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Best Weather App For Ipad

James Lee
• Sunday, 18 October, 2020
• 7 min read

However, for some strange reason, Apple doesn’t ship the default iPhone weather app on the iPad. Even though you get a weather widget in iPadOS 14, there’s no dedicated app attached to it.

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So, if you want to get up to date weather information, and keep a track of rains, winds and everything else, you need these 7 best weather apps on your iPad. Some of them offer great weather forecasts, some have awesome radar views, and some are just overall nice apps to use.

It offers all the functionality you’d find in the default weather app, which makes it a great replacement for it. You get plenty of details as well including wind speeds, pressure, UV index, and more.

Plus, you can use the Carrot Weather iPad widget to keep weather on your iPad home screen. The second is an AR mode that looks really cool and shows all the relevant weather information as well.

AR Mode Weather breakdown by week and hour Funny AI that insults you Apart from that, TWC app shows wind details, humidity, pressure, and more.

There’s also a radar view built in, but using it requires a subscription priced at Rs. There are other features here as well, such as air pollution levels, suggestions for activities based on the weather, and even things like dry skin concern, mosquito index, and more.

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Radar view Detailed information about air pollution levels Suggested activities based on current weather That said, Dark Sky offers to the minute weather forecasts, including when rain will stop and start.

With Dark Sky you can get notifications letting you know exactly when it will start raining in your location and when it will stop. It also notifies you of severe weather reports, and you can create customized notifications for things you want to stay updated about.

Down to the minute hyper local weather Notifications for rain start and stop Radar Mode It’s a popular weather app that brings all the basic weather features you may need.

You can also see weather breakdowns on an hourly basis complete with details like air quality, UV index, wind, cloud cover, humidity, and a lot more. Plus, AccuWeather shows a ‘Realized’ temperature value that is a better indication of how hot or cold you’ll actually feel during the day.

If you’re looking for a weather app that offers all the features that other apps do, and also tells you the hours of daylight you’ll get in a day, Underground (or Weather Underground) is definitely one you should check out. The app shows temperature and weather conditions, along with precipitation chances, and wind speeds right up front.

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Underground is free, but it does offer a premium subscription to get longer forecasts and more features for Rs. You do get weather information in the app, including all the important things like current temperatures, chance of rain, wind speeds and more.

Plus, you can view temperature contours, cloud information and visibility, air quality and a lot more. So if you’re looking for a weather app that uses radar view and maps to show weather conditions visually, Windy is one you should definitely check out.

It also shows wind information along with details of the humidity, dew point, and pressure. There’s an air quality meter as well, which shows the current AQI and warnings related to it.

The app stands out from the rest thanks to information about lightning strikes and fires. You can see the nearest lightning strike in the last 30 minutes, and even the closest active fire from your location.

The Nearest lightning strike Fire risk information Hurricane center It also shows wind direction and speed, along with health recommendations based on the AQI in your location.

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It’s not available in all regions, but it offers hyper local down to the minute accurate weather forecasts. Such as Dark Sky which offers hyper local weather forecasts, and Windy which is aimed at wind information more than anything else.

These apps also have their own iPad weather widgets so you can keep weather information handy on your iPad. Weather apps are great for keeping in touch with tomorrow’s forecast.

The following list includes the best weather apps for iPhone and iPad to download in 2020. It shows current conditions, visibility and all upcoming forecasts in a single spot.

The app also offers a notification center widget and a temperature badge icon. It’s free to download, and an upgrade option ($4.99) removes the ads and provides weather interactive maps.

This app enables users to check current conditions as well as a forecast for 10-days, 36-hours, or an hour. You can use the main screen to check visibility, humidity, UV index, and a lot more.

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Users can even check pollen forecast levels, marine conditions, and tropical updates. Videos are available for worldwide and local locations, while the user enjoys a customizable roadmap.

Weather Underground’s apps are tailored towards the required information of the user. Users can see humidity, visibility, nearby webcams, and health information.

It’s possible to listen to check active storms and closest weather conditions. It provides you weather details with a touch of wit and humor courtesy of a talking robot.

It can be downloaded for $3.99 from the App Store for Apple Watch and all devices using this link. Options include HD, classic, or temperature map for the location with aviation layers and cloud settings.

Local conditions are displayed at the top with view and temperature of the next few days. Wind patterns streak across your display, helping to outline where weather ’s coming from (and heading to).

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It lacks the ‘Will I get soaked?’ imminent rainfall warning from Dark Sky, but as an exploratory large-screen iPad app, Kentucky is an excellent purchase. As you check whether it will be sunny tomorrow, CARROT will helpfully call you a ‘meatbag’ and threaten to hurl cows at you.

It sounds gimmicky, but the constant snark adds color and personality to a kind of app usually devoid of both. That’s the case elsewhere, too: the forecasts are beautifully illustrated, and make fantastic use of the iPad ’s large screen.

Weatherproof for iPad is a weather app for people at the geekier end of the spectrum when it comes to meteorology and forecasts. Set up several locations and their current conditions sit in a scrolling pane at the side of the screen.

But for digging into the details, Weather Pro’s a good bet, especially considering the small outlay. The Forecast tab displays current conditions, with a handy map indicating the movements of nearby storms.

It’s still a bit wasteful of space (notably in the tricky-to-parse Next 24 Hours view), but the latest redesign feels more considered and less like a blown-up iPhone app. Also, the Map view is best experienced on a tablet, where you can watch the ebb and flow of temperatures and rainfall across a virtual Earth you spin with a finger.

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The rest of the screen is an ever-changing isometric city, with cars zipping about, its weather mirroring that of your chosen location. It shows clouds by default, although weather geeks can instead choose colors denoting temperature, wind speed or humidity values.

Then with a little swipe the globe rotates, neatly showing heavily populated locations during nighttime as lattices of artificial man-made light. We don't, however, recommend you strap your cellular iPad to your steering wheel and use Google Maps as a sat-nav replacement, unless you want to come across as some kind of nutcase.

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