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Best Weather Jamaica

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But if you want to save some money and avoid crowds, don't plan your vacation for this time of year. Given the mist, the golf courses and beaches are relatively quiet, and hotels offer incentives to visit in spring.

July-October Flights and room rates are at their lowest at this time of year since these months fall within hurricane season (in the past, Jamaica has experienced the brunt of hurricane season in late August and early September). Tourism volume is estimated based on in-market destination search query interest from Google and on in 2015-2016.

These months fall under the shoulder season and avoid peak crowds, so lots of deals on hotels, airfare, and facilities are available. Peak tourist season also means services are all up and running, beaches are packed, and prices are high.

The best time to visit Jamaica to avoid this tourist rush and high prices but still reap the benefits of all services and the weather being great is from November to mid-December, just before the peak season begins. At certain hotels and resorts, think about booking a year ahead for the Christmas holidays or Spring Break between February and March.

In contrast, between January and March, room rates can spike to more than $700 per night at some hotels, so do not rely on last-minute specials if visiting then. Trade winds on the north coast keep things cool and comfortable, especially for hiking in the Blue Mountains and sleeping at night.

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The water visibility is slightly better during these winter months due to less rain, resulting in ideal conditions for underwater activities like snorkeling and scuba diving. The Best Time to Visit Jamaica to Party : The majority of cultural festivals occur during the first half of the year.

Though the falls are open year-round, if you want to avoid the crowds, visit during the low season, June through November. On days when cruise ships do not enter the port, the best time to visit is between 8 am and 4 pm.

There’s even a course that made a cameo appearance in the James Bond movie “Live and Let Die”. Otherwise, the best time to visit Jamaica for a golfing holiday with the best, most reliable weather is during the peak winter season, mid-December to mid-April.

Whether you are looking for a beach holiday or an adventure-filled honeymoon, prefer quiet or liveliness, want luxury, or are on a tight budget, Jamaica has options for everyone. The dry season is a great time for getting out and exploring as the rain is less likely to ruin your plans.

The low season is a good time to go if you like hot temperatures and you don’t mind the risk of rain. Keeping all of this in mind, April to May and November to early December are the best times for a honeymoon if you are not set on a specific date but appreciate fewer crowds and lower prices.

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The island sees an influx of tourists from around the world amid fleeing cold north winds, so hotels charge their highest prices. If visiting during the high season, book at least 3 months in advance to ensure accommodations and tours are available.

From mid-April to May, the weather is amazing and crowds taper off after peak season, giving you space to relax, unwind, and soak up the sun. November to mid-December also sees great weather at the end of the rainy season, hotels are wrapping up renovations, services are in full swing, and the beaches and resorts are less crowded as peak season hasn’t started yet.

Jamaican hoteliers save their serious repairs and major renovations for the low season. Winter months are warm and dry, summers are hot and humid, while fall and spring tend to be a combination of everything with an increased amount of rain.

Mont ego Bay, Neil, Kingston, and Echo Rios all experience the coldest temperatures in January and the hottest in June-July. The hurricane season officially runs from June 1st to November 30th, peaking in August and September.

The majority of tourist resorts are found in the north and west as the trade winds temper the heat, so it never gets too hot. You might need to pack a light jacket or shawl for cooler evenings but make sure to also bring your swimsuit, t-shirts, dresses, shorts, sunglasses, and sunscreen.

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Pack as you would for January and add extra bathing suits to take advantage of all the underwater activities. With the very warm weather, minimal rain, and longer days, March is one of the most popular months for visitors and especially students coming to party during Spring Break.

The UV index is high, so pack as you would for February and ensure you bring and use lots of sunscreen when you’re out in the sun. The sun shines for 10 hours, bringing more time to enjoy outdoor and water activities especially as the sea remains very comfortable at 27 °C.

April is right before the beginning of one of Jamaica ’s wet seasons, so expect a little more rain, especially around the Blue Mountains. It is important to note that Jamaica rarely sees a full day of rain.

Make sure to bring a waterproof bag and some light rain gear for surprise tropical showers. Despite the increased rainfall, average daily sunshine is 10 hours, leaving plenty of time to enjoy the beach or participate in Jamaica ’s diverse outdoor activities.

Also, make sure to pack sunscreen and sun gear to avoid UV damage. It is also the start of the hurricane season, but chances of a serious storm so early in the year are low and surprisingly, precipitation levels are lower than in May.

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Despite the heat and humidity, the north experiences northeasterly trade winds and short bursts of rain which cool things down along the coast. Pack as you would for May with a mixture of light summer clothing and rain gear along with lots of good sun protection.

