, we jump in to help you decide your fate by making the perfect choices and leading your character to the end of life after achieving everything you are dreaming. Tap on the 2nd option to give your character a name, select the gender, choose the territory, and decide the place to born.

It doesn’t matter whether you love to be a doctor or a lawyer, the game is designed to have fun and see how life reacts according to your age and skills. If you ’re confused about what career would be great for your character or you have custom requirements for your virtual avatar, then Billie Walkthrough Guide helps you achieve all goals of your life.

I think you should choose “McDonald’s” as your favorite place to visit whenever your parents take you out for dinner. At the age of 5, your character is going to start a primary school in the selected location to learn how to read and write.

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The game displays three bars, such as Looks, Smarts, and Craziness for each character, and leaves everything on you whether to accept the friend proposal or not. In the game, you have a beautiful pet, a kitty who ate food from your plate without being noticed.

Every student who doesn’t like being called themselves cheaters would report the antics of a classmate to the principal. When playing the game, you should manage all of your relationships beautifully and try to keep everyone happy whom you love.

Upon getting into the page, you discover your relatives along with a fixed bar displaying how your relationship with the chosen person is. You are also allowed to edit the profile, but extra additional features are only possible in god mode that cost you $2.99 to be unlocked.

Attacking anyone isn’t a good thing, whenever you have an option of reporting a file to the principal. Besides tapping the age button, you have dozens of fun-filled activities to participate in and grow your personality.

Like you can read books, practice a martial art for self-defense, and go for a walk to keep your mind and body healthy. During the game, you need to keep your relationship with your teachers good; otherwise, their bars will turn red.

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In the class, you find your classmate rigging up your teacher, so Sea videos will start to play as she tries to use it. Every time reporting your classmates to the principal isn’t good, and they may leave you alone because of your rude behavior.

The bar meters are showing max green powers, and it seems you should accept her proposal of going out to have some fun. At the age of 12, you discover a bad habit of scratching the crotch and sniffing the fingers has been developed.

Welcome to the secondary school where you are at level 5 and have to discover a lot of new things, participate in fun-filled activities, and make new friends. Extracurricular activities are vital during the school days you should participate in to keep your body and mind healthy.

I would suggest you go with physical sports like cricket, football, and golf after watching their statistics. In the game, the player is rewarded with a Ribbon based on actions he made throughout his life.

Billie brings thousands of possibilities and actions you can choose to perform to see the consequences. Both a Ribbon and a grave will appear on your screen upon happening an inevitable death, revealing the statistics of your life.

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Achieving an Academic Ribbon isn’t a difficult task, as it can be done by merely completing the said degree. Next to that, you are supposed to attend university while keeping the focus of your character on studying harder than average.

Find a job related to schools like a principal and a teacher to achieve victory. Note : You should keep in mind that the Academic Ribbon Badge will only award you if the intelligence of your character is high upon the birth time.

You can make yourself addict to anything like the casino, horse racing, and dozens of other things available in the Billie. Achieving the Ribbon of Addict isn’t as easy as the Academic; therefore, you are supposed to work hard your way to complete the goals.

Firstly, the color of the Addict Ribbon is light pink, and it comes with a pill emoji. Visit the casino and horse racetrack to ensure your lifetime winnings are less than 1 m.

For sure, different types of males are willing to experience the life of females to see what kind of difficulties they face off. Being a woman isn’t a bad thing, because nowadays, women are stronger than men.

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Let me clear achieving the Ribbon of Barbie Girl isn’t a cup of cakes, because you have to go under many knives. Start your life as female gender and go through surgeries to complete the requirements.

Achieving Ribbons isn’t an easy task; you have to complete all the requirements and follow the specific paths. Secondly, you should make a plan for your prison escape without getting caught by security guards and other authorities.

The requirements come with medium difficulty, and upon completing the tasks, the game will reward you with a blue and pink-colored striped Ribbon with masks emoji. The game gives you endless opportunities to rob banks, kill someone, and loot others.

After a successful escape, you should fly to a foreign country to avoid authorities getting caught you. As you know, Billie comes with 40 brilliant ribbons to award you one of them depending on your performance and the way you used to spend your life.

In short, each Ribbon is designed to celebrate a unique lifestyle choice. However, the game features dozens of ways to commit the crime, in most cases the result in failure.

