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Best Weather Vanes

Brent Mccoy
• Thursday, 03 December, 2020
• 8 min read

Bob Dylan famously sang that “you don’t need a weatherman” to determine wind direction, and he was right. For some, a weather vane is an essential part of a DIY weather forecasting station.

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The iconic look of a rooster, pig, or other character sitting atop a spinning arrow is timeless, nostalgic, and fun. People have placed weather vanes in chicken coops, sheds, houses, barns, and living room mantles, to name just a few locations.

Smaller weather vanes tend to cost less; these structures look great on top of sheds and chicken coops. Some weather vanes ship with a mount and all the hardware needed for roof installation.

An adjustable mount is easier to install on a range of roof types and pitches. Installation instructions should be easy to read and follow with both text and illustrations for clarity.

The entire purpose of a weather vane is to rotate and show wind direction. While this can be hard to verify when purchasing online, a dive into the product specs should clarify any questions you have about the spin or rotation of a weather vane.

There are several metals to choose from, but whichever you select, it should be durable, weather resistant, and long-lasting. Any weather vane made from steel should have a powder coating to protect it from the elements.

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An aluminum weather vane may feature some form of protective coating, like satin black enamel. On a poorly made product, these components can easily wear out or break.

It may feature a flying pig, fish, chicken, mermaid, or other figure that rotates in the wind. The top may serve as a wind pointer, or it may sit atop a pointed arrow.

Standard on the majority of weather vanes are directional that point out north (N), south (S), east (E), and west (W). These remain in a fixed position while the top rotates so you can easily tell at a glance which direction the wind is blowing.

Holding it all together is the assembly rod, the skewer to the weather vane swish nabob. Inexpensive: For $30 to $50, you can buy a compact weather vane with a simple design and a light build.

The tops of these inexpensive weather vanes are often flat as opposed to hollow or solid. Weather vanes in this price range are best as in-house decorations or toppers on a smaller structure like a shed or chicken coop.

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The majority of buyers should find satisfaction in this middle price range. Weather vanes in this price range tend to be larger and are often made of copper.

For the money, you can expect solid-body designs and multiple layers of protective coating. Weather vanes at the top of the price range are best suited for larger barns and similar structures.

When copper ages, it forms a greenish outer layer called a patina. Those crafted from aluminum largely use recycled metal, which is a plus for those seeking a green option.

Mounts can be fixed or adjustable to fit a variety of roof types. If you frequently experience high winds, consider buying a heavy-duty mounting package.

A protective coating can help to shield your weather vane from fading, rust, and other weather -related issues. If you go this route, you will have the added bonus of knowing that the weather vane is properly mounted and able to withstand whatever Mother Nature throws at it.

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Unless these instruments are wireless, however, you won’t be able to place them on a roof and receive much information from them. Similarly, if it suddenly shifts to show wind from the south, it may indicate that warm air is headed your way.

If you're looking for a wind vane to top off your home, barn or shed, a classic motif is the rooster design. An early method to literally figure out which way the wind was blowing, today they are mainstream as decorative pieces.

With weather vanes for nearly any special interest or decor style, from solid copper to painted metal, we’re here to help you find the perfect fit for your home and garden. It has such detailed features and comes in an equally majestic size, measuring at 38 inches tall when assembled.

The proprietary single point of contact mechanism allows the heron to turn easily in the smallest breeze. The large size makes it stand out on even larger buildings, although adding it to a tall pole in a natural setting would be another beautiful way to display this piece of art.

No surprise that their function is to show wind direction, and there’s no more enjoyable way to see that than with this beautiful solid copper weather vane. Train lovers would also like the gold steam engine weather vane with the steamer on top of a directional arrow.

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The copper and brass dimensional wine bottle on top, even looks like it’s pouring out the delicious elixir. Get this same beautiful copper and brass design in a smaller 23 inch tall weathervanes that comes with a garden pole included.

The EZ Vane Wine & Grapes Weather vane measures up at 15 inches tall, so it would be really great for your garden space. The pig (which looks more like an adorable piglet to us) sits atop two copper globes and pretty brass directional.

