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Best Weather In Bc

Earl Hamilton
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Toronto, which isn’t particularly known for its great weather, has milder winters compared to the rest of Canada than you might realize, with 264 days per year above 0 °C. Mild winters are the most important factor in our ranking of the cities with the best weather, with seven out of 10 points in the category dedicated to the number of days above 0 °C.

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June 25–July 4, 2021 • eventide the largest music festival in British Columbia with 1800 artists and over half a million jazz fans Early January | 3rd weekend of November • activityThousands of bald eagles can be observed near the lakeside.

November–late April • activityCharming nature, jaw-dropping views, and world-class slopes and trails can be found skiing around Vancouver October–February • footplate autumn and winter bring game meats and tasty seafood on the table.

Salmon Arm is best known as a vacation town, with people flocking there in the summer to take advantage of its stunning natural surroundings and access to trails for horseback riding, mountain biking and hiking. But our data shows the city isn’t just attractive to tourists and kayak instructors.

Salmon Arm is part of the Thompson-Okanagan economic region, whose labor market has seen impressive growth in recent years. The Thompson-Okanagan economy is based on logging, agriculture, manufacturing and the service sector.

Out of the 66 economic regions with cities in our ranking, Thompson-Okanagan saw the eighth-largest year-over-year growth in full time jobs and the fifth-fastest shrinking unemployment rate. People seem to be noticing Salmon Arm’s access to both outdoor living and a strong job market, with the town’s population growing 8.7 per cent over five years.

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And if you love B.C.’s weather, water and mountains but can’t stomach the housing prices anywhere near the Vancouver area, the average primary residence in Salmon Arm is just $429,000. If great weather is a top priority for you, our ranking puts West Kelowna’s at the fourth best in the country, with 124 days out of the year with temperatures above 20 C. It’s part of the same booming Thompson-Okanagan economic region as Salmon Arm.

It boasts Canada’s 14th-lowest annual property tax bill at $1,141, with residents paying an average of just 1.3 per cent of their incomes in property tax. Are both on Vancouver Island, boasting natural beauty and great weather despite being markedly less affordable than cities in the province’s interior.

Oak Bay also has the third-highest percentage of the population that bikes to work at 5.2 per cent. Maclean’s Best Communities in Canada ranks 415 cities across the country based on 10 categories: Wealth and economy, affordability, population growth, taxes, commute, crime, weather, access to health care, amenities and culture.

B.C.’s coastal regions have the mildest winters in all of Canada, and temperatures rarely drop below freezing. The interior and central regions of the province have hotter summers, with temperatures in July often reaching 30 °C or more.

In the north, winters are long and cold with lots of snow, and summers are short. Along the north coast, there is a lot of rain in the spring, summer and fall, and the winters are cold.


In the warmer months, many people like to bike, hike, swim, play sports or get out in a boat. In the winter months, in areas that have snow, people enjoy skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing and skating.

While chilly Canadian winters can be a lot of fun (think ice-skating on frozen canals, skiing down snowy mountains, or watching the Northern Lights dance in the winter sky), not everyone is willing to brave the frigid temperatures of the Great White North. There's a clear theme to the destinations on this list: most of them are located in Canada's westernmost province, British Columbia.

There's a reason so many people choose to retire to Victoria and other beautiful places on Vancouver Island : the gloriously mild winters make it pleasant to enjoy a stroll outside year-round. You can still experience winter activities in Victoria, like ice-skating, Christmas light tours, and a cozy cup of tea.

If you want to escape the cold but prefer not to get caught in the rain, check out Kelowna, British Columbia. In the summer, this is a popular destination for travelers: the weather is hot, and the lake is perfect for just about every water activity you can imagine.

If you've got your heart set on visiting Canada's beautiful East Coast in the winter, the warmest city to travel to is Halifax, the capital of Nova Scotia. Situated on the shores of the Atlantic, Halifax experiences milder winters than the province's inland towns and cities.

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A side benefit of visiting Halifax in the winter is that all of its attractions are significantly less busy than in the touristy summer months. With a name like the Sunshine Coast, it's easy to understand the appeal of this region of southern British Columbia.

If you're not afraid of a little rain, then you'll enjoy spending your days exploring trails, checking out waterfalls, or strolling by the beaches. If you're visiting Vancouver in the winter and are desperate for a break from the gray skies and rainy weather, keep your eye on the forecast in White Rock.

Then, grab a long lunch at one of the many restaurants overlooking the ocean before heading back up to Vancouver. White Rock is the perfect way to get a much-needed dose of vitamin D in the middle of winter.

When it comes to weather, St. John's, Newfoundland, is known for a few different things: it is the #1 windiest, foggiest, and cloudiest city in Canada. Winter temperatures are only slightly colder than Kelowna, BC (another mild city featured earlier on this list).

Signal Hill and Cape Spear offer unique vantage points for taking in the beauty of the coast. When you're ready to dry off, head to downtown St. John's and check out the local shops, stopping for a coffee or tea to warm up.


You can easily fill a day exploring The Rooms, a stunning museum celebrating Newfoundland's rich history and impressive artists. As the province's second sunniest city, Balloons experiences plenty of bluebird days, even in the dead of winter.

Challenge yourself physically at the indoor rock climbing gym trampoline park, or give your brain a workout by trying to solve an escape room. But Toronto has the distinction of placing fourth in the list of longest frost-free seasons of all the cities in Canada.

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