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Best Weather Lowest Cost Of Living
The Detroit Post
Monday, 29 November, 2021

Best Weather Lowest Cost Of Living

Earl Hamilton
• Wednesday, 02 December, 2020
• 7 min read

Since many people prefer clear skies and warm temperatures, U.S. News looked for the metro areas among the 150 largest in the U.S. considered for the Best Places to Live rankings that offer the most moderate temperatures and plenty of sunshine. We looked for places that had the fewest average number of days above 90 degrees and below 32 degrees Fahrenheit, and for those with the fewest fully cloudy days, as reported by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s National Centers for Environmental Information.

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More than 200 days a year have at least some sun, with 118 fully clear days on average, which means there are plenty of ideal days to visit attractions along the Mississippi River or hit up popular outdoor attractions like the Memphis Zoo, Shelby Farms Park or Meeman-Shelby Forest State Park to the north of the city. Located in the northwestern portion of South Carolina, Greenville enjoys milder weather partly due to its proximity to the Blue Ridge Mountains.

With a population of 329,839 residents, Spartanburg is the smallest metro area on this list of the Best Places to Live for the Weather. Still, there’s no shortage of good days to visit the Birmingham Botanical Gardens, or drive a little outside the metro area to visit Bank head National Forest or Balladeer National Forest, which are both roughly an hour’s drive from the city.

In Modesto, you can expect an average of 82 days each year above 90 degrees Fahrenheit and 261 with clear or partly cloudy skies. Similar in population size to Modesto, neighboring Stockton also makes the list for its few cold days and plenty of sun.

San Juan’s location in the Caribbean means it has an elevated risk of storms during hurricane season. But those storms certainly aren’t the whole story, as the San Juan area averages 276 clear or partly cloudy days annually.

This popular tourist destination in coastal South Carolina doesn’t reach above 90 degrees more than 44 days a year, on average. Myrtle Beach is the fastest-growing metro area on the Best Places to Live list, having increased in population by 14.27% between 2014 and 2018 due to net migration alone, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

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This Arkansas metro area has roughly 30 more cold and hot days per year than Myrtle Beach, but the weather extremes balance each other out. Additionally, Fayetteville sees three more clear or partly cloudy days per year on average.

If you like the idea of getting out into nature in the Ozark Mountains, Fayetteville could be the perfect place to make your home base. Atlanta gets some cool nights and a fair share of hot days, but those almost completely cancel each other out across an entire year.

Tulsa's residents enjoy, on average, 230 clear or partly cloudy days per year. While Oklahoma City experiences plenty of cold nights and hot days, a near-even balance between the two makes either extreme seem more tolerable for a full year.

A clear day will also make it easy to see far distances in this flat part of the country. Not the only Local metro area on the list, Los Angeles averages just 103 cloudy days per year.

With no nights of freezing temperatures and 21 days over 90 degrees, on average, the City of Angels makes for a great place to enjoy warm weather without extremes. An average of 116 days throughout the year are partly cloudy, which frequently burn off in the morning for clear afternoons, which is characteristic of the area.

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Since it's known for rolling fog, San Francisco ranking high on the list may come as a surprise. And with just 102 cloudy days per year on average, you’ll be spending plenty of time at the beach enjoying the blue skies and sunshine.

With an average of 267 clear or partly cloudy days, Salinas has just 98 days throughout the year that are cloudy, which makes for ideal weather for visiting the beaches, marine reserves and parks along Monterey Bay. A little northwest of Los Angeles along the California coast, Santa Barbara benefits from beach breezes and the beauty of Los Padres National Forest, located directly north of the metro area.

But, surprisingly, that climate type is not easy to find because winters usually imply hot weather in general, which, on this matter often includes high rates of humidity. Dry conditions and hot places to live are to be expected near deserts and generally far from huge water masses, though it does not necessarily have to be the case.

On the matter of mild winters, well, that is the personal choice as well, choosing the best climate in world to live, where some people prefer more or less constant temperature throughout the year, while others like having all four seasons. On the other hand, you might be interested to find out where the average temperature of 75 degrees year round is.

For the information on least humid places to live in the world we have consulted Nomad List that also gave us insight in warm places with low cost of living, and also checked some regions on Intelligent. On the more general data, which included a search for low humidity countries Europe and world widely, mild winter temperatures, cities with the best climate, etc., we have searched many places that gave us some hints and suggestions.

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In the end, it was a tough choice since climates with mild winters are usually warm which often brings higher levels of humidity as well. We have tried to get as close as possible to the optimal humidity rates, though combining them with the mild winter weather we have getting somewhat higher figures.

After a lifetime of work, many look forward to a comfortable retirement. For many a comfortable retirement means moving, according to the latest US Census Bureau over half a million of adults over 65 moved states last year alone.

Affordable housing and low cost of living make the south the place to be for retirees. First, we examined median housing costs using data from the ACS Census.

Moving from a state with expensive housing costs to one with cheaper housing costs can drastically elevate retirees standard of living and significantly add to their retirement fund. We looked at the percentage of people over 65 who are spending 30% or more of their income on house.

This area is especially important because healthcare costs continue to rise each year and leaves many seniors scrambling. First, we examined Medicare Advantage Costs, using data from The Kaiser Organization.

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Note, Alaska does not have individual Medicare Advantage plans so was excluded from this metric. The median home price in Mississippi is only $114,500, which means retirees relocating from more expensive states can expect to pocket quite the stack of cash.

Add in low property taxes and warm, sunny weather and it’s easy to see more retirees should give the Magnolia state a second look. Arkansas' homeowners over 65, also spend a smaller chunk of their income on homeowner costs than other states.

West Virginia’s location near the upper-east coast makes it particularly appealing for those looking to retire away from the expensive Northeast but don’t want to go far. While it may not be as warm as other states in the top 10, Indiana still has a lot to offer retirees.

The median home price is only $135,300– 50,000 less than neighboring Illinois and 400,000 than expensive Hawaii. Sandwiched between the south and west, Missouri is a great choice for retirees looking to live well on a budget.

Reasonable housing and affordable cost of living mean retirees can enjoy more luxuries than in a pricier states. Many retirees may think Florida when they think retirement, but more should look to its neighbor Alabama.

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