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Best Sororities To Join Bitlife

Maria Garcia
• Wednesday, 06 January, 2021
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In our Billie Version 1.23 Guide, we detail all the changes included in our favorite text-based life simulator’s latest update. This update is all themed around school life, which is apt timing given that many of us have actually just returned to one of the world’s worst institutions.

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You can now interact with your classmates and teachers, participate in extracurricular activities like joining a sport team or a band, join a clique, getting involved in frats and sororities, and go to grade school. Now, provided you’re studying at school, you’ll encounter a bunch of new means of interacting with your classmates and teachers in Billie.

Judging from chatter on Twitter, these new interactions include fighting off bullying, having relationships or flings with your classmates or teachers, and receiving detention and other punishments for behaving badly. These include all the clichés from sports types to nerds and band geeks.

For example, you may have to join the school football team or band, or even have a high looks score. Frats and sororities are similar to cliques in that they’re social groups for like-minded folks.

That should help make the school system more familiar to you no matter the country you live in. Here we’ll round up the remaining changes and features that were included in this update that aren’t quite big enough to get their own section.

Billie : Life Simulator just got a huge new update that completely overhauls the school system in the game. You can go for the best grades and the highest popularity rating, interact with cliques and social groups, talk to the faculty, drop out, join fraternities and sororities, and more with the new school options that have been added to Billie.

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Read on for the guide to the new school system in Billie : Life Simulator! This also gives new meaning to studying harder, which previously only effected your intelligence levels.

Additionally, keep your stress levels down, and in the extracurricular activities, go to the library and meditate, and take the memory test to increase your intelligence. Your popularity is much harder to manage than your grades are, which sometimes equates with real life.

Interacting with the teachers and staff can increase your grades, although it can also negatively affect your popularity. Test this out with a disposable character, then make your best decision based upon your findings.

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In this guide, we’re going to list all the schools in Billie, what sort of career path they lead to, and how to get into them. That’s not really that difficult, as you can just visit the library once per year and study hard at school.

Then, continue to study and go to the library during university too and you should see your smarts max out before long. College is the perfect place to form lasting relationships, and cliques or groups characterize the social scene.

Both are Greek Letter organizations that are present in many colleges around the country in the form of chapters. The alumni from the organizations are present in the corporate world and may step in to help the junior members get up their respective career ladders.

You also get to participate in some of their events such as tournaments and parties, and membership to some societies guarantees you a fun-filled stint in college. It initiates roughly 30000 undergraduates each year, and you might as well be part of this number as you join college.

Its history and many initiates make it an excellent society to choose as you are sure of professional links to help with your career advancement. It started as a society mainly for teachers and educational colleges; it now admits members regardless of their course.

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Its foundation was set in 1898 by eight students at the State Female Normal School, in Farmville Virginia. The society is keen on philanthropy and distributes funds and other allocations for charity and education, among other critical courses.

Delta sigma theta is one of the sororities that came through for African American college students when they could not get a membership to the Greek Letter Organizations. It is one of the largest black sororities with an impressive number to back it up in the neighborhood of 300000 initiated members.

It is present in the United States of America, Canada, Germany, Japan, Liberia, and many other countries, bringing its total chapters to 940. The sorority comes up with programs to help boost the political, educational, and economic conditions, more so those affecting the black community.

It was founded in 1920 at Howard University and fostered a sense of unity among its members, which was one of the reasons behind its conception. The sisterhood focuses more on social issues and presently has over 800 chapters under eight intercontinental regions.

It is one of the best considerations if you want to take part in its various advocacy programs focusing on social justice. At the time, women enrollment in universities was low, and it was due to the ill perception of them having inferior minds.

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Currently, it boasts of over 200000 initiated members, 130 collegiate chapters, and 155 alumnae groups spread all over the USA and Canada. A critical point to note is that the sorority came by the same year Miami University opened its doors to the first female students.

Phi mu is the second oldest sorority, and you may consider joining it due to its vibrant alumnae network. Sigma gamma rho came to life in 1922 at Butler University in Indianapolis, Indiana.

It takes on a non-profit organization setting with the primary purpose of improving the quality of life among the community. The topic of sororities is usually one that brings about the notion of hazing and bullying, which feature as initiation rites.

Some sisterhoods take the joining rights too far to the point of banning the organizations altogether in some colleges. The developer really hit it big with Billie, which still tops the app charts to this day and regularly gets updated with new features.

This doesn’t seem to always be the case, especially if your Popularity is rather low, but messing with teacher is often a good way to get some positive attention from your classmates. Meanwhile, Compliment, Gift, and Suck Up are three actions that could improve your relationship with your teachers/principal in varying levels, though if you’ve got a history of making trouble in school, they may see through your attempts to curry favor and not be too appreciative.

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Arguing with your principal, headmaster, or dean won’t affect your Happiness as much, but it could make them angrier, especially if you were clearly in the wrong. Aside from getting in trouble with the principal for your classroom shenanigans, there’s also a fair chance your mother or father will read you the riot act after hearing from the school about your latest misadventures.

Billie ’s new update is so chock-full of school-related content that we decided to discuss some of our miscellaneous observations and shed light on other features that we didn’t cover in the other parts of this guide. You can still choose to Drop Out from school at any point in your academic life, though once again, you can expect resistance from your parents 90 percent of the time.

Be careful, though, if you choose to flirt with a classmate, because if your partner’s in the same class, that relationship bar could run out real quick! As another miscellaneous addition, the game now allows you to view the global leaderboards, where you can see the day’s top players in terms of Citizen age, net worth, children, and lovers.

So far, we’ve seen some really far-out numbers, with some Citizens who could easily put Jeff Bezos to shame by amassing a net worth in the HUNDRED TRILLIONS. It’s a rather small wrinkle added to the ever-expanding world of Billie, albeit one that further ups the ante in terms of the game’s realism.

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