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Best Weather Zion National Park

Paul Gonzalez
• Saturday, 21 November, 2020
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But the varied elevation also means the park sees drastic weather changes, from sun-scorched afternoons to summer thunderstorms and cold winter nights. In addition to weather, visitors have to consider the park ’s apparent popularity; Zion saw four and a half million tourists in 2019, making it the fourth most-visited national park.

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If you have the flexibility, planning a trip during the park ’s off-peak months of October through March will ensure you have to deal with fewer view-blocking selfie sticks and crowded hiking trails. The park, which sees 557,200 visitors during the July peak, historically only gets around 91,562 people in this quiet winter month.

Due to its unique climate and elevation changes, ZionNationalPark has a wide range of weather conditions throughout the year. July is the hottest time to visit (daily temperatures can reach a maximum of 100 degrees), while January tends to be the coldest month.

The temperature can fluctuate as the weather shifts toward winter, but the fall colors can be stunning and there’s nothing an extra layer won’t fix. If you want to avoid the crowds, skip a trip to June or July, which both see over 500,000 monthly visitors.

Get AccuWeather alerts as they happen with our browser notifications. The weather in Zion is therefore typically dry and hot, although the Park is known to experience occasional, heavy rainstorms.

The landscape of the park is mostly shrubbery, forest, and grassland areas set against geological wonders. Generally, people think of deserts as being hot but it gets quite cold during winter months, especially during the night.

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To make the most of your visit you should consider the season, temperature, precipitation, and sunrise and sunset times. These factors affect the adventures you can partake in at ZionNationalPark and are a big part of your overall experience.

If you live in an area with all four seasons you already know how drastic the difference in the weather can be. Alternatively, if the hottest temperature you’ve experienced is a summer in the north, consider seeing ZionNationalPark in the spring or fall.

The weather and precipitation are not terribly extreme but can get very cold and snowy at times. Temperatures can vary by more than 30 degrees F in one day from the afternoon to night so you must be prepared if coming to the park during the winter.

As birds nest and hatchlings arrive and new wildlife is born you will have plenty of beautiful things to see so don’t forget your binoculars and camera! While summer is the hottest season it is generally unusual for temperatures to be above 100 degrees F for extended periods.

Summer monsoons raise the risk of flash flooding from the months of July to September because water is not quickly absorbed into the ground making for potentially dangerous conditions. Make sure to prepare yourself for temperatures as high as 110 degrees F. Always pace yourself and stay hydrated to avoid illness and dehydration.

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The changing season brings beautiful fall foliage for an aesthetic delight. The river is colder which can make water activities a bit riskier.

There is a very low risk of snow or ice meaning for hikers and explorers this is a great time to visit. When visiting ZionNationalPark in the fall be sure to bring your camera to capture the breathtaking colors of autumn.

Temperatures at ZionNationalPark vary greatly from low teens up to 100 degrees F. It is warmest from June to September and coldest from November to February. March brings the end of a harsh, cold winter and the promise of a warmer spring season.

A wet spring turns into a hot summer with the passing of the month of May. Rain is a concern in spring and fall and can lead to flash flooding during heavy precipitation.

For full information about the climate and weather in ZionNationalPark a specific month, click on the corresponding line below: By early evening, the temperature averages 61 °F and it rains in may about 1.1in.

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The thermometer goes up to 59 °F°C and, in October, 4 days of rain are expected. The record temperature this month is 54 °F and you can expect to have 1.1in of rainfall/month during this period.

In the charts below, you can see the following seasonal norms for the city of ZionNationalPark : the minimum and maximum outdoor temperature, the risk and amount of monthly rainfall, daily average sunshine, and relative humidity for each month of the year. ZionNationalPark appears on the map below with a blue icon.

The other cities or locations in the United States (USA) appear on the map with a black icon. The best time to visit ZionNationalPark is between the months of May and November when the park's free shuttles are running and the weather is amenable to enjoying attractions.

December through April constitutes the park's low season, but although there will be fewer crowds, some attractions, such as the Narrows and Angels Landing, might be too cold to fully enjoy. Temperatures soar this time of year, too, with July seeing average temps in the upper 80s, though record highs crest 100 degrees.

The free shuttle doesn't operate in December, January or February, so visitors will be reliant on their cars and maps for maneuvering around the park. But there are a few benefits to visiting this time of year, including fewer tourists and lower rates on area hotels.

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Plus, visitors with cars have the opportunity to enjoy the Zion Canyon Scenic Drive, which is closed to private vehicles from March to November when the park shuttle is operating. Dwarfed by Nature We took the shuttle through ZionNationalPark early in the morning to hike the Narrows before Disneyland-like crowds descended upon the famed Utah canyon.

The route required wading through waste-deep water and scrambling over submerged and exposed rocks (waterproof shoes with good tread and a walking stick come in handy). The gorge stretches for miles, so the hike is more about admiring the marbleized canyon walls than reaching an end destination.

Flash Parker traveled on Go Ahead’s U.S. National Parks tour as part of AFAR’s partnership with the United States Tour Operator Association (USTA), whose members provide travelers with unparalleled access, insider knowledge, and peace-of-mind to destinations across the globe. Amazing hikes and slot canyons bathed in red Rock glow of Navajo sandstone.

This is because of not only the amazing beauty of the Narrows, but also because it's more than just a trail you're walking's a canyon covered in water and at some parts even requires a bit of swimming. Zion, tucked in Springdale, Utah, is already such a profoundly striking national park, and the chance to tackle the famed Narrows hike on the Virgin River completes an epic visit.

