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Best Weather Radar App For Android

Brent Mccoy
• Sunday, 18 October, 2020
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But thanks to technology, at least now you can receive timely weather forecast and stay updated about climatic conditions. Weather apps will not only tell you when to carry an umbrella but also give you alerts to stay one step ahead.

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It is a free, award-winning weatherradarapp that offers world-class, synchronized app experience across all your iOS devices. With AccuWeather Platinum, you can check weather condition in any part of the world.

It sends push notifications for severe weather alerts to keep you safe and out of the storm. It supports custom weather forecast for your lifestyle activities like sports, allergies, pollen, etc.

You will get thunderstorm, snow, rain alerts 50% quicker to make sure you are well-prepared for major weather ups and downs. Browse interactive maps to track the most accurate hourly, weekly, and 10-day forecasts.

You can track all your preferred cities and locations and get all the information about temperature, wind, sunset, sunrise, and chance of precipitation. After using this ultimate app, you will realize how easily you can check current weather status and extended forecast for multiple locations and cities.

1Weather is one of the bestweatherradar apps for Android that gives real time update of your current location anytime and anywhere. You can easily track down up to 12 hours’ locations of your choice and share the weather conditions with your family and friends.

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The app provides alerts and notifications of current conditions and severe weather. This simple and fast app gives you a forecast of your desired location in any part of the world and allows you to see the latest enhanced weather map which includes rain, snow, lighting, and temperature.

Weather Underground is another one of the bestweatherradar apps for Android that provides the world’s most accurate hyper-local weather forecasts in addition to interactive radar, severe climate notifications and satellite maps. It provides 10 days forecast including daily, weekly, long hours and text summary.

It supports an interactive map that shows all the personal climate stations in your neighborhood with satellite and animated radar. It allows you to personalize your weather report according to your preferences and taste i.e. temperature, humidity, wind pressure, sunrise and sunset timings.

With the one tap of your finger, you can check weather condition of all the location be it your city, town, or neighbor country. It informs you real time weather conditions and gives you warnings, notifications, and alerts.

The app can get you the latest and interactive dynamic climate maps, satellite and radar photos. Now with these weather radar apps, you can check the weather forecast for every single hour or day with the tap on of your figure.

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Are you in search for the best weather apps for Android that gives you the most precise weather forecasts along with an easy-to-navigate interface? Here in this article, you will find the top weather apps that provide forecasts with great accuracy and details along with the support for widgets.

Keeping ourselves updated with the current weather conditions has become a necessity because most of our outdoor tasks are reliant on it. But, since we carry our smartphones with us all the time and many of us also wear smartwatch so acquiring accurate weather information has become a lot easier now.

Whether you want to keep yourself up-to-date with the temperature, wind speeds, humidity, UV index, dew point, precipitation reports, and visibility or want quick alerts related to any changes in the weather conditions, the best of the bestAndroidweather apps mentioned in this list will keep you updated with the latest forecast for your geographical location. AccuWeather is one of the best weather apps for Android that gives you all the important data about weather conditions including hourly, daily, and weekly forecasts along with the Realized temperature index, map radar support, Minutest that provides precipitation on a minute basis.

Moreover, the widgets feature offers you an up to date weather forecasts right on your Android home screen so you won’t need to open the app to check the current climate conditions. The first word of the app name makes it pretty obvious that it is developed by the creators of GO Launcher i.e. GO Dev Team X.

The sleek design, clear user interface, and tons of features are what marks it as one of the top weather apps for Android smartphones. However, some might think that the app is overstuffed with lots of things because it provides you with a range of home screen widgets and even some live wallpapers.

weather android widget clock widgets storm stylish simple joyofandroid

Beautifully designed weather app with a variety of themes and dynamic wallpapers. The free Android app makes sure that you are updated about the upcoming rainfall with the real-time rain alerts for any location.

The app is beautifully designed with radar maps and personalized weather notification alerts. Simply swipe to the left and the app will reveal a detailed forecast for the next few days.

The recent updates have made the weather reporting unreliable and simply gives a message that says, “sorry the information is not available”. Everything is perfect but the developers have implemented a reminder that pops-up after opening the app requesting you to leave ratings, which might be a turnoff for many.

As the name of the app suggests, 1Weather is the only weather app you need on your Android as it will fulfill all of your weather related needs in the most simplified way possible. The developers have hundreds and thousands of personal weather stations located around the globe so it can deliver you forecast for any area.

The app is designed to give you the on-demand weather forecasts as well as real-time hurricane tracking right on your Android phone. If you want a stunningly designed app that provides the most precise weather update then go for the Window weather app.

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It is a beautifully designed app and gives you a living cartoonist landscape that adapts itself to the actual weather conditions of your area. Forecast is one of the best weather and radar apps that provide the most detailed forecast graphs and radar maps, the precipitation percentage is accurate, and the app ’s user interface is designed in such a way that you feel it easy to navigate and find the weather information you are looking for.

One thing I would like to mention is that the free app is ads supported and the ad-free version costs $3.15 per year. NOAA weather radar and alerts is a free app that allows you to check the detailed weather conditions of your location in real-time on an interactive map.

The app can be configured to provide you with the push notification alerts for the severe weather conditions like rainy, windy, stormy, or snowy. Simply scroll down and the app will keep revealing you the weather conditions for the current day and then show you the seven-day forecast.

Moreover, apart from the high and low temperatures, the interactive weather details graph includes precipitation, air pressure, and radar view. The map view will let you freely explore the past, current, and future weather conditions in a detailed report.

