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Best Weather November

David Lawrence
• Friday, 11 December, 2020
• 7 min read

Here are the most popular destinations to visit in November 2021 with a weather forecast that is consistently good and conducive to a successful holiday. Temperatures are beginning to fall slowly in Europe and North America, as well as in northern Asia.

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Whether in South Africa, Tanzania, Kenya, Gambia, a lazy and relaxing session is the best way to rest after the long days of safari in the parks. Some of the most beautiful beaches on the continent include OTU in the Gambia, Page in Tanzania and Malinda in Kenya.

Other unsuspected destinations promise sunshine and a change of scenery, such as Benin, where charming fishing villages line a beautiful golden beach. The islands and archipelagos of the Indian Ocean have pleasant temperatures, even if a few rainy episodes are to be expected.

Nearby, Reunion Island is just as enchanting, with its blond or black sandy beaches shaded by coconut palms. Moreover, those who do not wish to undertake a long journey for a stay in the sun will find their happiness only two hours from France, in Tunisia where the climate is favorable in its seaside resorts such as Armament.

Thousands of kilometers from France, Guatemala promises good weather during the month of November. Nearby, the Caribbean archipelagos really have everything to please: Barbados, the Bahamas, Cuba, Martinique, Guadeloupe...

In Australia, on the other hand, the weather is ideal for swimming, sunbathing or water sports. In Europe, the entire Mediterranean basin still enjoys pleasant temperatures.

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Croatia is just as interesting, but it is not advisable to go to Go spic, Patina or Rivera because of the unfavorable climate. In Greece, winter still seems far away, as the weather conditions are favorable almost everywhere, both on the mainland and on islands such as Corfu or Lesbos.

The weather is also suitable for a trip to Cyprus, whether you want to go to Nemesis, Argos or Nicosia. Closer to France, Spain is subject to a varied climate throughout the country.

Avoid the north of the country where the drop in temperatures is greatly felt, but prefer Andalusia and its cities full of surprises, such as Málaga where you can visit the Picasso Foundation and the Picasso Museum. Off-shore, the Balearic Islands enjoy a pleasant micro-climate, giving you plenty of time to discover the Cathedral of Palma de Mallorca and Deliver Castle.

Lovers of art and history can treat themselves to a weekend or a long stay in Italy, without having to worry about bad weather. Naples, Pompeii, Rome and Paglia all enjoy a favorable climate at this time of year.

A short cultural stay in Malta will also make visitors happy, especially in Valletta, where you can enjoy a visit to the National Archaeological Museum and the Upper Barrack Gardens before taking a boat trip. Between sea and desert, the Middle East can be discovered in excellent climatic conditions.

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If you haven't yet decided where to go in November, Egypt, Dubai, Kuwait, Israel and Jordan are all possible destinations. On the other side of the Atlantic, the United States is already preparing for winter and the climate is unfavorable in many cities, such as Boston and Chicago.

These include Andalusia, Cyprus, southern Italy and Crete, where the long hiking trails often offer breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea. Portugal, especially Faro and the Algarve region, also offers superb landscapes and a varied relief that will satisfy sportsmen of all levels.

Even for a weekend, the island of Beauty seduces with its many routes that run along the coastal paths or go deep into the mountains. Although a large part of the continent has long been affected by bad weather, the climate is now favorable for discovering many countries, such as Bangladesh, Burma, Laos, Cambodia and southern China.

For nature lovers who are not afraid of high enough temperatures and the omnipresence of the sun, Guadeloupe and Martinique are real little paradises. Your sports holiday is likely to be spent in excellent weather conditions in South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, Gambia or Senegal where you will enjoy a long list of land and water activities, from safari to sport fishing.

The islands of Madagascar and Reunion also promise a stay rich in sensations thanks to the diversity of their landscapes. In Mauritius, water sports enthusiasts will be on their toes, as everything is there to have fun: parasailing, jet-skiing, kayaking, Stand Up Paddle, etc...

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Take the direction of the Red Sea, one of the most beautiful diving sites in the world. A change of scenery and setting in Asia where many countries still cultivate that part of mystery that makes you want to discover them in every nook and cranny.

Moreover, in Cambodia, a sporting holiday is synonymous with adrenaline, whether by mountain bike or canoe. In Australia, New Zealand and New Caledonia, this feeling of being at the end of the world already adds a dose of magic to the trip.

