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Best Weather On The Planet

Danielle Fletcher
• Sunday, 06 December, 2020
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That’s why, in IL’s 2020 Annual Global Retirement Index, we’ve awarded our highest climate scores to the destinations with options for every taste. From sunny beaches to humid rainforests, we’ve looked at every type of region that each country has to offer, so retirees can find the spot that best suits their tastes.

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Sitting just slightly north of the equator, it has an equal 12 hours of daylight and darkness with very little variation during the year. Colombia is the only South American country that has coastlines on both the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea giving both cities and towns hot, humid, tropical weather.

Living by the coast means evening sea breezes make the nighttime temperatures a bit more palatable. Most people tend to live on the Caribbean coast rather than the Pacific side of Colombia, with the coastal cities of Cartagena, Santa Marta, and Barranquilla popular places to visit and retire.

Medellín, Colombia’s second largest city, sits at 5,000 feet above sea level and is considered to have perfect spring-like weather all year round. “I will admit that the perfect year-round, spring-like weather was the first thing that drew me to retire to Medellín,” says Nancy Kernan, IL’s Colombia Correspondent.

“If you want hot and tropical, then I think you should consider retiring to the lovely Caribbean coastal cities of Santa Marta or Cartagena where crystal-clear, blue water laps against warm, sandy beaches. Ecuador lies right on the equator, so the entire country enjoys 12 hours of direct equatorial daylight, 365 days a year.

You can comfortably stroll out on a glorious Quito afternoon in shorts and a t-shirt, but you’ll need to take along your wool sweater in case the clouds roll in. “Climate in Ecuador varies by altitude, not latitude,” says International Living magazine Editor Sean Keenan.

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“What that means is that, at sea level at least, days and nights are evenly spaced at 12 hours each, and temperatures can get exceedingly hot. “Even so, with such an indented coastline, microclimates offer a range of options to choose from, including cloud forest, tropical jungle, and dry scrub landscapes.

stock/SL_PhotographyFrom the year-round blue sky and sunshine of Peru’s tropical northern coast…to the humid, hot Amazon rainforest…to the cold weather of the Andes, there is a climate to suit everyone’s taste. But it can be divided into three or four basic regions; the northern and southern coast, the Andean highlands, and the eastern lowlands or rainforest.

Steve lives in Hunchback, a northern surfing and fishing village located just 20 minutes from the larger city of Trujillo. “The temperatures here in Hunchback range from the low 60s F during the coldest part of the year to the high 70s F during the summer months.

(Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru tied for second place in the Annual Global Retirement Index 2020 Climate Category with a score of 87.) stock/Jacek_Sopotnicki Portugal, the winner of International Living’s Annual Global Retirement Index 2020, takes the top spot in the Climate category this year.

It enjoys a warm temperate climate with wet winters, dry summers, and the highest temperatures averaging above 71 F. “Heading south through the central region, including locations such as the University town of Cobra, temperatures are a few degrees warmer each season, with less rain (35 inches per year compared to Porto’s 49).


“The southernmost region of the Algarve is predictable, given the pattern I’ve outlined: it’s the warmest, driest (with 20 inches of annual precipitation) area of the country. Indeed, the best climate must be that is most tolerated by the body all over the year and does not need any major adjustments to extreme temperatures.

The place must be comparatively protected from extreme weather conditions such as regular floods, hurricanes, heat, blizzards and more. Places that the travel magazines describe as paradises, are really incredibly beautiful, but very often there is a too hot or humid climate.

Yes, there is really wonderful weather, but half of the year is too rainy and the region is often a victim of hurricanes. One vacation in the Caribbean during the rainy season can be strongly affected by the rains and tropical storms.

Perhaps you have noticed that most of the places in this article are either extremely densely populated or popular tourist destinations. Usually sites that are located south of 30th parallel suffer because of quite hot tropical climate, but these islands are an exception.

The cold Canary stream that passes over the islands makes the climate to be cool as the ocean temperature is in the range 19-25 degrees throughout the year. An exception is the northern part of Tenerife, which gets very heavy rainfall and rainy days sometimes can reach even 15 per month.

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And in addition it is good to know that the Canary Islands are among the places with the cleanest air and low dust on the planet. Located near the equator, the second largest city in Kenya and adjacent resorts enjoy a wonderful climate throughout the year.

Hawaii is the sunniest and warmest American state, but without extremely high summer temperatures. For mild climate contribute mainly that the islands are located in the heart of the Pacific Ocean.

Located around the equator among the waters of the Pacific Ocean, Galápagos Islands enjoy a magnificent equatorial climate. Beautiful weather is one of the reasons for which here flourished exceptional animal and plant world.

