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Best Weather Girl

Christina Perez
• Sunday, 20 December, 2020
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Even when the forecast is for rain or depressing conditions, an attractive meteorologist can make the prediction look like a sunny day. A computer model is created using current atmospheric conditions and physics equations that predict how the weather changes over time.

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The Mexican meteorologist and model frequently posts pictures of herself in the gym, working out with her hardcore exercise routine. Colombian model, T. V presenter, and actress Ximena Córdoba started her career on the reality show Protagonists de Novela and has acted on numerous telenovelas.

Although she experienced a stroke at the age of twenty-four, she recovered, worked for Eyewitness News, and in 2017 began studying for her master’s degree in environmental science. Born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Jackie Guerrero experienced a problematic childhood watching her mother being mistreated by her father.

Maria Urban’s good looks earned her appearances as a reporter in several television shows and films including Ryan's Mystery Playmate, Everybody Hates Chris, Criminal Minds, Bruce Almighty, and Cold Case. But it was her intelligence that gained her a position at the NBC affiliate HNL in Honolulu after studying journalism at the University of Hawaii.

Formerly the weather anchor for CNN's early morning program “New Day,” she is currently a meteorologist at NBC News. Sheena reported the events when Hurricane Sandy made landfall at the Jersey Shore, and she covered the blizzard of 2016 that demanded round the clock coverage for several days.

China (short for Conceit) Craft lights up the screen as a meteorologist on Thou 11 News This Morning in Houston, but sports might be her passion. Inspired by the coverage she watched of Hurricane Andrew in 1992, Sabrina chose to study Meteorology and Climatology at the University of Miami.

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After working for television stations in Springfield, Missouri, and Lubbock, Texas, she returned to roots and now reports the weather at San Diego 6 News. Gabriela Brecht is a popular TV personality in her native Italy, where she has appeared in chat shows, sports programs, and commercials.

Favored by millions of male viewers who habitually tune in to watch her evening forecasts, she is famous for wearing skimpy outfits. Born in Texas to a Mexican mother and a father from Alabama, blonde beauty Cristina Blackwell’s fluency in both English and Spanish has opened doors for her.

She is a professionally trained chef, having spent a year and a half in Paris attending culinary institute, LE London Blue. Cristina has worked for the Univision Network and Kens-TV 5 Eyewitness News delivering weather forecasts in both languages.

Evelyn has lived in both France and London, spent a significant amount of time in Israel, and traveled throughout Central and South America, Asia, and Europe. While many of the attractive weather girls on our list could easily pursue a career as models, Niece Lopez actually did, right after graduating from high school.

However, the model from Mexico made a career change in 2012, becoming a weather anchor for Las Notices Televise Monterrey. She entered the Swimsuit USA International competition competing against 70 other girls from all over the world and finished in the top ten.

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The bilingual weather anchor from Texas is currently employed by KZ TV Action 10 News in Corpus Christi. Filipino-American newscaster, Elite Loretta, began her broadcasting career as a news associate for KBS in Los Angeles.

While working at SVN, Elite was featured in the October 2006 issue of FHM magazine when she won the title “America's Sexiest Newscaster” in an online reader’s vote. Mexico is famous for tequila and other products such as manufactured goods, electronics, vehicles and auto parts, but it also produces beautiful women (actress Alma Hayek, for example).

Although she became internationally famous with a viral video of her wardrobe malfunction during a live on-air broadcast, she should be recognized more for her beauty and her presenting skills. Maria Timber is hardly your average weathergirl who offers only glamorous looks when she delivers the weather forecast.

Born in Nicaragua and growing up in South Florida, her experiences living in an area that faces hurricanes regularly inspired her to pursue a career as a meteorologist. Another attractive weather reporter and journalist from Mexico, Latvia Carrillo, got her professional start as a host for the Spanish sports program, Televise Deported.

Jennifer struggled for a long time with brain cancer, but fortunately, she overcame the challenge and returned to the industry. Currently, working at WBAL-TV for the Tampa and St. Petersburg areas, Shay has covered hurricanes, severe storms, heat waves, and floods, during her illustrious career.

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While most of the time the weather is usually predictable, it is always great to see the weathergirl as she is normally the most fun and interesting girl on the newscast. Hill is a weathergirl at KZ TV 10, and Telemundo down in the beach town of Corpus Christi.

