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Best Weather Stations 2020

Bob Roberts
• Monday, 09 November, 2020
• 9 min read

The weather ultimately affects our daily lives, and consumers today are willing to spend just to be prepared for the rain, sun, snow, and wind’s ups and downs. Its powerful sensors do not fail to detect rainfall, wind speed, and solar radiation and it can be connected wirelessly to a range of devices and services.



It consists of a good display console and an integrated sensor suite (ISS). The special part of this meter is that is a compact of all kinds of sensors in a single package to give out the maximum results.

Plus it also reads dew point and rainfall, which makes it perfect for gardeners. If you’re a weather junkie who doesn’t care about the Internet and Smartphone connectivity, then the Vantage Vue.JS is ideal for you.

Accurate is renowned as the best weather station for the home which can be easily used at the tabletop or mounted to predict the weather forecast, humidity, rainfall, etc. It catches a signal within a time frame of 5 seconds, and the rain gauge comes with excellent accuracy.

Cons It can get interrupted by car Infinite remotes The limited life of 2-3 years It has received the maximum comments for the best home weather station review on Amazon.

It has an integrated sensor suite that can be easily customized by adding consoles or special-purpose options. The wireless variant easily transmits data up to 1000 ft. Also, for the purpose of connecting this to the internet, Davis also offers WeatherLinkIP (which is sold separately) which comes with a lot of extended features including the internet.

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The design of the station it’s outdated, and the additional sensors might be expensive; however, this is one of the most reliable weather machines on the market. It is one of the most premium weather meters of all time which is quite expensive but it’s built quality and durability.

This is the best choice for you in case you love to travel, go hiking and you often visit dense areas. It’s very durable and you can easily carry it around even to the faraway places without worrying about its damage.

Simply put, I’m a writer and weather tech enthusiast, so I’ve combined my two passions to create this site. Either way, having a home weather station can help you stay safe and plan your days effectively.

Furthermore, you can stay on top of important weather -related changes by setting automatic alerts. However, perhaps the most valuable part about owning a home weather station is that you can use it to predict the forecast without having to rely on delayed information from the news.

I will simplify the process of selecting the home weather station that best suits your individual needs. I’ll walk you through the process to make sure you’re not wasting your precious time sifting through scattered reviews and low quality information.

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Jam packed with customizable features that provide unparalleled performance, the Davis Vantage Pro2 is widely considered to be the most capable and reliable professional weather station available today. Its rugged sensor suit measures all the basic weather variables as well as shows solar radiation, UV levels, dew point and rainfall and updates every 2.5 seconds.

Equipped with a range of premium features, this high quality unit it built for weather enthusiasts that require superior dependability, accuracy and capability. With 1,000 feet of transmission distance, the 6250 Vantage Vue.JS has a range of over 3 times more than your average weather station.

It also updates every 2.5 seconds and provides all the essential measurements, including temperature, barometric pressure, wind speed/direction, rainfall data and dew point. Moreover, it can be synced with Davis Instrument's state-of-the-art data sharing & storing software, Weathering, which is one of the best in the industry.

The 6250 Vantage Vue.JS would be a fine choice for a weather enthusiast looking for an entry-level pro device on a flexible budget. With this home weather station, you can monitor temperature, pressure, humidity, rainfall, wind direction/speed, heat index and dew point, all from a distance of about 300 feet.

In addition, it provides you with graphing capabilities and a number of other features that will keep you busy for a long time! Due to the Is 2902A's above average features and relatively modest price, it also makes a good everyday weather monitoring solution.

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Here, we have the signature home weather station by La Crosse Technology, a company that is known for producing decent and affordable devices. You'll be able to monitor temperature, pressure, humidity, dew point and wind speed/direction.

It also has a few extras, like heat stress index, altitude, compass and pressure trend information. It would make a great addition to your home if you would like to stay informed about local weather conditions without requiring professional grade accuracy and advanced features.

Plus, it has a sleek design and sharp graphical forecasting icons, another quality that La Crosse Technology is known for. The indoor module measures temperature, humidity and comfort level.

It also has a built-in CO2 sensor that alerts you went ventilation is needed, which is a safety feature that no other home weather station has. This smart weather station would make a great addition for a baby room because of this safety feature.

As for the outdoor module, it provides real-time data about temperature, pressure and humidity; less than other weather stations, but enough for basic household use. Although this weather station does not offer the same level of functionality as some other models, its unique design provides the perfect combination of simplicity, practicality and classiness for users who require basic information about indoor and outdoor conditions.

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If you're searching for a reliable, accurate and portable weather station, the best solution is the Kestrel 5500. It will provide you with information about temperature (air, snow, water) barometric pressure, humidity, wind chill/speed/direction, dew point wherever you are.

Nearly all weather stations present the primary weather variables, which are temperature, humidity, barometric pressure and wind speed. As we get into the higher end models, however, you will find data beyond the basics, such as UV radiation, rainfall, soil condition, leaf wetness and much more.

The weather sensors connect to the console through wireless transmission, which can be prone to signal interruptions. So, having a sufficient transmission distance is your primary consideration when selecting a weather station.

The cost of a home weather station can vary widely, from less than a hundred dollars to a few thousand. Don’t forget to check if they have replacement parts available too, in case you need one in the future.

It can connect to IFTTT to control and automate all sorts of things in your home, including thermostats, sprinklers and more. It can also use the Wi-Fi signal to transmit data within your home without needing to connect to the internet.


Furthermore, the 3-in-1 suit is super easy to install and consists of a: 1) thermometer 2) anemometer 3) hygrometer. From the console, you can read various weather data including temperature, humidity, wind chill, wind speed, barometric pressure, dew point, high and low and many other forecasts variables.

For a unit that includes the 3 most important instruments for measuring weather, the Accurate 00589 Pro Color is going to be your best overall option. This Lacrosse weather station has all the essential features in a compact, simple, user-friendly package.

It includes a sensor suit with a thermometer and hygrometer to provide you with the most essential information for planning your day. I find this device especially well-suited for single, urban professionals that need quick and easy access to the most pertinent information daily.

This weather station can be connected through the Accurate app, enabling you to create personalized alerts and view data right from your wireless device. You can also connect the console to the PC to store, share and analyze data.

If you're looking for a weather station that can be highly personalized and provide information to your mobile devices, the Accurate 01036M may be the best choice for you. The console gives you updates every 14 seconds and connects to the internet though any wireless router.

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The best part is that you can monitor real-time weather conditions and conduct analysis from anywhere in the world or right in the comfort of your home. Carefully installing all the parts of your home weather station is vital for getting the most accurate results.

Furthermore, if you plan to use your weather station regularly, select one with a user-friendly interface to prevent strain and fatigue. Internet connection: A user can upload and stream data on different weather sites for correlation and review.

I can’t count the number of times that my family and I have remained safe by staying one step ahead of the weather ! We love to be outdoors and own both portable and home weather stations to help us determine the most ideal times to get out or stay in.

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