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Best Weather Zanzibar

Carole Stephens
• Wednesday, 18 November, 2020
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Many travelers will combine time on Zanzibar's beaches with a visit to northern Tanzania, for the Serengeti wildebeest migration. Between one and two million wildebeest, escorted by zebra and gazelle, crisscross the Serengeti in search of fresh grasslands and water.

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The main season, called the “long rains” is during mid-April and May. The second rainy season, “the short rains” that last only a for a few minutes, usually in the mornings, is from November to December.

Daytime temperatures remain fairly constant, with maximum temperatures at around 31/33 degrees Celsius or, very exceptionally, 36 degrees Celsius, and during the rainy season in April and May, up to 29 degrees Celsius. The sea is warm enough for swimming all year around, from 25 degrees Celsius in August to 29 degrees Celsius from December to April.

Depending on the moon, Zanzibar experiences 2 low and 2 high tides per day, with roughly 6 hours between low and high. Tides have more or less important consequences depending on the location.

The Kasai winds hit the north and east coast this time of year, making waves bigger, which in turn brings seaweed to the beaches. Temperatures average 28 °C but can easily push into the 30s; the sea is also very warm at this time of year, making February suitable for chilling on the beach.

The Kasai is dying down come February, but it’s still better to head to the more sheltered south and west coasts of Zanzibar. It’s also a good time of year for excursions to Chum be Island for snorkeling in the protected reef.

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Naturally, this brings a lot of visitors to the beaches, but March does also come with the drawback of unpredictable weather. The rainy season begins to reveal itself by the end of the month, which means more clouds, less sun, and occasional heavy downpours.

There are still good days, especially in early March, when the seas are clear and calm, making it prime diving time. It’s the official start of WET season, so of course, there’s going to be a lot of rain falling at this time of year.

Days are typified by clear mornings, with pressure building up, clouds forming, and storms in the late afternoon. Bonus: visiting Zanzibar in May means quiet beaches and hotels at discounted prices, and it won’t rain all the time either.

By July, temperatures have dropped, hovering around 24 °C on average with highs of approximately 26 °C, making this one of the cooler months of the year. There’s plenty of sunshine to soak up and warm seas (also 26 °C) to wallow in, though, making it the best time to visit Zanzibar.

There’s not a lot of rain, humidity is at 60%, and it’s a pleasant time of year to visit Zanzibar. The KUSC winds start to die down in August, so the sea becomes a lot calmer, and it’s a much better time of year for laying out on the sand on beaches in the southwest.

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Being an island destination with plenty of beaches, it makes sense that Zanzibar would host a festival like this one. Naturally, it’s four days of celebrating life and culture on the beach, with music to boot.

Christmas is obviously a thing in Zanzibar, but being a prominently Islamic island, it’s confined mainly to hotels and resorts where tourists congregate. Centered around Zanzibar ’s Stone Town, Saudi ZA Sara is a festival that celebrates the amazing vibrancy that is African music.

Beginning in June, baby sea turtles hatch on many of Zanzibar ’s beaches. Getting in touch with a local NGO like Sea Sense can reward travelers with ecologically-friendly tours to Juan Island, where the hatching is at its best.

That’s not the most interesting part: Shiraz people are thought to descend from the Shiraz and the southwest coast of… Iran. These include women singing, men dueling with bamboo sticks, and setting a hut on fire.

As mentioned, June is officially the dry season meaning your chance of a sunny day is exceptionally high. In general, this is the busiest time to visit Zanzibar and prices for accommodation will be at their highest.

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Tropical downpours and flooding are typical during these months and because of this many hotels will shut their door. The resort is near Kendra on the Northwestern part of the island and is one of the top Zanzibar hotels on the beach.

Its large grounds give plenty of privacy to its 15 villas that pop up from a lush hillside. The white-washed domed villas feel like a sultan’s palace that should only be fit for a king or a pop celebrity.

In fact, the resort was formerly the private residence of ABBA band member, Benny Anderson. The hotel finds a perfect balance between the brands' signature look and the former palace that the main building now occupies.

The interiors of the hotel embody the atmosphere of Stone Town with features such as intricate chandeliers, archways, lanterns, trellises, carved wood, and crown molding. Each of the six tents is the perfect size for two people to enjoy comfortable beds and an outdoor seating area.

Falling asleep to the sounds of hyenas and lions in the night is a memory never to be forgotten Sand Rivers Serous The lodge was founded in the 1990s by a legendary guide Richard Botham.

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The fantastic camp sits in an amazing spot in the Serous Game Reserve, where the Fiji River makes a wide curve on its way to the Indian Ocean. Eight thatched guest bands, are set on raised wooden platforms that overlook the river.

The stone hotel blended well into the crater’s edge while the atmosphere of the lodge was relaxing and intimate. We enjoyed the main lounge which featured communal fireplaces and great views of the crater with floor to ceiling windows.

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