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Best Weather Krabi

Brent Mccoy
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TransferWise TUI VRB Love Holidays The best time to go guide for Arab, Thailand shows long term monthly weather averages processed from data supplied by CPU (University of East Anglia) & the Met Office.

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Below is the hottest it usually gets at popular destinations in Thailand. Select a destination to see the best time to go based on your preferred weather.

*affiliate links : find out how we are funded and why this helps us remain free to use. The Thai New Year (Sonoran) occurs on April 13th and everyone sprinkles (or throws) cool water on each other.

Locals enjoy June, July and August, since the weather is usually fine and favorite haunts remain uncrowded. Rain coats and umbrellas are mandatory during September and October, the wettest months of the year.

One consolation is that hotel rates are really on the low side; and the beaches, outdoor restaurants and streets are uncrowded. On the bright side, even at this time of year you still can expect long intervals of sunshine between two showers.

While the weather is humid, the prices are at an all-time low, making this one of the cheapest seasons to plan a trip. The wettest months are May, September and October, but continuous days of heavy rainfall are rare.

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The links on the website are in affiliation with Amazon Associates worldwide, and we earn a small commission for qualifying purchases. While there are tons of places on the planet, Arab, a breath-taking province in Thailand should be part of your South East Asia travel itinerary.

If you are looking for numerous activities, interesting locals and adventurous cuisine, Arab is a sure bet. There’s no last-minute planning here; if you want to travel during this window, you have to make sure all bookings are prepared well in advance.

Flights to Thailand are more expensive, and accommodation prices are through the roof during this period. Cons The seas can be unpredictably rough making movement to other islands almost impossible.

You’ll find it smack on the west coast of the south of Thailand, lying off Phuket’s east, in the Andaman Sea. Interestingly, by road, the province is less than a thousand kilometers south of Bangkok.

Some of the countries most beautiful beaches and islands are found in Arab, making tourism its most significant industry. The tourism industry in Thailand invests heavily in keeping the natural endowment alive.

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Based on that alone, you have made an excellent choice if you’ve decided to spend some time in Arab. It’ll also interest you to know that all these happenings never reduced the number of tourists pouring yearly.

These two seasons often bring up one question about the beautiful province; when is the best time to visit Arab ? The seasons typically determine when tourists want to visit since most people prefer low or zero rainfall when they are relaxing.

The active periods are the peak season when prices of commodities soar, and accommodation becomes hard to find. It goes without saying; if you enjoy a little of isolation, you should avoid the year’s busy peak tourist season.

Unarguably, the best time to visit Arab is when you can enjoy the dryness, sunny weather, and extreme temperatures. Here’s a tip, if you want to avoid the crowd, yet enjoy the beautiful warm weather, it’s best to fix your visit around the end of January and March.

This way, you’ll avoid the rush at the start of December to early January. So, if you don’t mind trading-off the pleasant temperatures, then April is also a great time to visit Arab.

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You’ll enjoy all the quietness in addition to good accommodation deals. As we mentioned, Arab has a tropical climate, so the entire rainfall season (May to October) is frequently interrupted by sunshine periods.

Then, between May and October, the island is visited by monsoon winds, which hit first around June. The Monsoon wind cools its jet around July and August, but the rainfall is still very present.

Because the clouds are slightly more transparent during this period, some tourist activities are still visible but very few. Keep it in mind that in Arab, temperatures could fly high during the rainy season.

The highest temperature recorded during the rainfall periods was 38° C in May, July, and August. Often, April is the hottest month of the year, accompanied by increasing humidity.

If you don’t mind the April heat, the Sonoran festival is another reason to visit Arab. 13th to 15th of April is the lunar year in Thailand’s calendar, and it’s celebrated all over the country.

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The festival involves many activities, but the highlight that most tourists engage in is the mass water battle. If you are lucky enough, you could be sipping margarita alone on the beach, as if you rented the entire space.

Furthermore, you’ll find that locals are much friendlier during periods of low tourist presence. Image Credit: Daria StevstovaNaturally, it’s going to be busy and crowded during high season.

Examples of high activity spots include the beach, beauty spots, Malay Was on the four Islands, and Maya Bay located at the Phi Phi Islands. Another area in Arab that’ll catch tourist attention is Pod Island.

It’ll interest you to know that all the beaches in Arab are part of the National Park; as such, you won’t stumble on any private property. Aside from islands, beaches, and fantastic scenery, the Andaman Sea festival will also catch your attention if you arrive early enough in November.

That’s not all; if you are planning to arrive towards the tail end of the tourist season, i.e., in March, then you’ll have the chance to witness the Laanta-Lanta Festival. While there are so many activities in December, you could have a great time if you plan to visit in late January and March.

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This way, you’ll avoid the crowd of the entire peak tourist season (i.e., December-early January). Not only is it cheaper, but you’ll also enjoy the island more if you like peace and a little of isolation.

Choosing when to visit Arab in Thailand can turn into a difficult moment especially for first-timers due to the changing seasons that can make or break the holidays, as well as the big number of events all year round. We wrote this guide as the definitive resource you’ll need to understand what are your options and what you can expect from the region regarding the weather, the events, the tourists crowds, and all the little details you’ll have to take into consideration to choose the best time for you to go to Arab.

Arab is located in the south of Thailand on the east coast facing the Andaman Sea and is known for its stunning landscapes and its beautiful beaches. There are palm-tree lined beaches, waterfalls, caves, and tall rock formations, making Arab the ideal location for adventurers.

This period of the year is the most popular time to visit Thailand due to the amazing weather and attractive atmosphere during these months. The weather is perfect for outdoor activities, island hopping, and relaxing on the beach.

