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Best Weather Gifts

David Lawrence
• Monday, 07 December, 2020
• 8 min read

Finding the perfect gift for the weather geek or meteorologist in your life for Christmas, a birthday, Father's Day or any other special occasion, can sometimes be difficult. We’ve put together a comprehensive list of the 26 best gift ideas for weather enthusiasts both young and old.

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The WS-2902C is sure to make any amateur weather enthusiast or professional meteorologist very happy this holiday season. If a complete home weather station is a bit too much, a great alternative is the La Crosse Technology C85845 indoor outdoor thermometer.

This digital thermometer provides temperature and humidity readings with customizable alerts and a weather forecast, along with the time and date on an easy-to-read display. The radio itself receives the AM, FM, and weather (We) bands, and a built-in flashlight may come in handy during power outages.

The smartly-packed bag is complete with food and water, first aid, hygiene kits, shelter, warmth, tools, and off-the-grid light and communication. A great weather gadget gift is the Sensors wireless thermometer and hygrometer for iPhone and Android smartphones.

The Sensors app visualizes the real-time data and offers the capability to set alerts for when the conditions change. Kestrel has become known for accuracy and durability across their whole range, and this device gets as good reviews as it's far more expensive siblings.

If you’re looking for a weather gift for dad, Accurate’s Portable Lightning Detector might be a great option. The portable, weather -resistant design with a no-slip clip for easy attachment to a belt or backpack makes this gadget perfect for boating, fishing, golf, camping, and other outdoor recreational activities.

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This Galileo Thermometer and Glass Globe Barometer from Accurate is a great conversation piece and decorative ornament that is both functional and visually pleasing. The enclosed glass is filled with a liquid mixture of chemicals that are said to crystallize and change based on differences in temperature and atmospheric pressure which makes it possible to predict the weather several days in advance.

They are used by the Cocoas network of precipitation observers who supply data to a wide variety of organizations and individuals including the National Weather Service, other meteorologists, emergency managers and city utilities. With Roman numerals and a cast iron baluster pedestal, the Rome Grow Old with Me Sundial will be an eye-catching display in any garden.

This book tells the story of one of history’s greatest storm chasers Tim Samara's. Unfortunately, Tim Samara's, his son Paul, and team member Carl Young were tragically killed by the 2013 El Reno, Oklahoma tornado.

Samara's and his team contributed a great deal to meteorologists' understanding of tornadoes, as well as storm chasing itself. If you're looking to purchase a gift for a weather enthusiast that has any kind of interest in storm chasing, he or she will find this biography a great read.

Weather photography is an art form, and many storm chasers take thousands of pictures over their lifetimes to document their chases. Instead, he tells the story of the hurricanes, tornadoes, and severe weather he’s encountered in terms of this event’s larger meaning within our changing climate.

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Weather Bureau in Galveston at the time failed to grasp the true extent of the hurricane that landed on the city that morning. Dr. Josh Furman and his team of extreme storm chasers Reed Timber, Joel Taylor, and IMAX Filmmaker Sean Casey describe their most dangerous and exciting moments over the years in this special feature event from the Discovery Channel reality TV series.

It includes a functional wind vane, an anemometer, a thermometer, a rain gauge, and a compass. The Discovery Kids Extreme Weather Kit gives you everything you need to create your own artificial snow, a tornado vortex, an erupting volcano, and even a solar oven.

The book features easy-to-understand explanations on the science behind the weather along with beautifully designed coloring activities for your child to work through. The First Daily Magnetic Calendar gives young kids control and responsibility by letting them track the weather and the date.

The calendar is perfect for preschoolers to help them understand weather, seasons, dates, moods, and emotions. Most weather science books are written at a level which may make them hard to understand for children.

Written by meteorologist Mark Been, it explains the basics of how the weather works, and how to use what you observe to predict future conditions. Scientific facts and explanations are accompanied by 100 colorful photos that will be sure to capture the attention of a curious young mind.

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Invented by Italian scientists in the 1600s, it was named after Galileo, who had previously attempted to design a thermometer earlier in the century. Galileo’s original attempt failed, the instrument conflating the effects of atmospheric pressure and temperature.

The thermometer works through the principals of basic physics, the density of water in a tube changing as the fluid warms or cools. Others, called aneroid barometers, are wall-mounted gauges that feature a needle and scale that turns as the air pressure changes.

