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Best Weather Gadgets

Bob Roberts
• Friday, 25 December, 2020
• 9 min read

Monitoring Weather constantly is not an interesting activity, but it’s certainly essential. However, before you go ahead exploring the cool options to try, you should first learn how to get these weather widgets on your PC.

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There are several desktop gadgets available on the Microsoft Store; these little apps let you put Widgets on Windows 10 without many hassles. Several widget types allow you to select your location, show news feed, picture gallery, allow Internet speed test & more.

Once you expand the widget, you get exposed to the forecast for the day & the rest of the week. AccuWeather is a prominent name to find out about the upcoming weather forecasts & conditions.

Thankfully, the designers also offer a bit-sized Windows weather widget that opens-up in handy five-day forecast detail. It features a lot more things than just weather conditions & high/lows in your city.

Once you install this Windows widget, search for your city in the settings & rest will be done by itself. Chameleon Weather widget automatically fetches forecasts for your area.

It’s a little set of apps with a calendar, Internet connection indicator, hard disk free space pointer, & you can even manage starting & shutdown of PC from here. You can enlarge the Windows 10 desktop widget to see the three-day forecast, along with conditions like humidity, wind speed, temperature & more.

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It shows the image of the world, you can see some areas will be lighted while others will be dimmed. But it’s surely a great widget to have for knowing the accurate forecast details.

Though Yr weather doesn’t offer a forecast for smaller towns & cities, however, when you browse through its collection, you’ll find the selection of major cities & countries. This is why I've compiled a roundup of my favorite offerings, and I've even taken the time to snap screenshots of the widgets in question for the latest update to this post, in order to provide everyone with a clear look of each and every widget.

I've also added a new listing for today's update (Apply Weather), so if you're looking for a solid Dark Sky replacement, you're in luck. I've also made it a point to ensure that there's something here for everyone, from the minimalist to the full-on data geek, so strap in and get ready to dig through the best weather widgets currently available on Android.

As you would expect, you can choose from Celsius or Fahrenheit for your temp, and you can also set your speed units and well as a distance measuring preference. Really, my only issue with this release is the fact that you can't remove the app's advertisements, though this hardly interferes with the title's widgets.

You can expect to find seven weather widgets, and they range in size from 1×2, 2×2, and 5×2. So if you're into theming your device, you may want to go with a weather app that offers better customization options for its widgets.

weather pro gadget windows win10gadgets

To Talent Team Weather is one of the more generic apps in today's list, but I'm happy to report that it indeed offers some exceptional widgets. Of course, the majority displays your current weather temp and conditions, though if you delve into the rest, you'll see that flip clocks, extended weather reports, not to mention the date, are all present in one form or another.

Hands down 1Weather has some best weather widgets available currently, though the app's accuracy can be hit or miss when compared to the competition. I've jumped back and forth between many weather apps over the years, and I always seem to return to AccuWeather for one reason or another.

While these reports aren't perfect, I do find that AccuWeather is the most accurate app for my area. You'll have a choice of dark or white backgrounds for the 4×1 widgets, and you can manually set the transparency, along with the refresh interval, text color, and temperature type (real feel or the standard temp).

So while the widget options are limited, you can customize them a good bit to better fit with your device's theme. CARROT Weather is easily one of the best -looking apps in our list today and is a competent replacement for Dark Sky, a gorgeous weather app that was purchased by Apple.

Besides the exceptional art design of this release, the app offers an entertaining hook. For the most part, these are simple widgets that offer the current temp, the highs and lows for the day, and of course, a snarky dose of text within the widget that makes looking at your screen a pleasure.

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There are also a few widgets with backgrounds that will change appearance according to your local forecast. Window is a free weather app that contains advertisements and in-app purchases, though there is also a premium version for those with the change to spare.

So if you're into theming and customization, Window Weather is a great choice. This means you can expect a full-fledged weather app, and it offers five separate widgets.

For the most part, you can't really customize these widgets, so translucent blue better be one of your favorite colors. All in all, Weather News & Radar Maps is a solid offering, though I'm personally not a fan of the app's recurring subscription fees to remove advertisements.

