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Best Weather Lanzarote

Carole Stephens
• Monday, 23 November, 2020
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I’ve been driving the length of the island for 20 years, observing the weather, looking at the outside temperature gauge, and I can tell you there isn’t a pattern. On some days it’s glorious in the north and rubbish in the south, and of course, it can be the opposite.

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But even that can turn around as we have occasional temperature inversions where it’s warmer the higher you go. Play Blanca has the best sunsets It's simply because there are no hills in the way, so you’ll see the sun dip slowly into the ocean at the end of the day.

Instead, pick the one that suits your needs, and rest assured that wherever you are in Lanzarote, you’re likely to get great weather for most of your stay. Frequently called 'Islands of Eternal Spring', the Canaries have warm and sunny weather all year round, with temperatures rarely under 16ºC (61ºF) in winter and 25ºC (77ºF) in summer.

There is absolutely no doubt that Lanzarote is a holiday hotspot, attracting visitors from around the world looking to escape from the cold days and gray skies of home... and you could be among them enjoying some time in the sunshine. Unlike most of the other Canary Islands, Lanzarote does not have any high mountains (the highest being around 2,198 ft (670 meters), which means there are very few clouds that provide a natural barrier, lower evaporation and a reasonable humidity level.

Feeling the warm sun on your face, walking under blue skies and cooling off in the ocean sounds fantastic, doesn’t it? However, the weather is much less extreme than that of North Africa because of two factors: the northeasterly trade wind and the Canary Current.

When the wind swings south and crosses the Sahara first, it brings completely different weather : the 'Colima', often carrying fine sand. When this happens, temperatures and humidity rise dramatically and the sand can reduce visibility and give some people breathing problems.

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It flows south-east along the African coast and gives the islands cooler bathing waters and clearer skies than the surrounding seas. Europeans rightly think of it as a winter sunshine destination, but it is even more sunny in the summer, with pleasant breezes and ocean currents which take the edge off the hottest days.

It is one of the warmest resorts that is easily accessible from the UK in winter, both in terms of distance and cost, so it is with good reason that holiday flights to Lanzarote carry on flying throughout the year. Although there is more cloud in winter than in summer, southern and western resorts often enjoy warm, cloudless days at any time of year.

Spring is perhaps less obvious as a separate season here than in some places, due to the warm temperatures and dry weather all year round. April is ideal for an Easter beach holiday in Lanzarote, but you might want to bring some warmer clothes for those evening outdoor cocktails as temperatures quickly cool to an average of 14 °C.

There's very little cloud and rainfall, but if the “Colima” is blowing from the east (fairly unusual) it can quickly become a drought with temperatures as high as 40 °C. It is the windiest month, and you’ll probably enjoy the brisk warm breeze taking the edge off the temperatures.

The sea temperature is higher than 20 °C, and it remains pleasant enough to bathe or enjoy water sports all year round. Two mountain ranges interrupt the flow of the north easterlies across the island, making sure most of the rain falls before it reaches the west and south.

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Far underground there is still some volcanic activity, as demonstrated by pouring water down into the ground and seeing it jet back up in geyser form. With the kids on school break, many families from the UK, Spain and all over Europe, head over to Lanzarote for their sunny holiday.

This means that during the months of July and August Lanzarote becomes quite crowded and prices to tend to rise by quite a bit, so if you plan to visit during this time, you should book in advance as there may not be lots of last minute offers available. Actually, the wind is pretty much present all year round on the island, but you can feel it more during the summer months when it's very warm outside.

September and October are great months to come to Lanzarote, as it's still very warm, the water has a pleasant temperature and it tends to be less crowded, as families with kids return to their homeland as soon as the school year starts. As a personal preference, I love Lanzarote in September, while it still feels like proper summer, but without all the disadvantages: temperatures over the top, crowded beaches and higher accommodation prices.

Christmas in Lanzarote is another good time to visit the island and you can participate in the famous Santa Parade in Puerto del Carmen. The atmosphere in Lanzarote may differ according to seasons and type of visitors present at each time, but there's no doubt that you'll always find here an island with lovely weather, mostly sunny days and beautiful beaches to relax and enjoy your hard-earned holiday.