Be sure to check the weather reports for possible flash flooding and make sure that you have a lot of water, snacks for fuel, and layers for when you start to get cold in the slot canyon shadows. I'd encourage you to make reservations for shoe and trekking pole rentals with the Zion Adventure Company.

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Once you're in their office you're greeted warmly with information, maps, instructional videos, and everything else you need to know before heading in. Due to the water level, Zion Adventure Company may outfit you with pants perfect for this type of experience.

48 hours, 16 miles, 1 approximate trail map It is not an adventure for the faint of heart or feet. The Zion Narrows is a 16-mile hike in water ranging from ankle to chest deep.

Our journey started at the top of Chamberlin’s Ranch, where the air was cold and the Virgin River was still shallow. The steep, wavy canyon walls surrounding us in shades of deep orange, red and brown.

We felt incredibly small standing on the canyon floor, 2,000 feet down, staring up at the crack of blue sky overhead. Washed up trees lined the bends in the river, creating roadblocks that we had to pick our way over.

Carmel Highway making lots of stops along the route to either hike, take pictures or just sit and enjoy the beauty of the park. I started at the visitors center (you can fill up your water bottles here) and hopped on the park shuttle.

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I disembarked from the shuttle at the Temple of Sinatra and strolled along the easy and paved Riverside Walk. I hiked for about 4.5 hours round trip and saw only a small portion of this amazing canyon.

I didn't have one and it's a bit difficult to traverse through water full of large rocks when you cannot see where to place your feet. Permits are snatched up 3 months in advance so plan early or take your chances on the lottery system, both of which can be done here: Zion /planyourvisit/narrowspermits.htm There is food/water stations/bathrooms at the Zion Lodge shuttle stop (there is also a great trail called Emerald Pools at this stop).

I started at the visitors center (you can fill up your water bottles here) and hopped on the park shuttle. I disembarked from the shuttle at the Temple of Sinatra and strolled along the easy and paved Riverside Walk.

I hiked for about 4.5 hours round trip and saw only a small portion of this amazing canyon. I didn't have one and it's a bit difficult to traverse through water full of large rocks when you cannot see where to place your feet.

Permits are snatched up 3 months in advance so plan early or take your chances on the lottery system, both of which can be done here: Zion /planyourvisit/narrowspermits.htm There is food/water stations/bathrooms at the Zion Lodge shuttle stop (there is also a great trail called Emerald Pools at this stop). Every big wall free climber I know has either ticked this iconic line or it's on their list.

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It had been entered into my queue some years back when Kate Rutherford and Madeleine Working made the first all-female free ascent. I had not long ago moved from the South to California, and I was still cutting my teeth on the granite in Yosemite.

There had been a lot of talk with different people about possibly teaming up for this wall, but in the end my real dream was to do it with another female, all free. In autumn, she has calmed down and become reflective ... and this is one of the loveliest times of year to wade up the river in the area known as The Narrows.

In the indirect light that filters into the narrow canyon, the golden leaves and the red rocks are saturated with warm color (even when your feet are freezing cold in the water). With the water level much lower at this time of year, it's a fairly easy hike, though you still need the crucial piece of equipment: a walking stick ... available for rent in Springdale.

Get lost in the colorful landscape complete with lizard crimsons, meridian greens, and cadmium yellow flowers all complemented by an azure blue sky. As soon as you arrive at the river's edge, you spend the rest of your hike in the wading in the water.

ZionNationalPark is one of those “must-sees” along with Arches, although you could probably say that about a lot of South Utah, which has got to be one of the greatest concentrations of beauty anywhere in the United States. We arrived in March and from the blog reading I'd done to prepare for our trip, we knew there'd be a chance the river would be too high for our traverse.

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Checking in at the park desk the day before gave us great hope...we learned conditions were favorable for making it all the way to Big Spring- as far as allowed for the Bottom Up hike. Wanting to get an early start the next morning, we headed straight for Zion Adventure Company to procure full suits plus walking sticks.

The morning of our hike we caught the 2nd shuttle bus to the Temple of Sidewalk entrance to the Virgin River. We needed the full waders and neoprene socks with water shoes & wading sticks we had rented.

Most of the crowds turned around before reaching Big Springs, but it was well worth the effort to see the beautiful waterfalls at trail end. We returned to the Temple of Sidewalk trail head in late afternoon-- wet & cold with minds full of the wonder of towering canyon walls.

ZionNationalPark has incredible canyons and spectacular views with endless Hiking possibilities. ZionNationalPark ’s famous hikes include The Narrows, Subway, and Angels Landing attracts adventurers from around the world.

Attendance at ZionNationalPark boasts nearly three million visitors per year and Zion is Utah's most heavily used park. At times, it felt more like Walt Disney World and not an encounter with nature, but it was easy to lose the large crowds and find solitude on the longer trails.

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The Narrows at ZionNationalPark If a long hike doesn’t sound appealing to you, Zion offers various stops on its shuttle, allowing guests to take in all the memorable sites within the park without miles of walking. One of the park ’s most visited attractions in the Narrows, which is a gorge with walls that officials say are 1,000 feet tall.

Guests walk through the 20 to 30 feet wide river to experience the narrowest section of Zion Canyon. Southwest Desert Adventures Make the most of your family vacation with Trek Travel's ZionNationalPark long weekend getaway.

At the end of each day, relax in comfort on the lush banks of the Virgin River, right in the center of town and close to all the fun. Climbing up Angel's Landing ZionNationalPark is a beautiful national park, so big you'd need more than a month's time to see everything.

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