You can even select the levels of transparency you want to use for your background, which should appeal to all of you themes out there. Just keep in mind that in order to test this app, you'll have to sign up for recurring fees, though you won't be charged for the first three days.

Currently, Weather Underground only offers one widget, and it's 2×2 in size. Still, if you're looking for a simple widget backed up by an app with a nice design, you could do a lot worse than Weather Underground.

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What's odd is that the app's widget doesn't offer anything that has to do with the radar map, and so instead, you can choose from 4 separate 1×1 widgets that cover current wind, rain, temp, and daily highs and lows. So if you're the sort that prefers a screen that isn't busy, Radar Weather Radar is probably what you're looking for.

Best of all, Apply Weather offers a clean UI that's a worthwhile replacement for the now-defunct Dark Sky. Luckily, the lack of a widget from the most popular weather outlet gives us a chance to see what else is out there.

Weathertight.Io lets you customize it right on the site and “Get the code.” You can change the location, the number of days shown on the forecast, the size of the widget, style of icons, and the font. Metered is a nice widget with a more graphical user interface than Weathertight.Io.

You also cannot search for a town, and the drop-down lists are not always in alphabetical order, making finding your city a bit more difficult. Type in the zip code of the town you want to display, and the page will present a sample of what the widget will look like.

Once you have made your decision, you need to copy the displayed HTML code onto your site. offers a large selection of different weather widgets with some customization available.

weather cold warm outfit dressing stylish source

They group their widgets into big, lite, and small formats that will. When you finish, click Get HTML code, and paste it into your site.

You can choose to show or hide data like humidity, wind, etc. It has many customization options including location, forecast days, colors, and background images.

Be careful with the plugins, as many of them I looked at were no longer being updated or were not tested with the newest version of WordPress. Tracey RosenbergerTracey Rosenberg er spent 26 years teaching elementary students, using technology to enhance learning.

Now she's excited to share helpful technology with teachers and everyone else who sees tech as intimidating. If you are looking for a highly accurate weather forecast, Kentucky is your most suitable answer.

This app collects its data from multiple reputed weather models from all over the world and presents you with precise rain, precipitation, snow cover, wind speed, and more. Wind animation looks mesmerizing and displays the changing airflow on earth.

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To explore full potential of this app, read a detailed review of Kentucky. It provides comprehensive forecasts that go a long way in assisting you to prepare for your work or schedule.

The push alerts allow you to remain informed about weather conditions. It presents thorough weather reports about a variety of subjects including sunrise, temperature, etc.

Dark Sky has been neatly designed to present a quick weather forecast. Dark Sky provides you weather predictions for the next hours, day or weeks of your exact location using GPS.

Its Notification Center widgets keep you informed about what will happen in the next few hours. It is quite accurate in letting you know the perfect weather predictions about your location.

You can view the animated sunrise, sunset, browse interactive maps and more significantly track the weather of your favorite cities. Twice daily notifications allow you to plan your routine keeping the weather conditions in mind.

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This app forecasts temperature, weather condition as well as precipitation on visual line by 36 hours, seven days, and 12 months. You can view the average total rainfall as well as the high and low temperature of each month in just a glance.

Fresh Air is pretty simple yet very effective weather app. Through a highly informative graph, it presents you the exact weather forecast of the seven days.

This app shows you predicted the weather about your calendar events. Weather tron has been designed to provide you live weather data about a particular time or hour.

You can use this app to quickly find out forecast regarding rain, clouds, snow or temperature from every hour of the day. It boasts of 16 different weather data sources which work fine in making you know the exact results of your locations.

This app provides weather forecasts for over 15,000 cities of the world. You can select between Fahrenheit, Celsius, 12-hour or even 24 hours to remain updated about the weather as per your need.

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You can gather weather data from all over the world quickly as it allows you to search for more than 65,000 pre-defined locations in over 200 countries. It also lets you create even your screen to make it very convenient to see exactly what sort of weather data you want to view.

The same weather data, about past, present, and future can be viewed easily on your iPhone too. This app enables you to view even astronomical data such as sunrise and sunset times as well as moon phase.

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