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Best Weather Koh Samui

Carole Stephens
• Monday, 26 October, 2020
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It offers warm yet bearable temperatures, little rain, calm seas, and light winds. Many vacationers make use of the long summer holiday period in Europe to visit SAMU.

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In July and August, the weather usually follows a repeating pattern: daytime sunshine followed by late afternoon thunderstorms. This is not the best time to come for a beach holiday, neither for scuba diving, as visibility is reduced by around 30 per cent.

The upsides of low season in SAMU are that beaches are less crowded, and hotel rates are lower. KohSamui also features a good choice of cool activities to keep you busy on rainy days.

Let me guess: your beach holiday requires KohSamui ’s best time of year: the most sunshine, the least cloud cover and fewest possible drops of rain? For your anecdotal reference, I’ve tried-and-tested every month of KohSamui ’s climate over the past seventeen years.

For statistical precision, I’ve spent quality time with eight years of KohSamuiweather averages and a spreadsheet. Ignore the whingers: Every travel forum has a Barry-from-Blackpool who was dealt some bad luck when he vacationed at a time of year guaranteed to be sunny.

You commit to dates far in advance and this lush corner of the world can offer some dramatic ‘meteorological experiences’. From a covered balcony, or room with a view, tropical storms are amazing.

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November, KohSamui ’s wettest month, sees an average of 489.66 mm/10 inches of rainfall. If you burn easily, avoid the sun, or don’t like to tan, you might love visiting KohSamui in November.

Gauging the sunniest time on KohSamui is more a choose-your-own story of plotting your favorite temperature against the potential for raindrops and cloud cover. If we take ‘sunniest’ to mean ‘least median cloud cover’, then it’s February/March on KohSamui (and the cloudiest time is September/October).

One of the cooler months of the year on KohSamui, with lows dipping to a ‘frigid’ 24.1 °C (75 °F). If you don’t like strong heat, a New Year trip to KohSamui would suit you well.

An average 1 degree Celsius hotter than January, with the lightest rainfall of any month. By averages, March also has the fewest number of rainy days and, correspondingly, the least median cloud cover.

July and August are popular months on KohSamui and for good reason. The differences in temperature and average number of rainy days between these two months are hair-splitting.

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Call me biased, but with fresh SAMU coconuts on offer every day of the year… can there really be a bad time to come? Use The KohSamui Guide to answer all your ‘what ifs’, ‘how to’s’ and ‘where should’, then start planning the many ways you’ll enjoy the sun and rain of any season.

When booking your accommodation (see where to stay on KohSamui), look for outside areas that have covered overhangs (whether a balcony, patio or a restaurant or beach bar elsewhere within the resort). Rain with fresh croissants: Next door, Alcántara Bop hut also offers large, covered balconies and these are a great spot in a rain-storm.

Easily turn yours into a rainy day picnic party: grab an Alcántara golf umbrella, then order fresh croissants from room service. SAMU rainy days never mean cold weather, and you can often enjoy the dramatic atmosphere outside with your beer and a great book (while staying completely dry).

I don’t suggest packing wellies but, if rain is a concern, take a few tips from what to wear in rainy season. Occasionally, strong storms can lead to temporary power outs so keep your Kindle charged and consider packing a wind-up, pocket-sized flashlight/torch.

There’s rainy season, which can offer an astonishing volume of rainfall over a period of weeks. If nothing but sunshine is important, learn which are KohSamui ’s sunniest months (above).

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When the skies properly let loose, KohSamui ’s rain is easily described with a Forrest Gump quote. Take cover in a charming beach restaurant, a palm-thatched sale or an outdoor living room and enjoy the show.

Tropical plants become greener than possible, and you can easily conjure some Robinson Crusoe elemental adventure. KohSamui is a very hilly island (you’d generously call it mountainous) and has very localized microclimates.

As such, visitors staying at one beach might experience a week of perfect sun, while those a few bays oversee frequent thunderstorms. Outside rainy season and days of determined ‘wet weather systems’ there’s every chance you could simply rent a car and drive elsewhere to find blue sky.

KohSamui will easily provide the beach holiday you’re dreaming of and, with a little preparation and sense of adventure, you can enjoy its soggy sideshow in equal measure. Find more ‘glass half full’ honesty and insight in The KohSamui Guide.

TransferWise TUI VRB Love Holidays The best time to go guide for KO SAMU, Thailand shows long term monthly weather averages processed from data supplied by CPU (University of East Anglia) & the Met Office.

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Below is the hottest it usually gets at popular destinations in Thailand. Select a destination to see the best time to go based on your preferred weather.

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