It’s the perfect conversation piece on those days “when pigs fly” and you can prove it., but there are also great weather vanes for every special interest. The pig itself is made of pure copper and designed by American artisans who take care with their craft.

With an already perfectly aged patina, this buck looks as though he might leap right off the copper directional and fly off like one of Santa’s reindeer. At 52 inches tall when mounted, this big weather vane is a real statement piece that would also be a wonderful gift option for someone special.

Reminiscent of a classic Harley Knucklehead, this weather vane will look especially cool once it has aged to a beautiful verdigris patina. At an assembled height of 25 inches, this piece features brass directional and copper spacer balls.

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Built to last for years of pleasure, it features a shiny copper kitty reaching out to swat one of the mice stationed atop the solid brass directional. If this powerful raptor stirs your soul, the solid copper bald eagle weather vane will give you all those feelings every day you see him spinning in the wind.

To give you some perspective, a real bald eagle can have a wingspan of up to 8.5 feet according to the Smithsonian Zoo! Despite its smaller size, this weather vane is cast in pure copper and finished with golden leaf.

If you’d prefer to see this raptor diving talons first toward its prey, the American Bald Eagle Weather vane is a stunner in pure copper that stands at 43 inches tall. The Good Directions Mermaid Weather vane with Starfish and Arrow is another gorgeous option for you fans of this mythical undersea goddess.

This weather vane features copper globes and solid brass directional to create a really beautiful multi-tonal look. If you love the celestial theme but you’re worried about the durability of stained-glass, the Copper Sun Moon and Star Weather vane is another beautiful option that stands 42 inches tall when assembled.

Durable in all weather, this powder coated steel piece will last for years, and yet it’s super affordable so also perfect as a gift. This weather vane features metallic red wind cups that contrast with the black silhouette of the fighter and directional.

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For anyone who’s interested in the WWII history of Pappy Covington, they might enjoy the EZ Vane Airplane Corsair Weather vane. For a durable steel option, the EZ Vane Hummingbirds Weather vane has a powder coated finish and features a pair of mummies drinking from lilies.

Price: $112.99 Shop now at Amazon From Amazon You don’t have to be Alice in Wonderland to want to hop down this rabbit hole, because this sweet copper weather vane will stand tall in the midst of your veggies and tomatoes as it includes a garden pole with purchase. You can also get the leaping bunny with a roof mount included and it would look totally adorable on top of your garden shed or even a sturdy corner post on your deck.

You’ll want a stately space for this big piece which stands at 45 inches high when assembled. Artisan made of pure copper, this weather vane arrives with the perfect patina already in place, but it will continue to weather to an even richer finish as the years go by.

The cardinal has long been shrouded in myth and superstition that’s pretty interesting, but since this one is metal, you’re probably safe. The globes on this weather vane mimic brass, but are actually plastic balls, which is one downfall, but overall the design is so cool, we forgive that minor faux pas.

This pretty pony’s pure copper body can be expected to naturally develop a rich patina over time. The kit includes an all- weather assembly rod, brass directional and solid copper globes.

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Conversely, if you need a larger piece, the trotting horse weather vane also comes in a 36-inch tall version that’s already got that gorgeous verdigris patina. If you want to mount your weather vane, but don’t have a house with the right design style, consider getting this vinyl cupola that has a pure copper roof.

Either way, this powder-coated copper dragon weather vane is going to be a great fit if you love yard decorations with a Jurassic feel. Another whimsical yard ornament that will draw lots of attention is this castle-shaped birdhouse with a functional dragon weather vane on top.

Seen Products also has a wicked witch weather vane made of powder-coated steel that is lightweight and easy to mount on smaller poles or outbuildings. It features a handsome weather cock with beautiful plumage that’s pretty true to life, at least until you get to the wing feathers.

At more than 51 inches tall when assembled, this weather vane is an easy tool to use to assess wind direction and it’s a cool piece of yard art as well.

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