The evenings don’t tend to cool down very much with lows of 24 °C, so finding accommodations with air conditioning is a must in July, as is bringing a good wide-brimmed sun hat and high-SPF sunscreen to enjoy the 11 hours of daily sunshine. Some light rain gear or a waterproof bag to protect valuables is also recommended for a few surprise tropical showers.

The number of daily sunshine hours decreases to 10 but UV levels are high, so packing good sun protection and carrying a water bottle during the day to stay hydrated and protected from sun damage is important. Pack as you would for July and try to book accommodations with air conditioning to remain cool and comfortable.

The sea remains balmy and warm as a bath at 29 °C, but with heavy rain expected in September, beach days may not be as consistent as other months. September does get around 10 hours of daily sunshine, so warm, sunny days are possible but packing an umbrella, a light rain jacket, and a waterproof bag is recommended.

Also bring light summer clothing, swimsuits, and waterproof shoes, as well as sun protection as UV rays remain high. With an average daily temperature of 27 °C, evening lows of 23 °C, and 8 hours of sunshine, outdoor activities and beach days are still possible in October, just not guaranteed.

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Pack as you would in September and plan for indoor activities like the Bob Marley Museum and make sure to bring books, games, and other entertainment for the extra rainy days. Pack a variety of summer clothing, swimsuits, some light rain gear like a jacket and waterproof shoes, and sun protection.

Trade winds keep the north coast cool, especially in the evening and at night, so bringing a few warm layers is also recommended. Those who practice Rastafarianism celebrate New Year’s on September 11th as it correlates to the Ethiopian calendar, and they believe Ethiopia to be their spiritual homeland.

Public transit is limited and many businesses remain closed, although some shops and attractions in the main cities like Kingston, Mont ego Bay, and Neil are open. The festival dates back to 1994 and is held at the Grizzlies Plantation Cove near Priory, St. Ann.

It is important to note the festival prohibits the sale and consumption of alcohol and meat; only fish products are allowed. Mont ego Bay hosts an annual concert to celebrate Bob Marley on his birthday.

Ash Wednesday is a public holiday and schools and several businesses are closed, although most shops and attractions in the main cities like Kingston, Mont ego Bay, and Neil remain open. Dates vary by school, but most people on Spring Break come to Jamaica in March.

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Spring Break also includes Jamaica Beach fest in Neil, featuring live music and plenty of alcohol. Though many Caribbean countries do restrict the sale of alcohol over Easter, this ban has been lifted in Jamaica.

Similar in style to the famous Carnival in Trinidad, Carnival in Jamaica shows off Jamaican culture with street parades, a grand costume parade through the streets of Kingston, soda, Raga, calypso music, and dancing. Events attract more than 100,000 guests, locals, and tourists who come to see the big adult parade in Beach J’overt, the Road March, and other main events that are held in Kingston, Neil, and Mont ego Bay.

Individuals, schools, clubs, and other organizations are encouraged to volunteer on Labor Day for improving the environment and inspiring the spirit of community development and the principle of working together. Public transit will be limited and many businesses remain closed, although most shops and attractions in the main cities like Kingston and Neil will be open.

The festival has performances by international and Caribbean jazz musicians as well as family and community events. It is a festive day with locals dressing up, dancing, and waving the Jamaican flag throughout the country.

A Grand Gala is hosted annually on August 6th as well at the National Stadium and showcases Jamaica ’s colorful heritage in the form of song and dance with elaborate costumes. Public transit will be limited and many businesses will remain closed, although most shops and attractions in the main cities like Kingston, Mont ego Bay, and Neil will be open.

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Maroons are descendants of African slaves who escaped capture and hid in the mountains of Jamaica. The festival is an opportunity to experience their traditional foods, Maroon music, and performances of sacred rituals.

There are many special festive events, including musical performances, dancing, cricket and soccer matches, arts and crafts exhibits, agricultural shows, and more. Public transport is limited and many businesses remain closed, although most shops and attractions in the main cities like Kingston and Neil are open.

In 2015, the island’s government amended the Dangerous Drugs Act and legally recognized the sacramental and religious rights of the Rastafarian community to use and possess marijuana. The festival includes an expo for exhibitors, growers, and attendees as well as seminars and reggae concerts.

Christmas Eve festivities include singing and dancing and is one of the biggest days of the year for children. Celebrations at the Gran’ Market are enjoyed well into the morning hours, with some attending Midnight Mass.

On this day, the annual Christmas Show, ‘The Upsides and DE Downsides’ is held by the Little Theater Movement, the longest-running theatrical production company in Jamaica. For dance hall fans, the famous show ‘Sting’ also takes place on Boxing Day.

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The Urban Development Corporation puts on a huge firework display at the harbor in Kingston with approximately 250,000 people gathering to watch. The best spot to view the sensational fireworks display in Kingston is Ocean Boulevard.

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