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Best Weather Team Pokemon

Christina Perez
• Saturday, 02 January, 2021
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Weather conditions have always inspired competitive Pokémon teams due to their synergy with certain moves and abilities. These teams are also great for beginners, providing a theme to build around while still remaining effective.

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Traitor has always been a favorite for its great base stat spread and its Sand Stream ability, which sets up a sandstorm. Despite several Swift Swim users being cut from the Poked in Sword and Shield, rain remains strong.

There are not a lot of strong Grass-type Pokémon to worry about in the meta, so rain teams tend to perform well. Ludicrous is therefore extremely important to rain teams, as its Grass-type moves will deal 4x damage to Mastodon.

Vile plume can use the move After You to ensure that Tortola goes first, allowing it to spam a sun-boosted Eruption or Solar Beam. Sun isn’t quite as popular as sand, but it has a lot of versatility and can work great if executed properly.

Hail only boosts Ice-type Pokémon and moves, which makes it difficult to find versatility compared to other weather conditions, which help multiple types. Vanilla has the ability Snow Warning and the move Aurora Veil, which reduces damage to friendly Pokémon but can only be used in hail.

These teams are bound to improve if Allan Nine tales returns to the game when the DLC goes live. Weather initiators: Traitor, Hippowdon, Hippopotamus; Ky ogre, Polished; Groupon, Duplex, Nine tales; Snorer, Abomasnow.

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These guys are all the Pokémon capable of starting up permanent weather for you. This becomes more apparent in the lower battling areas of Pokémon such as NU.

Glister -He's got all around bulk, can heal with toxic orb then fling it for plenty of passive damage, and can stop several other Pokémon the opponent has that might benefit from the sand. Garchomp-High attacking stats, sand veil, passive damage, you get the idea.

Meta gross- His typing leaves him with hardly any weaknesses, and can force more switches, perfect when stealth rock is active. His ability helps him benefit from it, and he shares the same typing as Glister.

Ferrothorn-He relies a lot on passive damage, so the sand can do a good job for him. Gastrodon-Gastrodon can be a great way to take water type attacks, which many sand teams are weak to.

Thanks to his storm drain, he can safely switch in and hit back with quite a bit of damage. Nicking/Queen-The sand doesn't help them too much, but toxic spikes tends to be a problem for sand teams in Up; thanks to these guys, you are able to absorb the spikes and stop that before it becomes a problem.

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They are also able to hit back pretty well thanks to sheer force, offering more special attacking for sand teams. Region, Gigabit, Radon, and Aggro are popular choices.

The special defense boost helps balance out these physical behemoths, and they all have pretty good move pools. Dragonite-He's got the perfect rain set with Surf (powered by rain), thunder (100%), and hurricane (100% and STAB) He's the only Pokémon to get this combo, save for a single, and his multistage makes him a hard guy to take down.

They lose a bit of fire weakness thanks to the rain, making them very difficult to take down. Suicide, Jellicent, vaporeon, etc-Water absorb, Water STAB, he's pretty bulky too.

Ludicolo-Rain smaller, can get rain dish and leftovers health, and even leech seed. Cloister can sub break, while Terracotta has sturdy and aqua jet to help him out.

Charizard-His solar power makes him a pretty dangerous Pokémon in the sun. Its ability will force the opponent into going without weather, which is bad if you have someone use solar beam as bait.

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He can absorb water attacks, get thunder immunity, sponge special attacks (which make up a large amount of rain members) and take neutral ice moves well. Hariyama-His thick fat and fighting typing help pay off for sun and rain teams.

Stealth rock-Use this against a hail team and watch the magic happen. Back to trying to guess who Ha sire looks like? I mean god forbid I call a fictional, string of data stupid ~ NarutoFever1 Glad.

This is more intense than that time I forgot how to DO A BARREL ROLL! Then I remembered to press Z or R twice. From: Neo Heartless | #016 It's strange though, that weather based teams are seen as inferior, and yet it seems to be widely accepted that any Pokémon that could summon the sun or rain would probably be instar banned.

Weather teams are inferior BECAUSE any Rain or Sun inducer is currently bannedSmoky Prong is the best optional boss Everett:// Any team, including any weather team, is better than a team that lacks ingenuity or consists of cookie cutter builds. Fitrst off, most off the best RD abusers are in Up, secondly, it's all well and good knowing what your up against the entire time because your meta game is so “predictable”...Doesn't mean you always have the best tools to counter those overly used threats on hand.

Anyway, the biggest threats to RD are traitor, yards, other kingdom and the odd Latins, also Alissa is sometimes efficient with Wave Hail and Sandstorm at least have the decency to not be on Uber Pokémon.Also, as IrishMercenary points out, you can only make your team to counter specific threats.


Rain Dance isn't used that often so building a team to counter it specifically is a waste. This is more intense than that time I forgot how to DO A BARREL ROLL! Then I remembered to press Z or R twice.

The Malaria Sunfish is an excellent option to use in the current meta of Pokémon Go, and alongside Gallantly and Tropics, it should do fairly decently to keep it up. If you continue to live and use Amarillo in your roster, then you want to make sure you can protect it and still fight plenty of other Pokémon.

Some new Pokémon that have been released over the past month or two are great additions to the battle league, such as Sir fetch’d. The Great League is the perfect time to try it out before taking it to the Ultra or Masters, and you also want to use Dew gong and Allan Sarawak, especially now that Allan Sarawak has access to its signature move, shadow bone.

Sir fetch’d: Counter (fast move), leaf blade, and close combat Dew gong: Ice shard (fast move), water pulse, icy wind Allan Sarawak: Fire spin (fast move), shadow bone, and bone club It’s a Pokémon that appears every once in a while for five-star raids, and when it does, trainers search for it high and low to try and capture it.

