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Best Rust Servers 2020

James Smith
• Sunday, 01 November, 2020
• 8 min read

For the last 2 decades an enormous number of game hosting companies have popped up and disappeared with a few of them sticking around. I review the top 10 of 22 companies I tested with live servers below so you can quickly get summarized on what makes each provider stick out.



In that spreadsheet I purchase a small server package from each company and then score them based on different areas after I see how they perform for real. Me and my friends (across EU and USA) put the servers to the test, including placing lots of objects down to max out the memory to see what happens.

Using these scores and data I collected I then worked out who are the top 10 in my opinion and summarized them on this page to make shopping around easier. I have been playing this game for 3 or 4 years now and I have come from other similar titles such as Minecraft, ARK: Survival and Reign of Kings.

The pricing of the private dedicated servers for RUST are slightly more expensive than other similar titles but not enough to break the bank. Comparing the providers before you buy is wise and could save you a good few dollars per month, which add up over time.

Buying bulk is possible and you will experience savings as you pay more per month, great for when your servers community grows larger. For more information on what you should look out for when shopping about for RUST server hosting, check out my full guide I have written here.

Ranks #2 of 10 RUST hosts A company born at the start of this millennium, have a huge catalog of titles they offer private dedicated servers for. LOW.MS offer several locations in English-speaking regions (America, Europe and Australia) and cover part of Asia using a Singapore data-center.

rust server servers

The guys behind Survival Servers are obviously big fodder’s (judging from what I have read about them in their about/history section) and it shows in their custom-built control panel. The server locations available were in the USA and around Europe, so that's great if you are in those regions I suppose but not so good if you aren’t.

The guys at NitrousNetworks have created an awesome brand with a control panel that’s as beautiful as the front end. These guys also come with free hosting and MySQL in case your mods need to be able to store any data in order to work.

My test server with NitrousNetworks worked fine and speed-wise only had a few occasional hiccups but nothing that stood out as an issue. The major downside about Nitrous though were the high cost, they are a lot more expensive than the other contenders on this list.

I found the control panel and support system easy enough to deal with and when I raised some test issues with them on my server they helped me out in a timely manner. GTX Gaming accept all the usual payment methods as well as the crypto-currency Bitcoin for those of you with some of those lying around gathering dust.

With a little of an outdated website, Imperfect were another value for money game hosting company based in the UK. For a lot of the side-games they offer on the side of Minecraft they are very competitive, with a bottom-basement pricing approach but for RUST they fall flat a bit.


I have however made my spreadsheet full of results public for everyone to see, so you can see how the smaller providers rank in comparison to the more established ones above. For clarity, I believe you only really need to look at the top 5 in this list to make a safe judgement of whom to trust with your RUST server.

This handy tool is installed very easily onto your server and then creates a way for you to upload and manage multiple mods within its own ecosystem. You also get put into a special list so other players can find your Rust :IO enabled server easily.

Hopefully this list will come in handy if you are looking for RUST server hosting, I have detailed my top 10 providers from 22 tested over the last few months above. We made a list of the best game server hosting providers that offer Rust server rental and gathered all the information about them that you need to pick the perfect Rust host for you.

Want us to let you know about game updates, new hosts, special deals, coupons, and new features? It can be annoying when you are playing interestingly on the Rust server and then all of a sudden, the inevitable occurs.

This makes it important for testing each server under extreme stress and you can easily find out which server would be able to withstand more than 200 to 300 players without getting any kind of annoying lag spikes. Using a good Rust server host, you can easily solve all kinds of issues related to gaming.

rust server rules merric gaming

Nowadays, various companies are stating that they have the best features and performance, however, after analyzing them and the individual factors, you can easily decide whether they are suitable for you or not. The biggest quality a good server needs to have is that it needs to satisfy your individual needs.

With the Shock byte Rust server, you gain various features and even be able to use various powerful hardware that is not present with most of the competitors. Since its inception, Shock byte has hosted more than 100K games servers and that too for thousands of customers.

Most importantly, they provide various kinds of games right at the affordable prices for each slot. So, if you are on the lookout for the cheapest and affordable Rust server hosting, then the Citadel is a perfect choice.

Feature Provides great support They are budget-friendly and cheap One of the reputable and long-established company Has the fastest servers Unlike other rust server hosting service providers, the average response time here is around 8 to 10 minutes.

Regarding this Distrust Server Hosting service, the Server blend provides a perfect balance in terms of performance and price. This rust server provides a variety of features like rebranding and DDoS protection, etc which are charged extra by other companies.

rust thumbnail rock

No doubt, when you are going to select the Distrust Server Hosting service provider, then you can easily check out the above give ones. Step 4: After that run and join the RUST dedicated server.

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