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Firstly, you ’ve to know that the game requires you to commit several murders to award you the said Ribbon. The game offers you a maze puzzle to solve and escape the prison once a year.

Becoming a good guy isn’t a big deal, while becoming a loving may be pretty tricky. The game represents the Ribbon in a bright orange color holding an emoji of a father with kids.

The player with a wife and two kids will consider eligible for the Ribbon Having 2nd wife won’t let you claim the Ribbon It is compulsory to spend time with your kids and attempt to keep your Karma high by giving cash to your family members; meanwhile, fulfilling their basic needs. Avoid being sending to jail You ’re not supposed to leave any kid or pet helpless Avoid making too many babies The game features a “Spend Time with All,” that you need to hit a few times while watching ads if you ’re not a premium member.

In case you ’re not handsome, you should plan to have some surgeries which will cost you a lot of money. After having all the required things, sign up for social media accounts, and post regularly to interact with your fans.

Get hired in any company as a voice-over artist or a porn actor Keep yourself on the way to promotion by showing your potential and hard work to your bosses. Upon getting promoted to a lead role, the chances of becoming a superstar increase, and soon you will be a movie star.

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Before starting, you should keep in mind that adopting a lot of children is compulsory. You aren’t only limited to have a lot of children through adoption, as pregnancy of your partner or you if you are playing as a female and sperm donation.

As mentioned above, try to have as many babies as possible following the way, including adoption, pregnancy, and sperm donation. As you know giving gifts to family members and friends makes your relationship strong like never before.

So, Gorgeous Ribbon is revolving around how many gifts you gave to your friend and what were their reaction upon the time they receive them. When playing the game, you are supposed to give gifts to your family, friends, and other relationships.

You should spend a life of more than 120 years in the game, which is in itself isn’t an easy task. Upon finding your character sick or suffering from any disease, you should visit the doctor immediately.

Keep both happiness and health meters high to enjoy a long life. Note: Before hitting the “Age” button, you should ensure two times the health meter is at its peak, I mean 100%.

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They start with nothing but have an opportunity to die along with his favorite Ribbon, representing the way you live your life. The difficulty level of Globetrotter is really tough, and it is a white ribbon that comes with an Earth Emoji.

You should keep in mind that ribbon isn’t easy to get, because you need to visit dozens of locations and enjoy several vacations in as many nations as possible. Note: The game sets tough requirements for those players who dream to achieve it.

The first condition is to die with a high net worth, but you should keep balance because having a lot of wealth may reward you with Rick ribbon apart. It is hard to achieve because finding a rich girl isn’t an easy task if you are playing as a male.

Firstly, you should decide on the wealthiest place to born in Germany and Austria. Next to that, keep the meters and stats of looks always high Never apply for any job Always prefer to use Freelancer Gigs to make money within no time to use any dating app.

Find other ways to grab money for free by participating in several activities that don’t matter legally or illegally. Run the application to search your partner after setting a filter of high age.

After that, you should purpose the person to marry and grab your ribbon of Gold Digger whenever you die. Different types of careers available are paying more than average, but usually need a high level of education and specific schooling.

Upon playing, you will discover a few careers that help you gain a lot of social media followers and offers you a passive income in return for entertaining your fans; meanwhile, other careers rely on a slowly increasing wage like CEO and Doctor. After completing the degree, the player requires applying for the job, and wait for the interview.

Without a doubt, Activities are the most vital part of Billie, offering the player access to further gameplay. In short, activities give the player lots of things to do and shape them for Billie Ribbons.

Dozens of activities are available whether you want to participate in any sports team or join the casino to place a bet to win money. Adoption Casino Emigrate Doctor Crime Fertility Horse Races Licenses And more.

Achievements are attractive prizes that grant the player for the completion of challenging tasks in Billie. Longevity Wealth Career Combat Disease Entertainment Fame Fertility Love Military Prison Royalty School Social Media Vehicle And more.

Citizen refers to the premium membership that unlocks special features and items for you in exchange for real money. Purchasing the premium membership will make you Citizen, and will provide you with an ad-free gaming experience.

Despite buying the membership, the game won’t unlock special features that cost you $2.00. Decide the place to born, give a beautiful name to your character, interact with family members, find your love, join a company to earn money, marry your love, and have babies.

In short, the game gives you a chance to design your character and see how it grows and achieves the set goals of life.

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