In Guadeloupe and Martinique, for example, some hotels located on the seaside enjoy the proximity of a nautical base that offers sea kayaking, wake-boarding, diving, windsurfing, and so on. But if you're not planning to go that far, you can enjoy all these activities in the Canary Islands, whether you choose to stay in Lanzarote, Fuerteventura or elsewhere.

For a city trip with the family, the choice is very vast, from Los Angeles or Las Vegas to Rome, via Lisbon and Dubai. On the other hand, if you're looking to escape from autumn, it's better to go to very sunny destinations that offer a wonderful scenery such as the Maldives, Derby Island, French Polynesia, Mauritius, Cancún in Mexico or Junta Can in the Dominican Republic.

Dive into the bustle of Buenos Aires and explore the famous Isuzu Falls. Other South American countries such as Chile, French Guiana, Paraguay, Peru and Uruguay are also well worth a visit.

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You can also embark on a safari in Africa, in the reserves and parks of Kenya or Tanzania. If you are lucky, you will have the opportunity to see the most impressive mammals, such as the lion, elephant and rhinoceros.

The milder weather in the Southern United States means that you can explore to your heart’s content without having to rely on either air conditioning or layered clothing. Plus, since families are waiting for school holidays or saving up for winter vacations, November is a great month to travel in order to avoid crowds.

Honolulu provides the perfect fall escape, with its constant pleasant breezes and average temperatures that range from 71 to 84 degrees. You can shop till you drop at the Royal Hawaiian Center, hike the scenic View Ridge Trail, or pay your respects at the USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor.

Since December is the peak tourist season for most of Hawaii, November is the perfect time to soak up the sun at Ala Mona, Waikiki, or Diamond Head before the masses rush in. Well into autumn, locals and visitors sunbathe on the beaches, hike in Griffith Park or the nearby Santa Monica Mountains, and dine on outdoor patios.

Whether you stroll down high-end Rodeo Drive, vintage Melrose Avenue, or historic Over Street, you’ll be sure to find the perfect souvenir. November is the sunniest month of the year for San Diego, so it’s a great time to leave your heavy winter coat at home and exchange it for T-shirts and light jackets.

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Sedna is known for its focus on wellness; it offers a variety of relaxing spas, health retreats, and vortexes -- areas where people claim to feel intense and healing energy. One of the oldest cities in the U.S., San Antonio has a long and fascinating history and deep Native American, Spanish, Mexican, and Techno roots.

For a deep dive into 300 years of the city’s history, take a tour of five of the area’s historic missions, including the famous Alamo in downtown San Antonio. Go Rio provides educational boat tours that highlight the River Walk's museums, historic architecture, delicious restaurants, and beautiful landscaping.

At the beginning of the month, celebrate Did de los Puerto (the Day of the Dead) with a parade on the river and festivities around La Villi ta Historic Arts Village. Due to San Antonio’s rich Mexican heritage, the celebrations, which are intended to honor beloved ancestors, are some of the best in the country.

It’s a wonderful time to wander through downtown, admire the beautiful Arthur Ravened Jr. Bridge, and visit the neighboring Folly Beach. It’s important to note that November marks the end of the Southeast’s hurricane season, so be sure to check the weather before boarding your flight.

Sun lovers visiting Savannah can wander through the beautiful Victorian Historic District, watch boats slowly float by on River Street, enjoy a lovely picnic spread at Forsyth Park, or check out some of the city’s hidden gems. Then grab a cocktail from Sloppy Joe’s, one of Ernest Hemingway’s favorite places to drink on lively Duval Street.

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The month of November also offers visitors less traffic, more open beach, and typically short wait times at restaurants. While many of the incredible food and music festivals may be taking place virtually this year, there is still plenty to explore in this historic and culturally rich city.

New Orleans is known for its fantastic cuisine, taking influences from West African, Native American, European, and Caribbean cultures. In addition to writing and editing, Nicole has interests in cooking, travel, fitness, books, wellness, DIY, and spending time with family.

She currently resides in St. Louis, Mo, but grew up in Tendinitis, Ca, and has spent time in New York, San Francisco, Mexico, and Italy. When she’s not dreaming about the next destination, chasing golden hour, or dancing West Coast Swing, she’s most likely to be found documenting her travels and time spent living abroad in Australia on her blog, My Walk in the World.

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