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Best Weather Hawaii February

Christina Perez
• Thursday, 05 November, 2020
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Of course, it’s never the wrong time to visit the islands, but February offers many events and good weather to help make your Hawaii travels even better. It can get colder at higher elevations, and certain areas, such as Volcano on the Big Island or Korea on Kauai, can also become chillier in the evenings.

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If you are visiting the taller volcanoes, it would be wise to wear a light jacket and even pants as it can be cold when you reach the summit. If you are worried about rain, a good rule of thumb is to stick to the leeward side of the islands.

In February, rain showers often occur overnight, which brings you slightly overcast mornings and sunny afternoons and evenings. In the tropics, it's always a good idea to be prepared for little rain shower bursts that can last about 10 minutes.

Hawaii Costs in February Avoiding a stay on Valentine’s Day will not only help you elude crowds but also higher hotel rates. Valentine’s Day hotel rates tend to be slightly higher than the rest of February.

However, in general, February is not a bad time of year to visit with rates staying close to the annual average of around $250 per night. Enter your trip dates to search Hawaii vacation packages, hotels, flights, and car rentals.

If this is something you want to see, the whales tend to hang out around Maui, Hawaii's Big Island, Lanai, and Molokai. Many tourists are surprised that the Big Island celebrates cherry blossom season in early February.

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It takes place in mid- February in Kauai, and you can enjoy an old-school style fair with music as the main focus. Surfing tournament season continues into February in Oahu as the island’s “big waves” churn up excitement on the north shores.

Other than a slightly higher chance of rain, February can be the perfect time for your Hawaiian stay. Fewer crowds, exciting whale watching, and reasonable rates all add to the attraction of the islands at this time of year.

Here, check out the weather forecast for February for most popular cities in Hawaii. These predictions are probabilities for the month of February from weather reports for over 10 years.

Warning in February the weather varied depending on the city and regions of the country. On the month of February the weather is perfect in Hawaii, but partially because it concerns only the cities of Maui, Keyhole, Lanai and Molokai.

Around these cities, all the conditions are met for savor fully your holidays: the sun is here, precipitations are scarce and the humidity is not too high. Apart from of Maui, Keyhole, Lanai and Molokai, the weather is good in island of Hawaii (Big Island), Nisha, Oahu (Honolulu) and Kauai (Garden Isle).

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With barely 0.8in over 3 days, the rain will not be a problem during your trip. With ideal weather conditions, February is a recommended month to go in that area in Hawaii. January February March Average temperature74 °F 74 °F 74 °F Highest temperature76 °F 76 °F 76 °F Lowest temperature74 °F 72 °F 72 °F Sea temperature77 °F 77 °F 77 °F Rainfall0.6in 0.8in 0.9in Number of days with rainfall3 day(s)(11%) 3 day(s) (12%)4 day(s)(14%) Humidity77% 78% Daily sunshine hours11 11 11 Cloud cover23% 26% 30% Length of day11:01 11:29 12:02 Our opinion at perfectperfectperfect more information about the climate in Keyhole in February See full list of cities (48) Weather data for Hawaii in February : Weather data for Hawaii in February is derived from an average of the weather forecast since 2009 in Hawaii.

You can enjoy huge shopping malls or explore the endless activities in the nature. On the big island of Hawaii, for example, you may sunbathe at the beach and swim in the ocean even during winter months (November until February).

Maui offers a huge amount of unforgettable experiences from its famous beaches to the mountain Haleakala. From active volcanoes to coffee farms, beautiful beaches and a rich history you will not get bored.

To some degree it depends on your preferences, but factors to consider include the weather, cost, ocean conditions, availability of seasonal activities, crowds, and which island you’re visiting. Average temperatures at sea level only fluctuate by about 6 degrees between summer and winter.

In the summer this isn’t something you need to think about, but some areas of Hawaii do get a lot of rain in the winter. Popular choices include Waikiki, South and West Maui, the Big Island’s Koala coast, and Point on Kauai.

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Ocean temperatures have peaked at around 81 degrees. JulyPerfect. AugustPerfect but a little hot in the driest areas. MayAlmost perfect, but a chance of rain here and there. OctoberGood, but possibility of early winter rainfall. Unheated swimming pools can get cold. NovemberOften the wettest month in some areas. MarchCan be nice, but prone to heavy rainstorms.

