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Best Weather Predictor

James Smith
• Friday, 20 November, 2020
• 9 min read

Planning your whole day or a small weekend getaway becomes easy when we know the conditions of the weather outside. I mean, it is a lot better to carry umbrellas and other necessary things needed when it rains than get all wet and annoyed.

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As a reminder, the weather websites on my list have their respective app versions for both Android and iPhone. Coming down a bit gives you the satellite maps of your place; in my case, it is India.

The home page of the website ends with these two major sections that have loads of ads sandwiched between them. The ads are a major downside, but considering the few numbers of adverts present on sites these days, I won’t make a big issue.

When you visit the website, the current temperature of your location will be displayed under the site logo (in the top left corner). You can change the country and temperature scale (Celsius or Fahrenheit) from the option in the top right corner.

When you ask the obvious question: “What is the local weather around me?” the website helps you answer it with precision. The site also displays the top weather news that is spread on the rest of the home page.

There are more sections to explore, such as Sensor Network, Maps and Radar, Severe Weather, News and Blogs, Mobile Apps, and More. There’s also a Live Radar section for you to look for all the places, trying to give the most accurate weather forecast.

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Furthermore, there are more sections such as the Hurricane Center, Today’s National Outlook, Allergies and Pollen, Videos, and more for added information apart from just weather. The added section makes Weather bug one of the best weather websites and a reason to be on my list. is a website that has all the relevant features needed for the best online weather forecast. It comes with animated maps with free weather radar, making it an obvious option on my list of best weather websites.

Additionally, there are options such as Reviewer (for rain forecasts taken from dedicated Reviewer service), Waves Height, Videos, Flight Radar, and Speed Test (for your internet speed), among many other options. With the animated map and temperature report of your location, the site gives you the weather forecast for other places, most likely to be the neighboring cities.

The site has other menu options such as API for developers, Activities, Map, World, Videos, and Holidays. The menu section has weather news, hurricane trackers, settings, and more options to choose from for ease of usage.

Apart from this, the site tells you about other factors such as rain and thunder, air quality, clouds, waves, and more, with all these options resting on the right-hand side of the website. Pretty much like the Windy weather site, Kentucky also has a live map in the background with various options on it.

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However, it is visually-appealing, which compensates for the downside and is the reason why it found its place on this best weather radar website list. As a reminder, Google picks up the weather information from other websites, so you can choose whether you want to visit the site directly.

I hope my list of best weather websites helps you keep an eye on the ever-changing thing of nature called weather. The liquid inside the glass can vary, but it is some combination of distilled water, ethanol & chemicals.

If you’re looking for something specific, feel free to click on these quick links to scroll down to your desired section. Honestly, in this day and age, storm glasses are more of a curiosity piece, an ornament, and a conversation starter.

A handful of small-scale experiments such as this one didn’t find a prediction success rate of greater than 50%. In most cases, whichever storm glass you buy will come with instructions on how to read it.

Again, my best advice to you would be to simply check the instructions of whichever storm glass you purchase. On the lower end, you’ll find models such as the Hinterland that I previously mentioned in the table above.

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Hinterland ST71 Storm Glass Crystals in chamber respond to changes in atmospheric pressure Markings of glass indicate forecast Solid Beech wood base Makes a great decorative piece Crystals are contained in glass tube On the higher end, you’ll find some fancier and more unique storm glasses.

One example of that could be this beautiful globe-shaped storm glass from Rosewood, which makes a great decoration or gift. Kosovo Crystal Weather Forecast Bottle Wishing Ball Creative Globe-Shaped Storm Glass Bottle Desktop Weather Station WeatherPredictor carefully Selected High-Quality MaterialHand-made from high borosilicate glass materials, ... mysterious Storm Glass Ballthese liquids can predict whether the weather is sunny, cloudy... perfect Gift for Family and FriendsWindproof glass bottles are administrative gifts for...

A beautiful globe with colorful liquid in an 8-inch long wooden base with the world map etched into the glass. I’ve recommended Accurate products on this blog countless times, and they don’t disappoint here either.

Accurate 00795A2 Galileo Thermometer with Glass Globe Barometer, Barometer Set Cylindrical thermometer and barometer set; inspired by Galileo’s instruments Interprets temp and weather based on principles of buoyancy and air pressure Colorful, liquid filled spheres descend and ascend with atmospheric changes Barometer features the world globe etched in the glass Mounted on a wood base; approximately 8 inches long and 8 inches high This weather glass piece by Stanley London is just superb.

Perfect as a gift for a weather enthusiast, or if you’re looking for something a little different to the standard globe/teardrop shapes storm glasses. This next storm glass is another beautiful globe shape on a wooden base, 9 cm wide and 12 cm tall.

