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Best Weather X Plane 11

James Lee
• Monday, 26 October, 2020
• 7 min read

Aug 1, 2019 @ 11 :59am In the next week or two, I'm planning to make my first few purchases for Xplane11 .. Along with this I'd like to buy weather add-ons, I've done research, but I still can't decide between buying Active Sky XP and ultra weather XP (together) OR Environ.

plane 737 boeing 800 liveries cockpit aircraft


A very good game although only for av geeks, the cockpit details, the ability to follow checklists and download extra add on makes it an excellent game I've recently got an actual Sport Pilot license, and so I can compare playing this game with flying real single-engine light aircraft.

It doesn't have typical “game” elements per se, and some might find it lacking in that regard. Personally I was amazed how the Global Scenery mod contains the ENTIRE WORLD modelled within about a 50Gb download package.

I've bought models of the light general aviation aircraft I fly in real life (Cessna-172, Piper sport Sport cruiser, Diamond star DA-40), and would say they are modelled pretty damn realistically! AI which controls aircraft traffic in this game is somewhat hit-or-miss, depending on the airport.

The only reason it's a 9 and not a 10 is because it does lack things like realistic airspace, and because the fog is somewhat pop-in-pop out. The fog is NOT volumetric, and is unrealistic in that it “turns off” your view of what's outside if you're more than a certain altitude above ground, which makes practice of foggy approaches to landing very unrealistic.

You see absolutely nothing, until you trigger the “ok you're low enough, I'll start rendering the terrain for you” at which point you see things pretty clearly but VERY close to you. It is absolutely not a game, there are no missions, fights and adrenaline arcade flights: it is a simulator, and many people unfortunately can not understand it.

737 plane boeing 800 overhead panel cockpit b737 liveries

I'm not a real driver, so I do not know how true the simulation is, but it seems high level. I limit the vote to 7 because of the scarcity of aircraft (only a dozen, all the others are paid) and the graphics can be improved.

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