And while delivery before Christmas isn’t guaranteed, the gifts are sure to bring a smile to any weather -lover year round. The Weather Shed also has tons of apparel ranging from T-shirts and ugly holiday sweaters, as well as socks and shoes.

She’s combined her passion for meteorology with an artistic flare to produce popular wall art and other items that she sells in her Etsy shop Fort Wagner Woodworking. They don’t forecast the weather, but they do provide current observations, and high-end ones can even measure real-time wind gusts, air pressure, temperature and humidity every few seconds.

The Davis Vantage Vue.JS, for example, probes conditions every 2.5 seconds, and even measures levels of fine particulate pollution. Brad Ivanovich, chief meteorologist at the NBC affiliate in Charlotte, recommends the Weather flow Tempest weather system.

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For those with a hefty budget and a loved one with nerves of steel, you can actually purchase a storm chase adventure. For the more insatiable readers, introductory textbooks can offer hundreds of hours’ worth of curiosity and exploration.

It’s jam-packed with 143 pages of colorful photos and rich yet accessible scientific explanations, also offering readers a point system to keep tack of their discoveries. Radarscope is an app that allows users to access weather radar data directly from the National Weather Service, Federal Aviation Administration and research radars, bypassing the detail-reducing smoothing that most Web applications employ.

This shirt is the perfect gift for anyone who can’t wait to run out and jump in puddles after a rainstorm. Or for those kids who refuse to come in and want to dance in the rain (or, really, a person who loves bad weather of all ages).

Here’s a whimsical weather nerd gift: a street sign that reads “Storm Chaser St.” It comes in a variety of sizes ranging from a small decal sticker for a laptop all the way up to a life-size 3-foot novelty plastic sign! For mounting purposes, this street sign has pre-cut holes to hang it with (supply your own nails, however).

This weather station for kids can measure rainfall, temperature and wind speed in your backyard. It also teaches kids who are interested in weather about climate change, acid rain, the greenhouse effect, the water cycle and much more.


This weather station will generate a forecast as well as measure temperature humidity, rainfall, wind speed and direction, plus barometric pressure. The easy to read color display provides all that information and can stretch as far as 330 feet (100 meters) away from the instrument unit, although in most cases you’ll have the best reception if you mount it about 100 feet away with a relatively clear line of sight to the instrument unit.

This set of weather nerd gifts are handsome prints of artistic meteorology patents that depict four instruments from 1879 to 1962. Note that this set of four patent prints does not come with frames, so if you’re giving them as a weather forecast gift, you might want to pair them with a set of 4 appropriately sized picture frames, so they’ll be ready to hang immediately.

This type of thermometer was invented by Galileo Galilei in the 1600s and is made up of various spheres of different liquids floating gracefully based on the temperature. It also includes a handsome interface of three old-fashioned dials showing the time, plus a barometer and hygrometer, with which you can formulate your own rough weather forecasts (hygrometers measure humidity and barometers measure changes in atmospheric pressure).

Used now mostly for their decorative appeal, weather vanes are a functional way to measure wind direction while enhancing the beauty of a home, shed, or gazebo. They’re easy to mount on a roof and come in a variety of styles to match different interests and decorating sensibilities.

Then find a design that will suit the person you’re shopping for whether it’s a traditional rooster, other birds, or even mythical creatures like mermaids. This is the kind of weather gift that’s so unique and interesting that it makes a fun present for anyone.

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Inside the teardrop shaped glass is a special chemical that transforms depending on the weather. Originally popularized in the 17th century, we have more advanced weather tracking abilities, but the novelty makes it a cool gift.

If your loved one is fascinated with extreme weather or an aspiring storm chaser, they will enjoy this thrilling book. While he never finished college, Samara was a prominent engineer who also enjoyed chasing twisters and helping to learn more about these powerful storms.

If your loved one is interested in storm chasing or spends a lot of time outdoors, they’ll really appreciate this gift. This hilarious rug will have weather nerds laughing every time they enjoy their morning coffee.

Include some of your loved one’s favorite coffee or tea to create a gift bag they’ll really enjoy. These dangle earrings feature acrylic storm clouds with bright blue raindrops dangling.

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