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Best Weather Live Wallpaper

Ellen Grant
• Wednesday, 09 December, 2020
• 8 min read

Gone is the days of taking a chance on the weather for next week’s big social event. People rely on the thousands of available LiveWeatherWallpaper applications to make their big plans.



Weather scene wallpapers of stunning sunrises or sunsets, lightning storms or other dynamic climates also come with many of these liveweatherwallpaper backgrounds. The more advanced live weather smartphone apps can even give you forecasts for the next several days, information and data about future temperatures, moon phases and much more.

Check out the 32-day or night models that use all-sky elements (such as rain, wind speed, sun, snow, etc.) Enjoy the weatherlivewallpaper images of a starry night, threatening gray rain clouds, clear blue cloudless skies, and brilliant days of sun.

It shows you the current temperature, animated weather scenes and many more things. This app provides gorgeous images and gives you interactive options.

You can use the clock or countdown features to view wonderful particle light explosions. You can also customize your device’s background with this app by selecting its unique animations.

The app updates positions constantly so it also displays the phases of the moon. It works with real-time weather and shows the changes automatically, but it also provides live weather wallpapers on your locked screen or your desktop.

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This app displays the weather for today and tomorrow on the main screen of your Android smartphone. With this app, you will be able to read information such as the temperature, the wind speed, humidity and barometric pressure.

You can adjust the scrolling text and backgrounds displayed for different cities according to the weather at that time. True Weather Lap works on Android smartphones and tablet devices, displaying the day or the night.

You can also select from four different animated wallpapers: summer, spring, winter and fall. This app also gives you exact animations of sunset and sunrise, forecasts of six or 10 days, moon phases and much more.

Weather XL PRO was the first liveweatherwallpaper app for both iOS and Android devices. Simply download Weather XL PRO and start seeing the live weather condition animations immediately.

Weather XL PRO continuously updates the weather ; gives you a fast and beautiful application; provides detailed weather forecasts including fog, UV index and storm data; presents high and low historical values; gives you satellite data animations and radar maps as well as smartphone and tablet optimizations; has a weather notification and much more. Sunsets and sunrises displayed on your smartphone appear exactly at the same time as in real life.

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In addition to these features and functions, the best thing about this application is that you can scroll the time forward and find out what the weather will be like throughout the day. View the current weather, today’s forecast and for several days ahead if you so desire.

Window Weather provides state-of-the-art landscape changes depending on the screen size. There’s a cost for the Weather Now app, but you can check it out free for a three-day trial period.

In addition to the liveweatherwallpaper, Weather Now provides automatic wallpaper changes with easy-to-use settings, a slideshow, alerts, special 3D earth views, special reports, and many more things that you should explore. Get a 2-day or 15-day forecast with enough detailed information to plan your special event on a nice- weather day.

The DEFAULT DYNAMIC 3.0 GO WEATHERliveweatherwallpaper application for Android smartphones automatically changes the wallpaper according to the temperature or weather condition of your local area. The current version of DEFAULT DYNAMIC 3.0 GO WEATHER displays dynamic backgrounds of eight weather conditions: rain, fog, thunder, snow, sun, clouds, overcast and fog.

You can use this application to easily check the current and future weather information. You can even share the current weather data with your friends on social media.

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The app finds your address automatically, provides your temperature in Celsius and Fahrenheit, tells you the current weather conditions, humidity, barometric pressure, the distance of visibility, precipitation, UV index, dew point, the direction of the wind and its speed. This app gives you the time of the sunrise and sunset when you provide a city zip code.

This real time liveweatherwallpaper app actually brings the current weather as your android wallpaper. Even it’s a sun rise, sunset, rainy,snow, changes in moon phase everything will be displayed as live wallpaper.

Wallpapers provided are in high quality with the dynamic change of objects such as fog, precipitation etc to give the feel of live wallpaper. This application provides the weather from three different sources : Dark sky, Metal and MET Norway.

Customize season with following options : Auto, Spring, Winter, Autumn, Summer. More personalization option to set and customize the objects in screen such as Balloons, Birds, Rainbow etc.

To reduce battery drain, special settings such as brightness, moving objects customization, number of frames and much more options are provided. It is another bestliveweatherwallpaper app and absolute competitor of Weatherlivewallpaper : current forecast on screen.

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This android app shows the weather sky live wallpaper with Sun, moon, rain, snow according to the time of the day. It actually provides the many scenes as live wallpaper with the options to customize the objects on the screen and camera motion.

It provides the weather forecast data for next seven days when double tapping on home screen. Bird chirping sounds when viewing weather forecast data on double tapping the wallpaper.

This application provides the weather from four different sources : Dark sky, openWeatherMap, METAR and MET Norway. Customization option to personalize moving objects on screen and camera motion.

Available liveweatherwallpaper scenes : Road, Fuji,Winter, Venice,Quiet Alley, Magic Castle, Green Mountains, Autumn. This is another bestliveweatherwallpaper app for Android which make your wallpaper beautiful with mealtime sunrise and sunset.

This liveweatherwallpaper app provides an option for water temperature, UV index and Rain chance. Sometime cow bounces, walking people grow bigger on double tap and much more.

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Paper land live wallpaper is one of the bestliveweatherwallpaper app that changes your wallpaper with time of day with the cartoon based theme. This app provides the live local weather all over the world which is powered by AccuWeather.

Randomize option provides customization feature to use the infinite number of themes. This is another bestliveweatherwallpaper app for Android which adds the dynamic weather effects to your existing wallpaper.

The Best thing about this app is you need not compromise your existing wallpaper, instead add the liveweatherwallpaper effects on the same. Watch the rain drops fall, see the snow build slowly, and behold your screen freezes as the weather gets icy.

Leaving your home without an umbrella is a rare occasion thanks to how accurate weather reports have become. You could for the first time on a handheld device, apply wallpapers that responded to stimuli such as touch or your phone’s accelerometer.

While live wallpapers were the talk of the year ages ago, almost everyone forgot they even exist today. The Forest LiveWallpaper app not only looks great but has many options that you can fine tweak to your own liking.

moon once almanac tree island moons lone

The wallpaper automatically changes according to the time of the day and the transition is really smooth and almost unnoticeable to the untrained eye. You can customize all the colors in the theme if the default pale doesn’t sit well with the apps on your screen.

Talking about unique and uncanny, the next live wallpaper app on this list will intrigue you a bunch. It doesn’t follow the same route as the other minimalist wallpaper apps or not even the one’s that aim at bringing the tiniest bit of details to your phone’s home screen.

The app is powered by AccuWeather which is a great thing since it is one of the most reliable services to choose when it comes to minute-by-minute weather prediction. You also get a behemoth of extra themes if you decide to grab the premium wallpaper app.

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