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Best Weather On Maui

Earl Hamilton
• Wednesday, 02 December, 2020
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The spring and fall shoulder seasons provide the pleasant weather Hawaii vacationers seek without the high rates and heavy crowds that accompany the summer and winter. December-March Maui sees large numbers of snowbirds flying the chilly coop during the winter months.

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Those who visit Maui in the winter are willing to shell out the high airfare costs and room rates for a taste of the island's 80-degree weather. At this time of year, the waters around popular sites like Hooking Beach are too rough for swimming but just right for catching a wave.

The island also boasts a full social calendar with summer events celebrating everything from food to movies to music. September-November Trips along the Road to Haney are especially scenic at this time of year, and since there are fewer tourists than there are in summer and winter, traffic might not be as much of an issue along the route.

Maui weather patterns change dramatically depending on where you are on the island, as Maui hosts many microclimates. It's hard to say the wet areas are less desirable than the drier ones because, in our opinion, the lushness is something we WANT to be around; so we tend to select wetter locations on purpose.

The wettest periods on Maui almost always occur in winter, when the trade winds bring additional moisture to the islands. This period runs from mid-November through late March on average, and some of these systems can carry quite a bit of rain.

This isn't to say Maui isn't nice during the winter months- it is- but it's also going to mean the likelihood of wetter weather along portions of the island such as the Haney Highway or IAO Valley State Park. The benefit of the extra rain, however, is that the waterfalls along the Haney Highway will really be flowing strong, which isn't always the case in the summer months.

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Another major benefit of visiting during the winter is the chance to see the amazing humpback whales off the coast; that's something you also won't see from May – October. On the South Shore, Kira, Wailed, and Make are very dry areas that average just a few meager inches of rain a year.

Moving north from Lamina, Kannapolis is your next best bet, receiving slightly more than the areas south of town. Naturally, the further north you go from Kannapolis towards Kampala, the more rain you'll experience; though it's still a very small amount.

If you plan to spend a lot of time in Haleakala National Park, this is a good area in which to look for accommodations, although your options are somewhat limited. Moving up to the windward (northeast) coastline, you'll begin to experience more rain the further east and Maura (inland) you go.

Haney town itself isn't that wet (80" annually), but the areas surrounding it can be, especially near the Ohio Gulch. It's really hard to select a bad area on Maui, but you can now make the best choice for you and your travel party.

The best time to visit Maui, taking into consideration the weather, demand for accommodations, and how crowded, or not, the island is, are the month(s) of April, May, August, September, and early October. Weather -wise, you'll be happy to know that Maui's warm tropical climate is fairly consistent year-round with daytime highs from 75-85 °F (23-29 °C) during the summer and winter, respectively.

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At the many coastal resorts that dot the island at sea level, temperatures rarely dip below 60 °F (15 °C) during the coldest of winter. The only time Maui's weather is unpleasant is if a winter storm blankets the island with clouds and rain, but those are infrequent and shouldn't be too much of a concern.

The majority of the rain that Maui receives falls in the winter months, from November through March. Rain showers are typically short and are quickly followed by more sunshine, and, if you're lucky, rainbows.

Rainbows are always said to be a sign of good luck in the islands, meaning you'll return one day if you spot one. The last few years have seen increased activity around the islands, so it’s important to monitor accordingly when planning and taking your trip to Maui.

Visiting Maui in January, February, or March These winter months will be a bit cooler on Maui, and rainstorms are not uncommon during this time of year, especially on the windward (northeast) side of the island. One positive to extra precipitation is that this rain typically enhances the Road to Haney waterfalls.

Enter your trip dates to search Hawaii vacation packages, hotels, flights, and car rentals. This is the peak season, so room rates are at their highest and crowds can mean waiting in line at some attractions.

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Summer is popular for visitors with children because the water is calm; however this is another peak season, so room rates are high. Room rates are more affordable; there are no heavy crowds; and the weather is heavenly.

In February, Maui gets the coolest temperatures of the year and a healthy precipitation average of 2 inches (48 mm). April sees steady levels of rainfall with a precipitation average of 2 inches (39 mm).

August is the hottest month of the year in Maui with the average high temperature peaking at 88 °F (31 °C). Meanwhile, the precipitation rate increases slightly compared to June at 1 inch (13 mm).

Make sure to plan your visit in between December and March when the conditions are best for catching that perfect wave. Norwegian Cruise Lines docks at several of the islands including Maui.

The car rental building is located just a few minutes walk from the baggage claim area. The Maui Airport Shuttle Service counter is conveniently located in the baggage claim area.

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Many of the attractions are spread around the island and this makes a car essential to see many of the sights. Some back roads are labeled in the Hawaiian language, so renting a car with a GPS system is wise.

When you are finished exploring the natural beauty of Maui and are water-logged from all the ocean activities, it’s time to do some shopping. In these malls there are many boutiques and gift shops that sell souvenirs among other items.

It is home to Maui ’s busiest city, Kahului, but also interesting attractions such as the IAO Valley State Park. West Maui is also known for its luxury hotels as well as the historic town of Lamina.

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Hotels on Maui range from five star luxury properties to simple inns, bed and breakfasts, and cottages. Some of the more affordable accommodations include hotels like the Outrigger Resorts chain and the Castle Resorts and Hotels chain; inns such as the Inn at Mother’s Fish House and Paid Inn Hotel; and bed and breakfasts like the Hale Hunan Bed and Breakfast and Dreams Come True on Maui Bed and Breakfast.

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