The customized notification system will make sure that you are notified about any severe weather conditions or even a slight fluctuation in temperature. If you really liked the Dark Sky app but you are not satisfied with their subscription-based charging structure then you will love Marcus Weather because both offers almost identical hyper-local weather forecast service and it works somewhat similar to the Dark Sky as it uses Forecast.Io API as their data source.

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Removal of ads and unlocking of all the premium features requires a one-time fee, can be paid via in- app purchases. After the installation, simply configure the app to show the weather forecast for your area and then it will continuously give you updated weather information right on the status bar as well as the notification bar so you won’t need to open the app.

The app can also be manually configured to send you push notifications for severe weather conditions. Moreover, if you travel a lot between different cities then you can add all of them to the list and the app will track weather conditions for all of them.

Moreover, the app itself provides you with rain forecast for the next 24-hours along with the alerts and warnings for severe weather conditions. In the conclusion, I would say that there are many factors that you must need to consider before picking out the most suitable weather app because the accuracy and forecast details highly vary between different geographical locations.

If you ask me, I like AccuWeather because of its ease of usage and especially I love their Realized temperature index, which is pretty accurate most of the time. For storm chasers, meteorologists, and weather enthusiasts looking for more advanced radar on their Android devices, we've looked through the cream of the crop with KABC-TV Meteorologist Conley Isom, and we've arrived at the best three for your Android.

A note on location before we begin: due to the differences in meteorological services between countries and continents, we've limited this article to Level 3 radar apps for the United States. Radar is a good jumping off app for those who are just beginning to get into meteorology or only need a more advanced radar during the rare supercell or snowstorm.

weatherbug app

In IOM's words, Radar may not be quite advanced enough for storm chasers, but it's a good simple app for those who don't need all the bells and whistles that more expensive apps have, but there are a few advanced features for users to play with, as well. It is ten dollars, and there are additional subscriptions for weather data services like

Radarscope is the radar app that IOM has been using for years, and he highly recommends it for those who need to track storms during severe weather events. PYKL3 (pronounced pickle) Radar is the radar app with the most bells, whistles, and options, and for ten dollars, it should be a fairly robust app.

Like Radarscope, PYKL3 allows additional subscriptions to be handled either in- app or for you to tie into services like Allison House, Cap rock Weather, and Spotter Network. It always displays the current location, your current view, and data source, and allows you to easily switch between a myriad of reflectivity, velocity and storm relativity views.

Besides the learning curve, our main gripe with PYKL3 is that touching and dragging the map around can give you whiplash with just how sensitive it is. However, that customization can be a double-edged sword to users who don't want to mess with a dozen settings while trying to pick out hooks in a line of supercells.

Weather radar websites and apps that don’t update their radar data in a timely fashion put you at risk, especially if you’re outdoors. At the end, we’ve also included our recommendations of top paid weather radar apps if you need the best radar data available with the least amount of delay because even the top free apps will delay radar data by five or so minutes.

weather accuweather android widgets platinum widget app apps wallpapers forecast apk mobile

The National Weather Service offers radar data free from its website and is relatively easy to use. The resolution of the imagery is a little grainy, and there’s no way to plot your position on the map, and its zooming capabilities are limited.

Created by Avalon Apps, NOAA WeatherRadar Live is an excellent alternative to using the News radar site on your phone. During the winter months, the app overlays precipitation type so you can spot where it’s raining and where it’s snowing.

Cons You have to pay for severe weather alerts and lightning data, which is available free with other apps If the lack of lightning and warning data of NOAA WeatherRadar Live is an issue, we’d recommend The Weather Channel’s app instead.

If we had to pick a negative with this one, it’s that the app smooths radar imagery too much to make it look attractive on the screen. A few months back, The Weather Channel launched a fee-based feature called Premium Radar.

It offers much higher resolution images, including the forecast radar imagery we talked about earlier. In addition to radar, it overlays wind data information in a fluid and visually appealing way.

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You can layer all kinds of things on top, from precipitation to cloud cover, and even browse through weather model data. It also might be a bit too complex for the average user to understand, so we’d recommend some other weather websites and apps if you’re looking for something easy to use.

While it doesn’t smooth the radar images to the degree The Weather Channel’s app does, it is still enough that it may cause some inaccuracy. The site has the most extensive collection of personal weather stations in the world, and this data is put on the map with the radar giving you a much more comprehensive picture of what’s going on at a particular location.

Pros Offers hyper local weather conditions Lots of information from its extensive PCs network Although it doesn’t have nearly the reputation it had a decade ago, Weathering is still around and still offering hyper local current weather conditions on its website thanks to its network of weather stations situated at homes, schools, television stations, and other locations throughout the world.

While its visual maps for all kinds of weather data are pretty impressive, like the two apps above, it smooths out radar images. If none of the above weather apps have what you’re looking for, and you’re willing to spend money on a quality professional weatherradarapp or website that storm chasers use, hands down our top recommendation is Radarscope.

While the top end Tier 2 package adds in hail and shear contouring (the latter necessary for tornado formation), as well as multi-platform use and a 30-day radar archive. While we fully expect Dark Sky’s features to end up in the Apple Weather app, for the time being, it will remain a separate app.

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Whatever option you choose, any of the weather radar websites and apps above will keep you informed in the event severe weather strikes. I've had a lifelong interest in the weather spanning more than 30 years, culminating with the pursuit of a Meteorology degree from Minersville University in Pennsylvania.

You might have seen my work on Digital Trends, PC World, VentureBeat, or even the New York Times website. At Weather Station Advisor, I joined the team to provide you with the best reviews, recommendations and advice to get the most out of your investment.

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