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Best Trump Doral Course

Brent Mccoy
• Wednesday, 06 January, 2021
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Home to the world-famous Blue Monster, Trump Doral is Miami's unparalleled golf experience with four championship courses. Explore the incomparable benefits of membership at Trump National Doral Golf Club.

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The golf the food the ambience and the overall experience were perfect. The finest selection of premium golf courses in Florida.

Review collected in partnership with Trump Hotel Group Went to Doral for a golf trip. Pro Shop did absolutely nothing to find other locations to golf.

Then we were told our bills would be adjusted to a lesser amount to exclude the golf package! Review collected in partnership with Trump Hotel Group Played the Blue Monster on 2/9/20 at the urging of friends while we were visiting from out of town.

$511 including a mandatory fee for a fore caddie, who was pleasant, but didn't read the greens well. Agree completely with the other negative reviews of the dismissive staff and as I'm spoiled to play at mostly private clubs, was reminded of this by seemingly constant efforts to create tipping opportunities.

I would skip this glorified mini in a heartbeat if I had the decision to make over again...… Their mannerisms do not make you feel like a welcomed guest, this includes wait staff, front desk and spa employees.

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Dick Wilson, Ray Floyd, Jerry Pate, Robert on Hague, Bruce Devlin, Gil Hans Doris and Alfred Kassel founded the Doral resort in 1959 when they transformed a large area of West Miami swampland into a Hotel and Country Club where they first welcomed golfers onto the property three years later.

Dick Wilson, a former construction superintendent at Shinnecock Hills, was the man who designed the Blue course at Doral and it has been upgraded over the years by a number of golfing greats such as Robert on Hague, Bruce Devlin, Raymond Floyd and the renowned instructor, Jim McLean. On its USGA Tour debut in 1962, the severity of the challenge it presented attracted it the name of “Blue Monster” and that moniker has stuck down the years.

One of the most respected courses on the professional circuit, the Blue is long, tough and heavily-bunkered, with water visible or in play on every hole. Seven bunkers line the other side, set beside deep rough and more palm trees so shying too far away from the lake brings these hazards into play.

Gil Hans was drafted in to remodel the legendary Blue Monster course and the Trump family officially reopened it in February 2014. Naturally the new 7,608-yard Blue Monster, now equipped with enlarged lakes, new bunkers, tees and greens is “bigger and better than ever before”.

Adam Scott won the 2016 event in Florida before the tournament was re-branded and relocated to Chapultepec in Mexico City in 2017. Average Reviewers Score:Description: Trump National Doral's Blue Monster, home of the World Golf Championships, has hosted prestigious PGA TOUR events for the last 45 years.

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I think a pure flat piece of land like that would need some trees to give it definition, but I believe Gil Hans removed most of them. The only way I can think this course could be enhanced is by moving a lot of dirt to give some definition to the holes.

I had played this one a couple of times after the restoring and during a 4 days competition I was hosting last month I decided to go hit some shots to see how it was playing in order to set up the course for the following day. Despite being in the same piece of land as the other 3 courses and being maintained with the same level, this one goes far away in challenge, toughness and difficulty to the limit that for 2 digit HCP golfers is almost not fun.

And be wise, do not go to longer tee boxes than your golf game can handle, it will run your day. Just select the proper set and try to enjoy the real challenge of a Tour Golf Course.

In Championship conditions this one can fight head to head with TPC Saw grass in scoring difficulty, not only due to length but also to very well-designed greens, tough to real and also hold approach shots from the incorrect spot. It would be great to have Pros back here for it not to lose the “PGA” status, it looks far away but hopefully it will happen.

This quality of a Golf Course cannot afford to be away from The Tour much more time, it deserves the spot there. The course lost a lot of trees in a hurricane 10-15 years ago.

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From a risk reward perspective with water all the way down the left side and a couple of heinous looking bunkers green side the aggressive play probably leads to more doubles than birdies. Credit Donald Trump in bringing on board Gil Hans to add life to an extremely predictable and Florida formulaic layout.

Hans did improve the “Blue Monster” but that's akin to having a patient go from being a corpse to one in the intensive care unit. The Blue Course gained its stature in having hosted the PGA Tour for many, many years.

The course became as famous as any other given the television exposure for the Florida circuit of events each spring. Hans clearly fortified the layout with additional yardage in certain holes, but he also made it a point to keep water as the central defense.

But the need for toughness also means the Blue is really a limited layout for the broader masses. Water has a place in golf but not to the point of overkill and that is the verdict I would say holds for a good number of other Sunshine State courses.

Now, with Doral no longer hosting the PGA Tour -- the swagger the course was able to attain is clearly moved towards the shadows. The “Blue Monster” created a considerable amount of hype and still does with Trump's ownership.

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But, Florida as a whole, only has a few courses which really merit serious attention when top tier architecture is discussed. For those with the deep enough pockets to play the course I would certainly advise holding on to your dollars and looking elsewhere.

I had never played TPC Blue Monster before it was taken by Trump and redone by Gil Hans. I had yesed walked all 18 holes while friends were playing it and was amazed by the challenge of the course, the difficulty in every single shot and how well-kept it was.

It is a golf course were in a bad day your net score can be really sad! And it is fair to say that every golfer can play it without any handicap restriction, but just be clever and choose the correct set of tees.

A last paragraph to service and attention to detail: it is the best I have experienced in a public course in the USA, From Hotel rooms to Bell service, breakfast and restaurants, Master Caddie Assistance, events planning, everything has gone way upstairs. It encourages you to hit it long, high and straight, thus a game here can be rather monotonous. A 4-ball in a universal rating.

I didn't find it to be a monster at all, provided that you follow their recommendation and play from tees that are in ad equation to your golf skills. Like other places in Florida, most of the holes look quite the same, flat with palm trees on the side.

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Here, the bunkering makes the difference, as well as the slightly elevated greens and their run-offs. Enjoyed it a lot, despite the lack of ranger (or their lousy way to handle the situation when they finally showed up on 13th) on the course and the slow play consequently.

Blue Monster it isn't unless played from the PGA tees (18th is almost 500 yes par 4!! I lived 30 miles from Doral for 9 years, but only played it once (though I walked it many times at the PGA tournament).

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