The weather is good on the island of Lanzarote throughout the year The weather is good all year in Recife On average, the warmest months in Recife are June, July, August, September and October The cities with the best climate are Recife, Puerto del Carmen, Te guise, Costa Te guise, Play Blanca, Play Honda, Junta Murals, Harriet, Cal eta de Famara and Maria, with good weather at least 11 months a year The best months for swimming in Puerto del Carmen are July, August, September, October and November *weather varies across the country ; please check out the Where to go section below.

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The best months to go to Recife are January, February, march, April, may, June, July, august, September, October, November and December. The best months to go to Puerto del Carmen are January, February, march, April, may, June, July, august, September, October, November and December.

The best months to go to Te guise are January, February, march, April, may, June, July, august, September, October, November and December. The best months to go to Costa Te guise are January, February, march, April, may, June, July, august, September, October, November and December.

The best months to go to Play Blanca are January, February, march, April, may, June, July, august, September, October, November and December. The best months to go to Play Honda are January, February, march, April, may, June, July, august, September, October, November and December.

On these 3 graphs, we present the evolution of temperatures of Lanzarote and month-by-month rainfall for the cities of Recife, Puerto del Carmen, Te guise, Costa Te guise and Play Blanca, as well as the month-by-month sea temperature for coastal cities. Climate data for Lanzarote has been gathered every day since January 2009.

The analysis of these meteorological data for Lanzarote allows us to determine the average for each month in Recife, Puerto del Carmen, Te guise, Costa Te guise, Play Blanca, Play Honda, Junta Murals, Harriet, and 10 other cities. So yes : this data is reliable except in cases of temporary climate disruption in the region.

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Winter in Europe usually means low temperatures and snow, depending on the country that you're planning to visit. By the time December is here, most European cities are busy organizing Christmas Markets where visitors come to drink hot mulled wine in order to warm up.

November might not be the warmest month in Lanzarote throughout the year, but it's definitely sunnier and warmer than the UK and mainland Europe. November is the month when temperatures start to drop and although it's as hot as it was during summer, the weather in Gran Canaria is still much great compared to what people living in continental Europe are getting.

October is still a warm month, plenty of good weather and it's not as busy as in summer, except for when kids get their half-term holiday and families come over for a quick sunny break. Although temperatures start to drop and the chances of rain increase towards the end of the month, the sea is still at its warmest and the midday sun is perfect for lounging on the beach.

Hemet, the State Meteorological Agency in Spain, has issued a warning for extreme heat tomorrow in the following Canary Islands: Fuerteventura, Lanzarote and Gran Canaria. The island also get much quieter after the first half of the month, when most families with children have returned home for the start of the school year.

September is a great month to visit Gran Canaria: it is still hot, rain is unusual and the island gets less crowded after the school starts in most European countries. October is one of the more quiet months in Fuerteventura, except for the time period when the children in the UK are on their autumn half-term holiday.

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October is a relatively peaceful and quiet month in Lanzarote, apart from the week during the midterm holidays, when prices also go up considerably. In November, when the weather starts to get cold almost all over Europe, the Canary Islands still enjoy a mild climate, with temperatures above 20 °C, long sunny days and water warm enough for swimming in the ocean.

That prize is reserved for August, which is the hottest month in Lanzarote, but July is not so far behind in terms of high temperatures and sunshine hours. There's no doubt about it: summer in Gran Canaria is HOT and July is one of the most popular months for family holidays.

Although the Canary Islands might not be your first choice for a summer trip, Gran Canaria has so much to offer all year round, that you shouldn't discard it when looking for the right destination for your next family holiday. It's a good thing the trade winds make their presence felt, as otherwise, it would simply be unbearably hot during the afternoon.

In 2020, due to the coronavirus pandemic, it is highly unlikely that anyone will be able to travel to Fuerteventura for a June holiday since most flights are currently suspended until further notice. June comes with a significant increase in temperatures in Gran Canaria, which are also accompanied by the trade winds which are characteristic for the summer months in the Canaries.

April is somewhat of a transition month in Gran Canaria: the weather is starting to really warm up and the amount of rain the island sees drops by half compared to March. April 2020 was not a good month for tourism in Gran Canaria, since Spain went on lockdown due to the spread of Covid-19 and so hotels and all tourist establishments were closed.

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Although the weather in Gran Canaria is mild and sunny all year round, May is when the temperatures really start to rise and you know that summer is almost here. May is a good month to visit Tenerife if you are looking for a warm and peaceful holiday before the school year ends.

