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Best Weather Site

James Lee
• Saturday, 14 November, 2020
• 7 min read

Planning your whole day or a small weekend getaway becomes easy when we know the conditions of the weather outside. I mean, it is a lot better to carry umbrellas and other necessary things needed when it rains than get all wet and annoyed.

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As a reminder, the weather websites on my list have their respective app versions for both Android and iPhone. Coming down a bit gives you the satellite maps of your place; in my case, it is India.

The home page of the website ends with these two major sections that have loads of ads sandwiched between them. The ads are a major downside, but considering the few numbers of adverts present on sites these days, I won’t make a big issue.

When you visit the website, the current temperature of your location will be displayed under the site logo (in the top left corner). You can change the country and temperature scale (Celsius or Fahrenheit) from the option in the top right corner.

When you ask the obvious question: “What is the local weather around me?” the website helps you answer it with precision. The site also displays the top weather news that is spread on the rest of the home page.

There are more sections to explore, such as Sensor Network, Maps and Radar, Severe Weather, News and Blogs, Mobile Apps, and More. When I used the website, it displayed the current weather near me, along with the update on an hourly and 10-day basis.

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There’s also a Live Radar section for you to look for all the places, trying to give the most accurate weather forecast. Furthermore, there are more sections such as the Hurricane Center, Today’s National Outlook, Allergies and Pollen, Videos, and more for added information apart from just weather.

The added section makes Weather bug one of the best weather websites and a reason to be on my list. It comes with animated maps with free weather radar, making it an obvious option on my list of best weather websites.

Additionally, there are options such as Reviewer (for rain forecasts taken from dedicated Reviewer service), Waves Height, Videos, Flight Radar, and Speed Test (for your internet speed), among many other options. With the animated map and temperature report of your location, the site gives you the weather forecast for other places, most likely to be the neighboring cities.

The site has other menu options such as API for developers, Activities, Map, World, Videos, and Holidays. The menu section has weather news, hurricane trackers, settings, and more options to choose from for ease of usage.

Apart from this, the site tells you about other factors such as rain and thunder, air quality, clouds, waves, and more, with all these options resting on the right-hand side of the website. Pretty much like the Windy weather site, Kentucky also has a live map in the background with various options on it.

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However, it is visually-appealing, which compensates for the downside and is the reason why it found its place on this best weather radar website list. As a reminder, Google picks up the weather information from other websites, so you can choose whether you want to visit the site directly.

I hope my list of best weather websites helps you keep an eye on the ever-changing thing of nature called weather. There are numerous apps and websites available on the Internet to get accurate weather radar data.

The National Weather Service offers radar data free from its website and is relatively easy to use. The resolution of the imagery is a little grainy, and there’s no way to plot your position on the map, and its zooming capabilities are limited.

You’ll also need Flash installed on your computer to run the loops, which some may object to for security reasons. There is also no app available, as the News can’t compete with private services due to Federal law.

Cons Resolution is grainy No way to plot your position on the map Requires Flash player During the winter months, the app overlays precipitation type so you can spot where it’s raining and where it’s snowing.

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Cons You have to pay for severe weather alerts and lightning data, which is available free with other apps While obviously, it’s a more general weather app, there are some great radar features that we think are worth mentioning.

If we had to pick a negative with this one, it’s that the app smooths radar imagery too much to make it look attractive on the screen. A few months back, The Weather Channel launched a fee-based feature called Premium Radar.

You can layer all kinds of things on top, from precipitation to cloud cover, and even browse through weather model data. It also might be a bit too complex for the average user to understand, so we’d recommend some other weather websites and apps if you’re looking for something easy to use.

While it doesn’t smooth the radar images to the degree The Weather Channel’s app does, it is still enough that it may cause some inaccuracy. The site has the most extensive collection of personal weather stations in the world, and this data is put on the map with the radar giving you a much more comprehensive picture of what’s going on at a particular location.

Pros Offers hyper local weather conditions Lots of information from its extensive PCs network Although it doesn’t have nearly the reputation it had a decade ago, Weathering is still around and still offering hyper local current weather conditions on its website thanks to its network of weather stations situated at homes, schools, television stations, and other locations throughout the world.

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Stepping up to the Pro Tier 1 subscription for $9.99 per year gets you longer animations and lightning data (a must for outdoor enthusiasts), dual pane capability, and inspection tools. While the top end Tier 2 package adds in hail and shear contouring (the latter necessary for tornado formation), as well as multi-platform use and a 30-day radar archive.

Dark Sky is famous for its down to the minute weather forecast, which lets you know exactly what’s going to happen and when. The weather animations are seamless and polished, and while there’s a reasonable degree of smoothing (a feature we’d wish Apple would allow us to change) and the radar color scheme used is a little unusual, this is still a great all-around premium weather app.

Cons There’s a good deal of smoothing in the imagery Non-traditional radar color scheme that you can’t turn off If we didn’t include your favorite weather radar app, let us know in the comments below.

I've had a lifelong interest in the weather spanning more than 30 years, culminating with the pursuit of a Meteorology degree from Minersville University in Pennsylvania. You might have seen my work on Digital Trends, PC World, VentureBeat, or even the New York Times website.

At Weather Station Advisor, I joined the team to provide you with the best reviews, recommendations and advice to get the most out of your investment. As I've found out on my own, weather stations aren't cheap, and it's easy to make a costly mistake.

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Where Australian bushfires have taken a toll of flora and fauna, Amazon forests are facing no less harshness. In the middle of all the scenarios, you must be looking for the best weather website that provides you with the accuracy of various elements so that you can plan the day appropriately.

Whether you are traveling to a new place or heading the whole day out for open shopping, you would definitely want to check good weather websites. Now the most interesting part is that you can check the Satellite view in various modes like Standard, Visible, water vapor, etc.

Moreover, what makes AccuWeather the best weather forecast site is its daily, hourly or monthly report. Watch featured videos, find the chances of spark lightning, hurricanes, fire and pollen around for any allergies.

If you click on it, a new pop-up appears mentioning visibility, air pressure, clouds, and nearby forecast. Apart from weather conditions, find radar, clouds, waves, snow cover, freezing level and much more in one go.

When you click for its details, you can find different variations including morning, afternoon, evening and night with multiple other specifications. Those who love to check sports weather for their favorite game would again call this site as best weather website.

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Click on the location or search the place manually, you will be able to find details like wind system, altitude, air quality, rain, thunder, etc. Just like Windy, Kentucky has wind, rain and temperature map, which continuously keeps in motion for a lively appearance.

Type your location and find out precipitation, radar, clouds, air pressure, thunderstorm, wind speed, etc. The bar below allows you to change specific time and find what you want, making Kentucky one of the best weather websites.

You can even change the wind animation as you like, share a live screenshot with others and customize the setup way you desire. Other forecast options include aviation, outdoor sports, agriculture, and their in-depth trajectories for any location mentioned and searched.

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