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Best Weather Place To Live In The World

James Smith
• Wednesday, 02 December, 2020
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That’s why, in IL’s 2020 Annual Global Retirement Index, we’ve awarded our highest climate scores to the destinations with options for every taste. From sunny beaches to humid rainforests, we’ve looked at every type of region that each country has to offer, so retirees can find the spot that best suits their tastes.

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Sitting just slightly north of the equator, it has an equal 12 hours of daylight and darkness with very little variation during the year. Colombia is the only South American country that has coastlines on both the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea giving both cities and towns hot, humid, tropical weather.

Living by the coast means evening sea breezes make the nighttime temperatures a bit more palatable. Most people tend to live on the Caribbean coast rather than the Pacific side of Colombia, with the coastal cities of Cartagena, Santa Marta, and Barranquilla popular places to visit and retire.

Medellín, Colombia’s second largest city, sits at 5,000 feet above sea level and is considered to have perfect spring-like weather all year round. “I will admit that the perfect year-round, spring-like weather was the first thing that drew me to retire to Medellín,” says Nancy Kernan, IL’s Colombia Correspondent.

“If you want hot and tropical, then I think you should consider retiring to the lovely Caribbean coastal cities of Santa Marta or Cartagena where crystal-clear, blue water laps against warm, sandy beaches. Ecuador lies right on the equator, so the entire country enjoys 12 hours of direct equatorial daylight, 365 days a year.

You can comfortably stroll out on a glorious Quito afternoon in shorts and a t-shirt, but you’ll need to take along your wool sweater in case the clouds roll in. “Climate in Ecuador varies by altitude, not latitude,” says International Living magazine Editor Sean Keenan.

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“What that means is that, at sea level at least, days and nights are evenly spaced at 12 hours each, and temperatures can get exceedingly hot. “Even so, with such an indented coastline, microclimates offer a range of options to choose from, including cloud forest, tropical jungle, and dry scrub landscapes.

stock/SL_PhotographyFrom the year-round blue sky and sunshine of Peru’s tropical northern coast…to the humid, hot Amazon rainforest…to the cold weather of the Andes, there is a climate to suit everyone’s taste. But it can be divided into three or four basic regions; the northern and southern coast, the Andean highlands, and the eastern lowlands or rainforest.

Steve lives in Hunchback, a northern surfing and fishing village located just 20 minutes from the larger city of Trujillo. “The temperatures here in Hunchback range from the low 60s F during the coldest part of the year to the high 70s F during the summer months.

(Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru tied for second place in the Annual Global Retirement Index 2020 Climate Category with a score of 87.) stock/Jacek_Sopotnicki Portugal, the winner of International Living’s Annual Global Retirement Index 2020, takes the top spot in the Climate category this year.

It enjoys a warm temperate climate with wet winters, dry summers, and the highest temperatures averaging above 71 F. “Heading south through the central region, including locations such as the University town of Cobra, temperatures are a few degrees warmer each season, with less rain (35 inches per year compared to Porto’s 49).

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“The southernmost region of the Algarve is predictable, given the pattern I’ve outlined: it’s the warmest, driest (with 20 inches of annual precipitation) area of the country. Even in the rainy season, the temperature variation in Medellin city is minimal.

It makes this city a real paradise, where locals and visitors can enjoy a wide variety of colorful flowers year-round. The magical city of Nice is situated on the Mediterranean coastline of Southeast of France.

Apart from the spectacular blue-green sea on one side, this city is surrounded by the hill on the Northside. The Nice city receives moderate rainfall, sunny summers and gorgeous spring time.

In addition to the delightful weather, the Nice city is famed for its beautiful beaches, narrow streets, old town and shopping offers. This beautiful Island receives excellent weather year round.

Even in winter, the highest temperature in Oahu measure around 77 degrees Fahrenheit. This great weather also plays a significant role in making Oahu Island as the most popular tourist destination in Hawaii.

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It is believed to be half of all tourists to the Hawaii State choose Oahu to visit. The mountain city of Lola located in Southern Ecuador is famed for its gorgeous, spring like weather year round.

The high elevation has a significant impact on the great weather in the Lola city. Moreover, the temperature variation in this city is minimal, range between 78.8 and 86 degree Fahrenheit all time.

The 285.70 sq km spread Lola city encompasses hundreds of valleys in the Southern end of Ecuador. Regardless of the season, Kunming city receives fantastic weather all year.

In addition to the spring like climate, Kunming city is known for its stunning landscapes and historical sites. São Paulo, the most populous city in Brazil, located on the island of the Southeastern part of the country.

As within an inland location, São Paulo receives a pleasant climate with minimal temperature variations. The city is famed for its booming art, heritage architecture, culture, high-quality educational system, and great weather.

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But spring and summer are the best time to enjoy beach activities in the city. Apart from the great climate, you can also enjoy many cultural activities, beautiful beaches, nature reserves and large parks in Sydney.

The Canary Islands are a Spanish archipelago located on the West coast of Africa. The average temperature in the Canary Islands ranges between 62.6 and 75.2 degrees Fahrenheit.

The trade winds and sea currents have a significant impact on the climate of Canary Islands. Because both of these forces cause a cooling effect on the coast and land of the Canary Islands.

The winter in the city is mild and temperature averages between 62.6 and 66.2 degrees Fahrenheit. In the hot summer season, the average temperature in Malaga city measured at 77 degrees Fahrenheit.

If San Diego is your next vacation spot, then you don’t have to worry about choosing the time for the visit. During the hot summer season, San Diego receives an average temperature of 71.6 degrees Fahrenheit.

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The winter is also good in the city with an average temperature of 57.2 degrees Fahrenheit. It is a globally famous and highly attending convention in San Diego.

Compared to summer, the city receives fewer visitors in spring and fall. So, it is the best time to experience the San Diego city in a less crowded environment.

The winter in San Diego starts in December and end in February. Still, the city experiences a mild climate with an average winter temperature of 60.8 degrees Fahrenheit.

San Diego also offers a lot of indoor activities for the visitors during this season. The middle of February is about the time when you might be thinking of moving to one of the 25 cities with the best climate in the world year round.

Because as much as the rest of the world loves to see the colors change in the fall and experience a white Christmas, seasonal climate certainly gets old come the middle of winter. This is the time we all want to take a long vacation to Florida and maybe stay for the rest of our lives.

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It can be difficult for some to imagine a place where the average temperature is 75 degrees year round. So we came up with 25 cities with the best climate in the world year round, and to do, so we consulted multiple internet sources, such as The Mysterious World ‘s Cities With The Bellwether Year Round, Insider Monkey’s 21 Cities With The Best Climate in the World Year Round, International Living ‘s The Best Climates in the World, Traveler ‘s Top Cities To Visit With Perfect Climate Year Round, Tourist Maker ‘s What Are The Places With The Best Climate in the World, Earth n World ‘s Top 10 Cities With the Bellwether Conditions in the World, Quora ‘s Which Cities in Spain Have the Best Climate, Quora ‘s Which Australian City Has The Best Climate, Quora ‘s Which City Has the Best Climate in the World, Forbes ‘s 5 Places Where the Weather is 75 Degrees And Sunny All Year Long, Huffington Post ‘s 8 Places With Always Perfect Weather,Pittsburgh Post Gazettes Where is the Best Climate, Weather Wise ‘s The 10 Bellwether Places in the World, Mercy Press ‘s Uruguay Malta and Ecuador Boast Best Climates in the World, and Mother Nature Network ‘s 10 Places With Gorgeous Weather All The Time.

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