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Best Weather Now

Christina Perez
• Friday, 27 November, 2020
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You get to choose a virtual pet, a cat or a dog, that helps you to keep an eye on the weather. You can also pick out a name that suits your pet and share your chosen outfits with other users.

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There are no silly gimmicks and the interface is seamless; showing you storms as they happen in real-time so that you know when it is good to go out and when it is better to stay at home. The app is not only free, but it has no ads that will drive you mad so you can be certain that you will get the best experience possible.

£3.99 Dark Sky sells themselves on the ability to tell you the weather forecast down to the minute, this is not only a great asset when out and about, but the app is so accurate you can trust it completely! The app has an easy-to-use interface and looks great so that you can actually enjoy spending time researching the weather for your upcoming trip or day out.

It’s a good app that predicts the weather where you are by the hour and can tell you what to expect over the coming week. It also offers you the chance to personalize it to any place in the world and can maintain a list of locations so that you can see the weather wherever you want, whenever you want.

The app offers the ability to see the sunrise and sunset times and can also tell you what the chance is of rain. One great feature is the link to Siri, being able to ask what the weather is and when really helps if you are on the go, and it is Apple Watch compatible too.

There are many great nuggets of info in the app, such as allergy alerts, hourly forecasting, rain possibility and many more. Probably the best asset to this app is the severe weather warning alerts; the app will let you have live information about what is happening near you and provides safety advice that is linked to the weather you are experiencing to help keep you and your loved ones alive and well at all times.

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Some features included in the app are well worth a mention and include a rainfall map with rain forecast, weather warning map, actual temperature and ‘feels like’ temperature and air pollution forecasts. If anything, the app has too much detail if you just want basic forecasting but it is a diamond if you love the weather and all the stats associated with it handily made for iPhone.

However, the photos they use are pretty awesome and you can get them to match where you are in the world which is a pleasant feature. There are other features included such as an interactive radar, heat maps and a satellite.

It may not be the most up to date and advanced app but it has accurate weather, is free and has survived the test of time so far. For anyone who regularly spends time outdoors this app allows you to accurately understand the impact that the surrounding air will be having on your health.

Global coverage means that wherever you live, you can get up to date and accurate data on the air quality in your local area. It also allows you to look at the air quality of places you may be considering for a vacation and compare destinations easily and quickly.

A further fascinating feature allows users of the app to swipe along a timeline and see how the air quality of a place has changed over time. Adding this app to your phone will give you control over when you choose to go outside and keep your lungs healthier for longer.

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JRustonApps B.V. £1.99 This sleek app allows the user to quickly see the lunar calendar and access information such as moonrise and mo onset for any future date. That way if you are travelling and want to know the lunar calendar information of where you will be, you can do easily.

The information can be set to be sent to you as a notification so you never have to miss a specific time in the lunar calendar again. BBC Media Applications Technologies Limited Free The BBC Weather app is a top choice on the App Store and if you choose to download it and give it a go then you will soon understand why.

It will also tell you the chance of there being rain, hail or snow, notify you about Met Office warnings and allow you to easily share the weather forecast with your social networks. The app never tracks exactly where you are but locates you in relation to where the closest weather information is received from.

Deluxe Ware Free This app does exactly what the title suggests and provides an accurate account of what the weather is with hourly updates. The design is clear and easy to understand and boasts an impressive 3D depiction of the earth displaying the weather.

The app can be used to search for the weather all across the world with forecast notifications being available for your local area or any place that you are interested in. To upgrade and have a premium subscription, users will have to sign up to a plan for anything between 3 days and a year, costly between 99p and £11.99.

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As a free app, WEATHER NOW is basic and doesn’t offer much in terms of a weather forecast. The app has options for the iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch, meaning that you can have easy access to the air quality information you want.

General air quality isn’t all this app can do, as it can also give you accurate information about pollen and pollution. The display is clear and easy to understand and the data is well-designed for iPhones, iPads and Apple Watches.

If you want to know the weather further afield then this app can also provide forecasts for over 90 counties and a massive 2.6 million cities. When it comes to severe weather, the app can notify you of any Met Office weather warnings as well as lightning strike alerts, dangerous thunderstorm alerts and a 10-day snow forecast.

It’s free to download but does offer in-app purchases should you desire greater levels of access. The app offers severe weather alerts and a real vs feels like temperature gauge.

It really is a fantastic app that offers everything you could possibly need in a weather forecast and because it is free you can download and try it before you decide whether to upgrade or not! It’s a fascinating way of interacting with the weather and will impress you with the range of radars available to you.

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The radars can be zoomed in and out to help you get to grips with what is going on where and you can check in to other parts of the world so that you know what the weather is wherever you are headed. If you really want, you can also look at the cloud cover and follow the flight plan of a selected plane.

If you are impressed with the free price tag then just remember there are in-app purchases for you and this app offers a yearly plan that unlocks a range of other options such as; sharing weather photos, severe weather alerts and even a storm tracker for you to see where a storm is headed. It is well worth the upgrade if you need detailed weather statistics for your activity planning but otherwise, the free version is just as good and will keep you up to date on what is going on.

Free If you are looking for the simplest way of tracking the temperature and nothing else then this may be a good choice. You can set it to either Fahrenheit or Celsius and it uses GPS to know where in the world you are at all times.

You can also use it to look at the temperature and weather in other locations so you’ll always know what is going on in the places that mean the most to you. There is also the option to pay to remove adverts, but this seems pointless when it doesn’t offer anything else helpful.

A simple app that shows the weather and the temperature and doesn’t try to pretend to be something it isn’t. In fact, Alerts was created to share severe weather warnings.

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The weather it reports on includes; severe rainfall, heavy snow, storm warnings and others. It uses text warnings to notify you and you can follow the severe weather via the radar and satellite view inside the app.

The app is clear and easy to use with a map interface and a listing option so that you can see all the severe weather warnings across a range of pre-selected areas. It is a bit boring to look at and the graphics could do with an update but this doesn’t stop it from being accessible and delivering content that is reliable and useful for the user.

You can also store areas that family and friends live in or places that you are due to travel to. Lore Issue is simply dummy text of the printing and typesetting industry.

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