For more information see our Hawaii rainfall guide which includes charts for different towns. The cheapest months to visit Hawaii are April, May, September, October, November and the first 2 weeks of December.

Our directory features the best legally licensed Hawaii vacation rentals, so start by searching our site, or feel free to contact us, and we can help you find a place at your budget. Do not jeopardize your vacation and be tempted by the plethora of illegal rentals in Hawaii, found on sites like Airbnb.

Hawaii timeshare rentals offer amenities like full kitchens, multiple bathrooms, mesmerizing ocean views, and up to 6 bedrooms. Units can be found within Hawaiian resorts like the Disney Fulani in Cupola and Marriott's Maui Ocean Club in Lamina.

To find a Hawaii timeshare rental, we recommend browsing the popular by-owner marketplace Most people wouldn’t consider Hawaii “crowded”, particularly compared to many popular destinations.

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Oahu, Maui and Kauai are similar in size but the populations and amount of developed land vary considerably. From December 22 – January 1st almost all Hotels are at 100% occupancy and the congestion will be noticeable at all the popular resort areas.

The best region to visit for a quieter holiday during this period is Kauai’s north shore. The following chart shows the average number of tourists in Hawaii on any given day.

The numbers are based on visitor data from 1990 to 2012, so they are lower than today’s averages, but they still give you an idea of how each month compares to the next. The character of the ocean changes dramatically in the winter as far away storms in the Northern Hemisphere generate powerful waves that eventually hit Hawaii ’s north facing coasts.

This is an exciting time for surfers but the waves also make most north shore beaches too rough for swimming during big swells. The surf can also “wrap around” the coast and affect west and east facing beaches.

Several interesting beaches that are usually safe to swim at in the summer become too dangerous in the winter (except on calm days). Oahu’s famed north shore beaches don’t see as many tourists with Waikiki about an hour’s drive away.

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Surf contests are held at locations like Aimed Bay and Sunset beach, and on days when the surf exceeds 25ft many make the drive north to view the awesome power of the sea. Perhaps half a dozen of these huge swells hit Hawaiian shores every winter.

In conclusion, surfers will be drawn to Hawaii during the winter while snorkelers will find more options in the summer. April and May can be excellent months for surfing as more stable weather settles in, water temperatures increase, and wave sizes become more suitable for recreational surfers.

A few excellent beaches, especially on Kauai, will be off limits for swimming during high surf winter days. Serious photographers who want to capture ocean and beach scenes will prefer the summer months.

The increased luminosity during the summer, calmer ocean conditions with less runoff from streams and rivers, and additional vegetation all make for stunning photos. With the resumption of school the summer crowds have departed, and accommodations return to low season rates.

In this regard, if you want to learn how to surf or enjoy boogie boarding, May would be preferred over September. Technically speaking June experiences the best weather of the year with the lowest amounts of rainfall.

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Depending on school schedules, the summer crowds don’t arrive until the second or third week of the month. The summer is also a wonderful time to visit Hawaii, especially if you love the ocean.

Surf’s up on the south shore and many uncrowded beaches that were too rough during the winter are open for swimming and snorkeling. Despite how warm Hawaii is all year, as April rolls around one can “feel” that winter has ended.

The sun is brighter (the zenith is in both May and July), flowers are blossoming, and the humpback whales are slowly starting to depart. The ocean is still on the cool side, but there’s a lot of fun to be had snorkeling, surfing, boogie boarding and swimming.

The ocean is warm, there’s plenty of sunshine to go around, crowds are minimal and low season prices are in effect. If you want a winter vacation in Hawaii, the beginning of December is the best time to visit.

On the one hand the ocean is a couple degrees warmer in January and it’s slightly less busy (except New Year’s week). A nice aspect of Hawaii ’s winter climate is a decrease in trade winds, and on some days they reverse or completely stop (a rarity during the summer).

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The key to vacationing during these two months is to stay for at least 2 weeks thereby increasing your odds of getting “average” weather which should include plenty of sunny days. Also, looking at our weather guide you’ll notice areas that receive very little rainfall even in November and March.

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