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The base has a cool built-in LED light, and the product comes with a USB cable & on-off switch. So a reminder… if your reason for buying a storm glass is to actually predict the weather, you’ll be disappointed too.

Glass contain liquid repeat the crystallization of various expressions, depending on the weather changes. Decoration for living room, bedroom and table which is very beautiful and fashion.

You should keep your storm glass indoors, ideally on a level surface. It’s also worth noting that, if left in direct sunlight, the crystals could be effected leading to inaccuracy.

With Prime delivery, a bunch of reviews, one-click ordering and all the rest… I find it’s always the safe bet. In case you’re more of a DIY kinda person… Rather than reinvent the wheel, I’ll direct you to this great YouTube video by the creator NightHawkInLight.

If you mean it’s not accurately predicting the weather then, I’ve got some bad news for you… As I mentioned above, storm glasses do not appear to have any greater than 50/50 chance of getting the weather right.

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If, however, you mean that your storm glass isn’t changing at all, then perhaps you need to make sure that all the crystals have properly dissolved. If that is not the case, you’ll need to find a way to gently heat it up until all the crystals dissolve.

Most smartphones come with their own pre-installed weather app, but it's always worth checking out third-party options to see if the more extensive data is a better fit for your needs. You can see the benefits of that purchase throughout iOS 14, as many of Dark Sky's best features have been integrated into the Weather app.

A major interface revamp to Dark Sky put even more weather data right at your fingertips, including a precipitation map and handy hourly forecasts. The TWC app provides you with a wealth of meteorological data such as temperature, wind and visibility on an hourly or daily basis, with an extended 10-day forecast available.

The Weather Channel also includes social sharing features for users to upload images, tweets, videos and photos. The app features customizable alerts and provides a map with shelter information in the event of an emergency.

(Image credit: Avalon Apps) Weather can change in an instant, so it's handy to be alerted when something severe is headed your way. A noteworthy feature is the app's ability to send notifications whenever a weather alert is issued, so that you're never caught unaware by snow storms, flood warnings or other dangerous conditions.

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The iOS version of NOAA Radar Pro includes Apple Watch compatibility, so those alerts are delivered to your wrist. Android users can download the free NOAA Weather Radar & Alerts, with a $1.99 in-app purchase removing ads.

The free download not only offers Doppler radar for North America, but can provide hurricane forecasts, Spark lightning alerts, air quality info and pollen count data on top of the usual array of weather information. Since it pulls data from weather services, satellites and tracking stations, Weathering can provide hyper local real-time conditions with current, hourly and 10-day forecasts.

The app promises detailed info on pollutants and the air quality index for 10,000-plus locations in more than 100 countries. Visual also works in 7-day forecasts so that you can plan ahead on your outdoor activities to make sure you're going out in healthy air.

The app pulls data from Dark Sky to provide current, hourly, and 7-day forecasts leavened with sarcastic humor to cushion even the gloomiest outlook. Infographics put useful information in quick reach, with more detailed meteorological data available as you tap and swipe.

You can even configure Carrot's sense of humor to be friendly, snarky, or murderous, with the ability to set how political the AI's jokes can get. iOS's users who opt for the Tier 3 subscription (the priciest option, with a $24.99 annual cost) can receive notifications for rain, snow, lightning strikes and storms.

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Pay up for a premium subscription to this iOS-only app, and you'll get extended 10-day forecasts that pull data from Dark Sky, Wet and AccuWeather for a comprehensive look ahead at ever-changing weather conditions. The app displays images of your location with matching time of day and weather conditions, with the option to view detailed five-day forecasts, as well as interactive radar, heat and satellite maps.

Updates have brought the Android app in line with the iOS design for a unified experience across both platforms. (Image credit: Idea Studio)Knowing the weather before you start out on a road trip can be just as crucial as having the right directions.

Pro users get more sophisticated features like alternate routes suggestions, road visibility and expanded data about conditions such as precipitation and wind speed. If you've got any extended trips in your future, Weather on the Way can be a helpful companion to make sure that you arrive safely at your destination.

(Image credit: JRushtonApps)If your interest in the best weather apps extends to the lunar calendar, then My Moon Phase is a must-download. The app also includes alerts for incoming severe weather events such as snow, thunderstorms, high winds or tornadoes.

(Image credit: Ensure Digital Weather App)If geeking out over maps, graphs, and predictions is your thing, check out Flow. Radarscope provides users with Neural Level 3 data from radar stations across the United States, Guam and Puerto Rico, with options for fine-tuning the view with settings for displaying reflectivity, velocity and more.

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