It’s an wonderful Pokémon, and if you have one, try pairing it with Man tine and Whimsical to exceed in the Great League. Microsoft may earn an Affiliate Commission if you purchase something through recommended links in this article.

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Those who seek to conquer the game and then the online scene are forever working with new combinations of Pokémon to create the best team. Our suggestion for the best team on Pokémon Sword and Shield is at the base, but it’s always best to build your team according to your preferred style of battling.

Here, you’ll have an increased chance of finding Creepy in a random encounter in heavy fog and thunderstorms. You can also find the middle evolution of the Catapult chain, Deadlock, roaming around in overcast, rain, thunderstorms, and heavy fog.

This allows it to ignore the stat boosts provided by moves like Reflect, Safeguard, Light Screen, and Substitute. Its base stats are quite balanced, leaning slightly in favor of physical attacks and defense, but when deployed with the right move set, it’s possible to take down heavy-set tanks in one shot.

Not only is this one of the great new British-themed Pokémon in the game, but Corviknight is also a bulky defensive selection while also boasting a decent base attack stat line of 87. The flying-steel type Pokémon learns great moves like Brave Bird, Steel Wing, and Drill Peck.

Corviknight can also be taught the much-loved U-turn and Body Press, with which the higher the user’s defense, the stronger the attack becomes. Corvisquire, which evolves from Rookie at level 18, can be seen in the over world of the Wild Area’s Hammerlock Hills and Giant’s Mirror in all weather types.

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Corviknight itself can be found in random encounters along Route 7 and the Slumbering Weld as well as in the over world of Giant’s Cap, Hammerlock Hills, and North Lake Moloch in all weather conditions. This steel-ghost Pokémon has been a favorite among trainers for some time and was even banned from online competitions in previous games.

The second form in the evolution of Aegis lash, Double, can be seen wandering the Wild Area location of Giant’s Cap in any weather conditions bar heavy fog. However, if timed well, the 250 power and 100 accuracy move Explosions can make a low-HP Ferrothorn a very dangerous Pokémon.

While Hydration doesn’t learn too many great special attacks, with Dragon Pulse and Hyper Voice being the pick of the set, it can be taught Fire Blast, Hydro Pump, Zen Headbutt, Focus Blast, Stone Edge, and Earth Power. Hydration’s earlier stages, much like with Catapult, are low-percentage spawns that are found at the Lake of Outrage in the Wild Area.

Yards’ water-flying typing with access to powerful dark, dragon, ice, water, and flying moves makes it a grand selection for your best team. Magical can be caught at many fishing holes in Pokémon Sword and Shield including the one down the left side of Professor Magnolia’s house on Route 2.

Yards can also be seen swimming around the Wild Area, specifically in Bridge Field and Dusty Bowl. But if you need to fill the Poked ex, you can find Antenna in any weather at Monotone Outskirts in the Wild Area, or Hatred in Linwood Tangle.

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It’s got decent speed, but Excedrin’s primary perks come from its massive 135 attack, lofty 110 HP, and the effectiveness of moves against the ground-steel type. Fire, water, fighting, and ground are super effective against Excedrin, and grass, ice, ghost, and dark-type attacks do regular damage.

Many trainers use trap moves, but Rapid Spin removes Bind, Wrap, Clamp, Fire Spin, Toxic Spikes, Leech Seed, Stealth Rock, Magma Storm, Spikes, and Sand Tomb. Wilbur, the tiny ground-type mole Pokémon, can be found in the Gala Mine as well as in the over world of Giant’s Mirror in the Wild Area during sandstorms.

Tyrant is a decent tank option, with its main benefit, naturally, being its 134 attack stat. The bulky armored Pokémon has access to many type moves, including fire, ice, dark, rock, electric, ground, fighting, ghost, and dragon physical attacks, so its use can be quite diverse.

Larvae, the first form in the Traitor evolution line, is a Pokémon Shield exclusive, but can only be found via random encounters at the Lake of Outrage in the Wild Area in overcast or intense sun weather conditions. It can be seen roaming around the over world during sandstorms, snowstorms, snow, heavy fog, and normal weather, but it will only appear once every 24 hours.

To increase its longevity, Tape can also learn Wide Guard, which activates before most other moves, and Recover, which restores up to half of the user’s maximum HP. Tape evolves from Marine, which can be found on Route 9, by the Monotone Riverbank, and at Giant’s Mirror via fishing in the Wild Area location.

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The strong speed stat of 116 gives Whimsical an edge as it can get an irritating move out before many other Pokémon get the chance to attack. It can learn Charm (lowers attack), Cotton Spore (lowers speed), Endeavor (cuts opponents HP to equal the user’s HP), Memento (sharply lowers opponent’s special attack and attack), Poison Powder (induces poisoning), Stun Spore (induces paralysis), and Tailwind (doubles the speed of all user party Pokémon).

Through TMS and TRS, Whimsical can also learn many more irritating and status-inducing moves which can play a big role within a tricky battle. It may not be one of the strongest Pokémon per its base stats, but it can be a great choice if you want to stifle your foe early.

Facing a Dynamic Pokémon in a battle can be a menacing task, especially if your type doesn’t match up well against the gigantic monster. You can find Ditto wiggling around the Lake of Outrage in the Wild Area in any weather conditions.

You likely won’t see it when approaching the grass, but you’ll probably run your bike over one before catching it and making it breed with your other Pokémon. Give a selection of the strongest Pokémon a go in your team, and be sure to build their move sets to their strengths and catch ones with the optimum abilities.

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