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Best Weather Complication For Apple Watch

Elaine Sutton
• Wednesday, 09 December, 2020
• 7 min read

Apple Watch complications are little bits of information from apps that appear on the watch face. Different watch faces, Apple Watch models, and versions of watchOS support various complications, and app developers build their complications based on individual specifications.

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It can be hard to find how to customize complications in the Watch app for iPhone. Along with temperature visualization, CARROT Weather provides information about humidity, precipitation, wind speed, and much more.

Bear (free) may be a simple complication, but considering it's one of the best iOS (and macOS) notes apps, it's invaluable. Starting with Apple Watch Series 4, full box scores.

The MLB At Bat complication is a premier tool for following your favorite baseball team. Commuters and weekend travelers alike can rejoice about the City mapper app’s helpful complications.

It has a complication for all watch faces and all sizes, and you can customize all of them to display what you want in the color you want. A complication to show the date may seem a little unnecessary, but Better Day has proved to be incredibly useful.

It also adds fun elements, such as the ability to see the year as a progress bar moving toward the end. For those who want or need to track their heart rate in even more detail than Apple Watch provides, FI TIV Pulse GPS Cardio Tracker (free) is an excellent option.

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Its complications display high and low heart rates, even in small versions, which ultimately saves screen space. CARROT Weather uses Dark Sky data, but Dark Sky Weather still deserves mention here because its real-time rain complication can show if and when it’s going to rain where you are.

Dark Sky Weather has options for most complication sizes and can simplify information if all you want is to know whether it's going to rain. Having a number remain on the display seems like a waste of space for the large complication.

Best of all, you need only tap the complication to go directly to the dictation screen to enter in your phrase to be translated. Not only is Fantastical an excellent calendar app for your iPhone, iPad, and Mac, it also supports your Apple Watch.

If you add Carrot Weather's secondary small complication (which costs an extra $1.99) while the first one is enabled, you'll get wind data in that location; otherwise, you'll just see the current temperature. Like any good weather complication should, it also works with Time Travel, letting you quickly see what to expect later on in the day.

Apple's built-in Activity complication can be great for showing you your overall progress towards your goals, but it's a bit more of a hassle to look at more detailed information. The complication also makes it easy to track the distance you've covered in a given day with a mile count right alongside your steps.

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With the complication for your Apple Watch, you can tell Sleep ++ that you're turning in for the night or tell the app you have woken up all with a tap of the screen. You'll see the current temperature and sky conditions as well as a 60-minute rain forecast, the high and lows for the day, and sunrise/sunset.

If you've set UV conditions within the Dark Sky app, you'll also be alerted when those exceed your threshold. Dark Sky's tiny complication just shows the current temperature, but you can tap it, of course, to quickly get into the app.

I've spoken at length on more about my love for ETA, and now the traffic prediction app has gotten even better with a custom clock face complication. Pretty useful on its own, but when you pair this with the AppleWatch's Time Travel feature, it's downright magic: Spin the Digital Crown, and you can figure out exactly when to leave your house in order to hit the least amount of traffic during your travels.

City mapper hooks into just about every transportation agency it can get its hands on to provide you with accurate data for your transit travels. On the Apple Watch, you'll get a great large complication that lets you know what train you should catch next, when it comes, and where you should board.

The small complication merely shows your ETA (or, if you're not in the middle of a journey, the City mapper icon). Fun fact: When I go into stressful weeks at work, it becomes harder than usual to eat at normal mealtimes.

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The Kitchen Stories app lets you explore new recipes every week to give you inspiration on what to cook, while the Apple Watch complications help you shop for dinner. Find a recipe you like on Kitchen Stories and simply create a shopping checklist that you can access anytime from your watch face.

You can add and remove items from the list as you see fit, allowing you to make sure you buy what you need and plan your meals on the go. One of the best reasons to use an Apple Watch are its health tracking capabilities, including continuous heart rate monitoring.

The smaller one is a ring that you should try to fill up by the end of the day, and the large one gives you a percentage as well as the amount remaining. With CalZones, you can choose the timezone that matter to you personally, and then the rest of the app works around that to help you manage and coordinate meetings in accordance with all time zones that are involved.

Don’t be scared by the word complication.” The ones you find on the Apple Watch can make your life much simpler, as they’re basically bite-sized versions of the full apps you normally open through the home screen grid. Apple ’s native Weather app kind of sucks, so you should use a good third-party alternative like Dark Remove non-product link.

In its large form, it tells you the current temperature, today’s highs and lows, and when the sun will set. Leif Johnson San Francisco doesn’t really have interesting weather, so I don’t have anything more exciting to show.

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Carrot Weather does a good job, too (especially if you like some humor), but you’ll have to pay extra for the AppleWatchcomplication. It recommends a language based on your location as well as useful simple phrases that show up on the large complication, but you can also press it and ask for specific translations.

In the smaller version, it merely gives you quick access to the app, but it will at least tell you which language it’s set to. You’ll find several good apps for checking your iPhone’s battery like on your Apple Watch, but my favorite is BatteryPhone.

Things 3Remove non-product link is the best to-do-list app across the iPhone, iPad, and Mac, and that quality generally extends to its helpful complication. The smaller complication is more abstract, as it merely has Things’ checkmark logo and an “activity ring” showing how close you are to completing the day’s tasks.

That’s nice, but I’d be happier if Things replaced the logo with the actual number of tasks remaining. On the face of things, though, its complication isn’t all that different from the one for Apple ’s own Calendar app, although it’s notable for letting you know how much longer an event you’re attending is going to last (provided you entered that information).

Leif JohnsonFantastical 2 also has great complications for the Apple Watch Series 4’s “Info graph” watch face. On the smaller complication, it uses an “activity ring” to give you a rough visual idea of how long you have until an event ends as well.

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Pokémon Go ’s complication reminds us that Ni antic’s popular augmented reality game doubles as a decent exercise app. In both the large and small versions, the complication shows how much farther you need to walk before your next Pokémon egg hatches.

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