The ocean acts as a natural air conditioner and maintain the degrees very pleasant. High altitude rescue the city from intolerable typical tropical heat.

Like Mexico City, São Paulo also awes its large population to its mild climate. South coast of Spain is a popular wintering spot for millions of Europeans, and people coming from cooler countries worldwide.

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Mediterranean coast of Andalusia is the warmest and sunny location in Europe (except Canary Islands). Unlike the Caribbean, here is a short winter, but really 2-3 months with daytime temperatures around 17-18 degrees is advisable in comparison with 6-month rainy season.

Mediterranean Sea has a strong influence and maintain a pleasant and healthy temperature throughout the year. Even some scientists consider that on the coast of Costa del Sol has some kind of tropical microclimate, because of the abnormally high temperatures for Europe.

Cold streams, which pass around California make the summers to be nice with no major heat. The pleasant climate of San Diego has been mentioned repeatedly in many Hollywood production and it is also the reason because of which many rich Americans live here.

His article, “The 10 Bellwether Places in the World,” featured in the March/April issue of Weather wise magazine attempts to name the top ten places in the world that continually experience the best weather. The basis of this list is founded in weather that has positive effects on human fundamental needs (physical, mental, and emotional).

“We can determine meteorological best criteria for ideal human physical, mental, and emotional health that includes temperature, humidity, average number of sunny days, and other criteria, by studying the results of research conducted on environmental effects on humans.” With this in mind Barack creates a mythical place of weather perfection, 'Anthro-Weathertopia'.

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In February, the average summer temperature clocks in at 81 °F during the day and 56.1 °F at night. In the winter, the coldest month, July, records an average temperature high of 58 °F and low of 43.5 °F.

The only drawback is that, although rarely, the Maximum region does experience extended periods of cold and rain. Number six on the list is one of the most comfortable weather cities on the planet, Lisbon, Portugal.

Lisbon, located on the Atlantic coast of Portugal, experiences moderate temperature throughout the year. In August, the warmest month, the daily average temperature is 82.9 °F with a mean nighttime low of 65.5 °F.

January, the coldest month, Lisbon experiences a daily high on 58.6 °F and a nighttime low of 46.9 °F. The cold currents of the Atlantic Ocean provide little season variability and extremely mild temperatures' year round.

The heart of this region is Casablanca which records an average daily high of 63 °F and a mean evening low of 45 °F. In addition, the northwestern coast almost never experiences any type of severe weather.

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San Diego city has amazing mild climate throughout the year and hence one of the best places to visit in southern California. There are around 33 beautiful beaches in the city which remain crowded with visitors in the month from June to August.

There are many water sports and different attractions in the city that will give you a lifetime experience. San Diego is popular for its mild year-round climate, extensive beaches, natural deep-water harbor and a long association with the United States Navy, Now the city is emerging as a healthcare and biotechnology development center.

The city has a total area of 964 square kilometers with an average elevation of 19 meters (62 feet) above sea level. Malaga is a city in Spain that has a mild subtropical Mediterranean climate.

Just like San Diego in the United States it also receives 300 sunny days in a year. The temperature of the city in winter will vary around 17 to 19 degree Celsius.

Ronda in Spain is one of the most beautiful small towns in Europe that you should visit. Talking about the history, since 6th century BC it was ruled by Ancient Carthage and it is one of the busiest seaports on the Mediterranean.

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The Canary Islands are situated on the West coast of Africa. It is 3,718 m high, however, there are other taller peaks such as in the Canaries as well including Roque de Los Mustaches on the island of La Palma 2,400 m. There is something you should know about the mountain because it is home to the largest collection of astronomical telescopes in the world that includes the world’s largest telescope the 10.4 m Gran Telescopic Canaries.

Sydney city in Australia is famous for its heritage culture and high-quality educational system. The city has a beautiful landscape and the weather conditions are also the best all year around.

The city has a warm summer and mild winter but spring is best among the visitors for the beach activity and other water sports. The world’s most popular Sydney Opera House hosts a minimum of 3000 shows per year and when the Sydney Harbor Bridge was built, it required a huge amount of paint that the first original color was gray because it was the only color that was available on large quantity.

The city also has a beautiful landscape and many historical sites that will give you a lifetime experience. The city is located at an altitude of 6788 ft. from the sea level and that is the primary reason for the mild and pleasant weather.

In Lola city the temperature variations are minimal and it varies from 26 to 30 degree Celsius. The tourist visitors can also enjoy narrow streets, old town, and shopping offers.


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