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Tuesday, 30 November, 2021

Best Wings In Avakin Life

Carole Stephens
• Saturday, 24 October, 2020
• 4 min read

Let's start off with the old clothing (twerk dances and pants etc.). *** Like I loved changing color r socks and shorts etc *.

avakin wings


I also miss the* Quiz night when star style wasn't full of higher LFLS. I also miss the swimsuits etc, Don't get me wrong, we love the improvements now but old av akin was better. Zombies eyes were $10 in the past but this year for me $38 like I can't afford that.

Many adults spend a lot but all you seem to care about is money nowadays. You could really stop modding by adding them cool and unique color items back *.

I also HATE how you MAKE US WAIT for MONTHLY items for events (Halloween now Christmas) I know it's hard for you guys but you did this to yourself. I'm so sick when see “content creator program” on Instagram that doesn't really do anything to the game itself.

Why don't you guys make an event for people to create new outfit, animation, skin tones, etc ?? Funny thing is for upcoming creative badge, people need to edit something related to “dale” like come on man make a good editing picture wonwon'tke this game any better at all.

Let's be real here this game keep losing “adult” player everyday, and we're the one who always buy coins packs. If you like money, better do something and bring some fresh update or u'll keep losing “your potential buyer and spender” every day.

wings avakin

Beans + carrot + onion + potato (oven, stove) This is not intended to bash Lewd or AvakinLife, these are all opinions and anything I state might not be factual.

You ripped away beloved popular items from the store, making the bare minimum available during contests or events. You then make some of those rare items incredibly expensive in comparison to their original price, like the magic wand.

The adults and teenagers who were your prime audience began to ditch somewhere betwixt the mess and you're hoping the kids will save your now pathetic app. You're hoping that coin packs with exclusive items that most of us teens and adults can't afford will save your game.

Your game used to be fun; it was usually a really cool community for of my time on it, but it's gone to crud and it's genuinely upsetting. I appreciate the game providing me a safe space when I needed it most; allowing me to make friends and be someone else for a little while.

I apologize for being brash, but I'm so sick of watching this game crumble while you blatantly ignore us. Thanks for clicking, Av akin Blogger (RB) this side.

avakin wings

Actually, if you use any tricks then it’s a risk on your account to be banned from Av akin communities. If you use these normal Techniques then you can earn coins without any risk on it.

1) Tap joy This is the community that has the copyright of advertising on Avakinlife game, Tap joy advertising others application and many things which help the user to earn Ava coin and avakinlife get money from them. Street café and other spot are available in Av akin where you can work and earn money through it.

Folk who had lots of funds they love spending their money on Av akin for buying everything. 4) Create Instagram You can earn through Instagram by completing challenge what Avakinlife official give other, even though many other Av akin Instagram make a game (Giveaway) of posting their picture of the timeline and if someone wins it they got wings and whatever they want as per the cash they advertised of.

It’s quite easy, you just need to watch ads video and after that, you can open mystery boxes. If you already have those things for paying it for full prices and seeing it prices fall down to half rate then probably you feel bad but if you got a chance of buying anything for half rate then you feel amazing for buying it for profit.

In addition, you can join another place and ask others for knowing the key location, I found many people are very helpful. 7) Av akin Fashion You can easily earn coins if you’re good in fashion or design, I saw many people earn lots of coins from it.

avakin female jackets winter torso vests bodysuits dresses tops shirts

People are generally creating new Ava coins for gifting their main account apartment and earning coins by doing trades usually. If you just work on your new account for an hour daily for making coins like for joining in the contest and playing Egypt along with for making some effort for getting XP then you easily get 30,000 in a month without doing much.

2: Collecting Diamonds daily helps you for making coins by trading it. 6: Participate in the Fashion contest and play Egypt for earning Ava coins daily.

8: Daily bonus wheel is opened 3 times in a day, you need to see when it'll available again for you along with ads one also available after that and the 3rd one available after 7 hours. Thanks for visiting here, I hope these things will help you in playing Avakinlife.

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