The island starts blooming and the weather is perfect for sunbathing without being too overly hot that you have to hide from the scorching sun. If you're looking for a warm and sunny spot for a holiday, the Canary Islands are usually the perfect choice no matter the time of the year.

May starts to feel like proper summer in Lanzarote, the UV index is already at high levels and the warm weather is just perfect for a lazy day in the sun, followed by a dip in the sea. By the time May gets to Fuerteventura, the weather is starting to really warm up and temperatures are really nice to enjoy long days on the beach or by the pool, with a beer or a cocktail in hand.

If you're thinking of visiting Lanzarote during winter, you may be wondering if it ever snows on the island and what type of weather you can expect? Just like during the rest of the year, the weather in the Canary Islands in April is usually sunny and warm, ideal for outdoor activities like sunbathing, walking or hiking.

March is still a cold month pretty much all over Europe, so we understand that you're looking for a warm place to holiday at this time of year. And Tenerife is one of those great places where the weather is comfortably warm and the days are sunny, allowing for sunbathing during the month of March.

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Although even winter is warm in Fuerteventura, the month of March marks the beginning of spring, and so the weather can be sometimes tricky and moody (just like people are when they are going through some big changes). Although March marks the beginning of spring, in most places in Europe it's still a cold month, with low temperatures and even snowfall.

April is usually a quiet month in the Canaries, although the weather is warm and pleasant, with temperatures ideal for long walks and hikes around the mountains and the coast. The first month of spring is usually still cold in most countries on the European continent, but in the Canaries it's much warmer and better, since the winters are also milder and characterized by pleasant temperatures.

While Europe is still struggling with the harsh winter weather, La Camera and the rest of the Canary Islands are usually basking in the sun, enjoying one of the best climates in the Northern Hemisphere at this time of the year. February can be one of the worst winter months on the European continent but in the Canaries, the weather is still sunny and warm most of the time, which is why traveling here might be just the thing you need.

No matter the season, Lanzarote is blessed with a mild climate, which makes visitors fall in love with both its beauty and its warm weather. Since the weather is warm and pleasant in Gran Canaria in January, the island gets busy at this time of year with tourists who come here to escape the hard winter back home.

We will say it from the start: Gran Canaria is an excellent destination for the winter holidays if you love warm weather and sunny skies! The month of October can be a tricky one in terms of weather in Gran Canaria and in the Canary Islands in general.

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It's when the transition from summer temperatures to autumn starts and it may rain a bit and you may also get some cloudy days, but in general, the weather will still be warm enough to suntan and also swim in the ocean. We're all looking to escape the cold winter weather and for many people in Europe, Tenerife is one of the top choices for a winter holiday: it's part of the EU, it's well-connected via low-cost flights, the weather is warm enough that you can get a tan and let's not forget the good food and cheap beer.

May is as good of a time to visit La Palma as ever, with temperatures going up as the month progresses, but still at a very comfortable level, ideal for long walks and hikes. Although it marks the start of spring, March can still be a cold month all over Europe and many countries still get a lot of snow at this time of the year.

This is not the case in the Canary Islands, as the weather slowly starts to warm up and the rain chances drop. With winter slowly approaching the Northern Hemisphere of the planet, La Palma in the Canary Islands seems like a nice and pleasant destination for November, as well as the following months.

The Canary Islands are a popular holiday destination, especially for Brits and Europeans in general, who are looking for a sunny place where they can escape the cold weather back home in winter. Gran Canaria is the second largest of the Canary Islands in terms of population and tourism, especially among visitors from European countries like the UK, Germany, Poland and all of Scandinavia. The island is filled with lovely beaches and also offers a diverse landscape, with many things to do for those visitors who wish to explore its best sights and attractions.

And what better month than December to feel the holiday's spirit in Playa del Singles and Palomas, on the gorgeous island of Gran Canaria? Gran Canaria enjoys a great weather all year round and Palomas is located right in the south of the island, where the climate is the most favorable even in winter and spring.

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August comes with full on summer temperatures, very low chances of rain and long sunshine hours all over the island. Tenerife embraces the summer weather in August and attracts the crowds that are looking for a hot place in the sun, where they can sunbathe and swim all day long without having to worry about rain.

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