Because these months are the most popular, the town can be very busy and desirable accommodation will fill up fast, so remember to book ahead. If you choose to visit during the high season, expect the main beaches and tourist attractions to be quite crowded, and for the prices to be some of the most expensive Arab will see.

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The average temperature reaches 28 degrees Celsius and is complemented by cool breezes. This is the perfect tropical climate for island hopping and spending long days in the sun exploring or relaxing.

The majority of tourists are looking to experience the most perfect vacation weather, so the beaches and the town are usually quite crowded during this time. One popular event to attend during the cool season in Arab is the Chalk PRA Festival.

Some days are accompanied by short thunderstorms which serve as brief relief from the scorching sun and raging heat. The rest of the time the skies are clear, making it the perfect beach weather.

Expect the prices to drop briefly during these months and for the town to be a bit more quiet than usual. This celebration lasts a few days and consists of water fights throughout the city to escape the heat.

The beaches, restaurants, streets, and activities are all uncrowded, making it more intimate and enjoyable. There are still plenty of low season activities and events to enjoy, such as the Arab Vegetarian festival.

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The weather averages in the mid 30 degrees Celsius and the skies are normally clear with very little rain. The weather is perfect for beach days, outdoor exploration, and water sports.

Due to the large number of visitors, the prices rise to their highest during these months and the accommodation often books up quickly. The parade is accompanied by large festivities of food and drink and even taking trips to the PRA Gang Cave to make wishes.

You will be able to find private beaches and snorkeling spots and can spend the whole day exploring the area if you desire. In between the rain, there are large intervals of sunshine, making exploring and enjoying the beautiful scenery still possible.

One benefit of visiting during the low season is the lowest pricing for accommodation, food, and activities. Besides being easy on the wallet, visiting Arab during the low season means you get a more intimate and peaceful look at the town.

Asana Pupa: This is a Theravada Buddhist festival that occurs on the full moon in July. This festival is a great way to observe, participate, and learn about the local religious celebrations.

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There is still a steady stream of visitors, however, if you visit during the shoulder season you will see a more authentic and slow version of Arab. Another benefit of visiting during the shoulder season is experiencing lower prices with hot tropical weather and very little chance of becoming rained out.

There are full days of climbing competition, and fire shows on the beach at night. The markets in Arab are filled with souvenirs, handicrafts, and gifts during the tourist peak months.

You will get to enjoy amazing tropical weather along with a slower more intimate experience of Arab. The slower tourism industry means your accommodation will be less pricey and the beaches and other attractions will be less crowded which leads to more pleasant experience overall.

Many cultural events occur during the low season such as Asana Pupa or even the Queen’s birthday. During any rainy day, you can easily make time to explore some indoor places like nearby temples, museums, or cultural centers.

The weather is sunny and bright throughout with an average temperature of 30 degrees Celsius, and very rare and short rain showers. It is a good idea to do island hopping during the high season because the sea and skies will be clear.

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The best time for families with children to visit Arab is during the high season somewhere between November and February. These months offer amazing weather perfect for a family beach vacation.

The best time to explore Arab ’s underwater life by scuba diving is during the cool and dry season. During this high season, the weather is calmest and predictable meaning it provides the best diving conditions.

The water is calm and flat and the visibility is pretty good during these months due to the very little rain. This means it is ideal for there to be nice weather for the process of island hopping before and after your hike.

The skies are usually clear and bright, with only 3 days of rain expected during this month. The rainfall usually comes in short bursts, and the rest of the day is perfect for enjoying the beaches and beautiful surroundings of Arab.

The weather during this month will be the most ideal climate for outdoor exploring and beach days. You should expect there to be large crowds in the main areas and beaches, but it is easy to find private space on any of the nearby islands.

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The weather is ideal for a relaxing day at the beach or any outdoor activities as long as you are prepared for the heat. Be prepared and bring the necessary precautions like sunscreen, a reusable water bottle, and a hat.

You should also expect the prices to take a slight dip when the tourists begin to filter out. There are not many events during March, however you should take advantage of visiting places like the Emerald Pool, or Railway Beach for areas of shade and nice cooling water.

The locals and tourists have water fights all around the town and beaches to escape the heat, and it’s all played in good fun! The beaches, restaurants, and town streets will be very slow and you will rarely have a long wait for anything.

It is easy to find more private spaces and even tours will often be smaller, more intimate groups. There are not many events in the month of May, but this is the perfect time to explore the most popular tourist attractions such as Railway Beach, KOH Hong, or Was That SUA as there will be significantly fewer crowds.

When visiting Arab in June expect for there to be an even share of rain and sunshine, however, this doesn’t mean it will put a damper on your vacation. The monsoon season brings lush green jungle growth and makes everything a bit more beautiful and bright.

If you visit Arab in July, expect to have a good share of rainy days. You will also notice the price drops have gotten to their lowest as accommodation options fight for your business.

You will find yourself in a more authentic and chill atmosphere if you visit Arab during the low season. The rain picks up significantly this month to over half the days predicted to have rainstorms.

As added compensation to visiting in September, you will find accommodation at its low season price. If you visit in November, expect there to be a large influx of travelers as people begin their holiday vacations.

There are famous Low Rating celebrations around Arab during this month, and plenty of tourist attractions to visit. This is one of the most popular months to visit Arab due to the phenomenal weather perfect for island hopping and relaxing on the beach.

Most desirable accommodation options will be booked ahead of time, so try to keep this in mind when planning your trip. Arab is a world-famous destination in the South of Thailand, known for its easy accessibility to nearby islands, famous landscapes, and outdoor activities.

It is a small and quiet town that has a lot to offer for nature lovers and adventurers alike. The months of November through February provide the best weather overall and the best authentic feel of Arab.

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