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Best Weather Gadget For Windows 10

Bob Roberts
• Thursday, 03 December, 2020
• 7 min read

Monitoring Weather constantly is not an interesting activity, but it’s certainly essential. However, before you go ahead exploring the cool options to try, you should first learn how to get these weather widgets on your PC.

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There are several desktop gadgets available on the Microsoft Store; these little apps let you put Widgets on Windows10 without many hassles. Several widget types allow you to select your location, show news feed, picture gallery, allow Internet speed test & more.

Once you expand the widget, you get exposed to the forecast for the day & the rest of the week. AccuWeather is a prominent name to find out about the upcoming weather forecasts & conditions.

Thankfully, the designers also offer a bit-sized Windows weather widget that opens-up in handy five-day forecast detail. It features a lot more things than just weather conditions & high/lows in your city.

Once you install this Windows widget, search for your city in the settings & rest will be done by itself. Chameleon Weather widget automatically fetches forecasts for your area.

It’s a little set of apps with a calendar, Internet connection indicator, hard disk free space pointer, & you can even manage starting & shutdown of PC from here. You can enlarge the Windows10 desktop widget to see the three-day forecast, along with conditions like humidity, wind speed, temperature & more.

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But it’s surely a great widget to have for knowing the accurate forecast details. Though Yr weather doesn’t offer a forecast for smaller towns & cities, however, when you browse through its collection, you’ll find the selection of major cities & countries.

In case, Weather Windows Widgets are not enough, you can go on installing a dedicated weather application for your PC or smartphone! There are no-nonsense apps that simply present the core conditions and others that provide information in a more vibrant, eye-catching style.

MSN Weather is a popular offering from Microsoft that covers all the basics and more. The clean appearance helps add to the attraction of this weather app.

Local forecast that includes current conditions, 10 -day extended forecast, hourly breakdowns of what you should expect from Mother Nature, sunrise and sunset times, and more. Live Tile support and Lock screen support are present, and you can log into MSN Weather with your Microsoft Account to synchronize settings and preferences between Windows10 devices.

I would like to see toast notifications and the option to use local images with the Lock screen support. Navigating around the app is fast and fluid, taking full advantage of the panoramic and modern design.

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You can extend this display to reveal additional weather information such as chances of rain, cloud cover, wind speed and direction, humidity levels, visibility, barometric pressure, dew point and UV index. The app is available for Windows10 Mobile, and a seven-day trial version is available to let you try out Apply Weather.

Forecast joins the ranks of clean-looking, informative weather apps available for Windows10 PC and Mobile. This weather app covers millions of locations worldwide and offers both Live Tile and Lock screen support.

Current conditions, along with weekly and hourly forecast periods. This Windows10weather app delivers your current conditions, an extended forecast, weather alerts and Lock screen and Live-Tile support, wrapped in a vibrant package.

The free app is available for Windows10 PC and Mobile, with the subscription option for Dark Sky services and a $0.99 option to unlock a premium feature that automatically adds nearby places to your favorite locations page. That feature that could come in handy to alert you to weather conditions as you travel.

The clean design delivers the basic forecast information and current conditions to your phone with Live Tile and Lock screen support. Current conditions including temperature (current, and high and low), humidity, pressure, sunrise and sunset times, cloud coverage and wind.


Multiple themes and icon sets to allow you to customize Prognosis's appearance. Customizable toast notifications to alert you to specific conditions (sunny, clouds, rain, storms, fog and snow).

The background image for Prognosis reflects the current conditions, and the extended forecast screens are accentuated with similar imagery. Updated January 04, 2017: These remain the weather apps that we continue to view as the best from the Windows Store.

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It is understandable that you were disappointed when the newer versions of Windows were released and you noticed immediately that there were no more gadgets. You may have tried downloading other gadget packs before but this is the one that works.

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This is one application that you can easily download and you do not need to worry about extra fees since it does not have any. Choose the gadgets that you would like to place on your desktop.

There are some that are meant for your time, the calendar and even some trivial things that you will enjoy. Start using the gadgets like you used to when you were still using a Windows 7 powered laptop or computer.

You can see that downloading this application is very easy to do provided that you have fast Internet connection that will allow you to not wait a long time before downloading can be completed. Windows includes a Microsoft weather gadget, which works nice until you click to get a forecast for several days or read detailed information.

When you do that, your browser may pop up a security alert, each time forcing you to confirm the opening of the web page. Personally I prefer the Weather Channel gadget, because of the nice presentation of a 10 days forecast in its web page and the comprehensive display of weather conditions at the gadget itself (sun, low temperature, current temperature), but both gadgets are great, they are better than the default weather gadget of Windows, and they don’t cause security alerts.

These gadgets included features such as a hardware resource monitor, clocks, calendars and weather forecasts. Unfortunately, the feature was disabled in 2012, after a serious security vulnerability was found that affected the entire platform.

Some developers have released apps in the Microsoft Store that include the same functionality. Some features, like a stock feed and a translation widget, require in-app purchases to activate.

Sense Desktop costs US$0.99 and has more than 20 skins for the integrated clock and weather forecast widgets. In the top right corner of the Store app, click the search button.

Widgets HD in the Microsoft Someone you’ve installed Widgets HD, launch the app by pressing the Windows key and scrolling to the app, then clicking on it. Once the widget is running, you can click and drag it around, to move it to the location on the screen that you want.

Searching for unique Windows sidebar gadgets that can be placed on the computer can be easy or hard depending on what people are searching for. The moon’s current phases may interest you a lot.

You may have read up a lot of facts and information about it so you know why the moon has different... There is a strong chance that you are looking for the right weather gadget that will not only allow you to gain information about how the weather would be...

This very simple weather gadget will be promptly displaying the type of weather that will be experienced. Main Weather gadget displays all the weather conditions for a whole week.

The small frame of this gadget makes it easy to place around anywhere on the desktop. The current weather being displayed on the sidebar gadget may already be pretty common.

Good graphics can be one of the things that people consider when choosing the right weather sidebar gadget that they can use for their Windows desktop. A lot of people find the need for a weather gadget even if they already know how the weather is like when they look out their windows.

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