At number 25, Lenny Ibarra is a really fun WeatherGirl who comes from the great city of Houston Texas where there is a huge Spanish-speaking population and Ibarra works for one of the main Spanish language Television Networks in Houston. Jimenez is extremely awesome, and she originally comes from south of the border in Mexico, but she moved here when she was a kid.

Ever talented, Welly also works as a presenter on Eurosport Channel, which as you have guessed, covers all sorts of sports in Europe. Coming from the great Californian city of San Diego, we have the sweet Sabrina Fan who is the Chief Meteorologist at CW6 News Channel.

Coming from Mexico we have Maybe Carrasco who is absolutely amazing, and works as a weathergirl in the mountainous city of Monterrey. With that being said, the good people of Monterrey should feel very thankful as she is one of the most down to earth weather girls in the Americas and in the world.

Hailing from paradise, which is also called Hawaii, we have the lovely Maria Urban who currently works as a WeatherGirl for KT TV in the great city of Los Angeles. Parker was the weathergirl for the Weather Channel, but it looks like she is taking a bit of a break right now, and we can expect to see her back in a few months.


With that being said, everyone wants to work in New York City nowadays so it is always a good thing to get a position like that for your career. In the 13th spot we have Jen Cargo who comes from the awesome city of Atlanta Georgia.

Next up, Jackie Johnson comes from the city of Plymouth in Michigan, and she now works for KBS in Los Angeles. Narrowly missing out of the top 10, we have the lovely Jackie Derrida who is originally from the city of San Juan in Puerto Rico.

Guerrero is extremely awesome, and lives in New York City, where she works as a model in addition to being a weathergirl. Coming from Milan Italy, Gabriela Brecht is a super epic weathergirl.

Coming from Hungary, Noemi Goal ticks all the right boxes, including being super smart. Next up, Evelyn Taft has had a pretty interesting life, and has lived in several countries before deciding to become a weathergirl.

While she is originally from the Philippines, Loretta now lives in Houston Texas where she is a weathergirl for Kirk- TV. With that being said she currently works a bit south of Canada right in San Diego California.

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She is one of the most awesome weather girls currently practicing here trade in the United States, but she narrowly misses out on being in the top 3 on our list. Coming from France, Ariane Broodier is one of the most talked about weather girls in the world, and rightfully takes the 3rd spot on this list.

Last but not the least, Alex Wilson is in our opinion the coolest weathergirl currently working in the world today. Wilson is amazing at her job, and she currently works for the Weather Underground, which provides some best weather reports in America.

Just imagine clicking on the news and seeing beautiful women in some of the more stunning and not so PG attires... over in the US and Canada, we can definitely say that the women are beautiful, however, the networks keep the outfits PG. Although these outfits can have us in a daze for days, they can also create a lot of stress behind the scenes.

One way is an untimely malfunction that takes place on live TV, without the ability to edit it out. In this article, we’ll take a look at those moments along with other attires that might’ve been a little too steamy for a weather segment.

We’re not quite sure what the beautiful Rosana Vance was thinking, but she decided it might be a good idea to literally bounce live on the air. Reported by the likes of Mirror and Irish Examiner, BBC weatherman Philip Avery suffered a minor malfunction telling us about the weather with his bottom button completely undone.

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That statement held true during this live telecast as the beauty might’ve picked an outfit that was far too revealing. This weathergirl picked the wrong outfit on the day, clearly, as she meshed in with the screen.

The funny moment was capped off with a fellow anchor handing the weathergirl his jacket. Janet Garcia is an absolute legend of the weather game.

It seems great for a night out but perhaps to risqué for live on the air, we say that only because of the malfunction that took place on the upper portion. It was a not so PG moment for the network and one that shouldn’t take place on news segments.

Carol Kirkwood decided on a lovely white dress, one that complimented her fantastic figure in all the right places. The only problem is her squat game is a little too strong and it failed to hold the dress together, at least only briefly.

The beautiful Niece López tugged on our heartstrings more than once and occasionally. This is just one example, she also rocked another stunning and short blue dress in the past, live on the air as well.

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For those that want more, she has a top tier IG account filled with beach photos. In truth, the weather segment can get an increase in views with such beauties at the helm, front and center.

Fans rebelled when rumors of Janet Garcia stepping down began to slowly spread. Garcia turned it up once again, this time rocking a sporting kit of the popular Tiger team.

She would rock another sporting attire on a later telecast though this time she kept things on the PG side, at least compared to this amazing look. Another true beauty rocking a shorter dress and one that might be too revealing for live television.

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