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Best Weather Uk

Christina Perez
• Tuesday, 20 October, 2020
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With not even a day of unbroken sunshine guaranteed in many parts of the country, are dreams of warm and sunny summer just a fantasy if you live in the UK ? As our list demonstrates, there are plenty of towns in the UK that can regular, consistent sun and mild winters.

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Most of the places on our list are, unsurprisingly, coastal towns, but there's an outlier (you'll never guess), which proves that you can live in the UK and enjoy sunny summers. Bog nor Aegis will not beat on the amount of sunshine it gets every year: an average of 1,921 hours.

If you're debating whether to move to the capital and are worried it'll rain all the time, you needn't worry: London gets a very decent 1,500 hours of sunshine and temperatures on average five degrees warmer than Scotland. You'll be amazed to discover that this picture-perfect town is in South Wales, and it gets a whopping 1,667 hours of sunshine per year.

Chevron down Light Northern parts of the country often have a larger temperature range than areas in the south, making their conditions year-round slightly more extreme and also more difficult to predict in the harsh summer and winter months.

The best ranked area in the entire country for sunny weather is Colchester, a city well worth visiting in the summer months. Known for its picturesque countryside and sandy beaches (a rarity in the UK), it’s one of the most consistent places for sunshine that you can bet on if not going abroad for holidays.

Long may she rain The stereotype of Britain being a miserable, rainy place throughout the year is not the ‘cut and dry’ story, but it does hold some truth. Britain’s unfortunate position in the path of the jet stream is to blame for the unpredictable showers, and the worst parts of the country for rainfall are named by the MET office as The Lake District in the North West and the Rondônia region also.

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‘Foggy London town’ has a reputation around the world for being a dreary, rainy location all year round, but it actually doesn’t attract as much downpour as you might think. May, recently named the sunniest month of the year, has been found the best time to holiday in the country receiving a total of 194 hours of sunshine.

Anchor Pumps have gathered research to reveal which are the top 10 sunniest cities in the UK. Those who favor the finer weather should turn their attention towards the South West of England.

Nearly all the cities that make the top 10 sunniest in the UK list are located in this area. Plymouth in Devon comes in second place with an average of 1730.1 hours of sunshine each year.

Colchester is the sunniest city in the UK with 1920.8 hours of sunshine Sat, April 7, 2018, Today is the warmest day since October 25 last year Tour in Cornwall is the countries most southern sunniest city, coming in sixth place with 1664.9 hours of sun.

Norwich receives 1610.5 hours on sun each year The UK ’s top 10 sunniest cities With random, record-breaking heatwaves immediately followed by severe thunderstorms this summer, it’s good to know what to expect when you head out.

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That’s why we have compiled a list of the best U.K. weather forecast apps that will give you accurate, up-to-date information, whether you live in the busy suburbs of London or a small village in the middle of nowhere. Editor’s note : This list will be updated regularly when great new UK weather apps are released.

The Met Office Weather Forecast app offers all the key features you’d want and more. You can view weather forecasts up to seven days ahead, receive daily and even hourly predictions for your location and check not only what the temperature currently is, but what it feels like.

This includes severe weather warnings alerts, a rainfall map, information on wind speed and direction, and more. The Met Office Weather Forecast app is ad-supported, but for a one time £2.99 purchase you can remove all advertisements.

If you prefer an application that’s simple and to the point, the BBC Weather app should be your number one choice. You can view hourly weather data up to 14 days ahead for U.K. locations and most major international cities.

There were some functionality problems in recent months, but the BBC Weather app has been reverted to an older version and things are working as they should. It not only offers accurate forecasts for every city in the U.K., but can help you stay prepared in any season.

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In the winter, you can be one step ahead with the app’s 10-day snow depth forecast, while in the summer its Storm Tracker map layer can help you avoid thunderstorm areas when camping. It allows you to receive in-app notifications anytime lightning strikes in a 10-mile radius of your current location.

Although not U.K.-centric, it is still an excellent choice for those who want accurate weather forecasts up to 15 days in advance. As all the other apps on the list, you get real and “feels like” temperature, but also severe weather alerts, local forecasts you can personalize and Minute cast which tracks the weather minute by minute for the most accurate information.

It offers forecasts based on data from local weather stations, feels like temperature, chance of rain and UV index. What makes it stand out are its amazing weather widgets and animated live wallpaper you can put on your desktop.

Although the information might not be as detailed, nothing beats the convenience of asking Google Assistant for the weather forecast. From Monday onwards unsettled conditions look likely to continue, with winds from the north bringing colder conditions from a cold air mass currently resident over Scandinavia west across the north and potentially much of the country at times throughout the week.

A north-easterly flow may bring frequent showers, particularly to the northern windward coasts, possibly falling as snow over high ground and sometimes down to low levels. The jet stream will become shifted southwards bringing rain to southern areas throughout the week, with a possibility of some organized snowfall forming on the leading edge of these features.

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Confidence for this period is low, though there is a signal for weaker than average westerly winds with Atlantic systems likely to track further south than normal. Through this period there is a greater than average chance of cold spells across the UK with the associated risk of wintry hazards.

There is potential at times for significant snowfall on the boundary between milder and colder air masses, with the greatest risk across central and northern areas. Heavy snow for parts of the north.This Evening and Tonight: A band of rain, sleet and snow affecting parts of Scotland and northern England, some heavy snowfall over hills.

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