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Best Rust Outfits

Christina Perez
• Tuesday, 13 October, 2020
• 2 min read

Released in 2016 by nevil112 on the Steam Workshop, this skin is one of the earlier cosmetic additions to the game. Released with a Halloween update, the Creepy Clown Bandanna was added to the game in October 2015.

pants rust outfit colored outfits jeans wear tops clothes shirt cute orange brown rusty dress boots pretty fall burnt


On the skin, the acronym (II WMD) is plastered on the front of a long-sleeve burlap shirt, with a ‘frog boot,’ or exclusive in-game item for players who purchased the game during the beta, visible below. The skin, released in early 2018, is the developer’s response to the spamming of said meme all over the r/play rust Subreddit.

With a cute design and average cost of less than $1 USD, it is an easy way to appear in the loop with some of the community’s inside jokes. Bronzes, or male fans of the show ” My Little Pony,” are rampant on the internet, and Rust is no exception.

The Barony collection includes pants, boots, a hoodie, a sleeping bag which are released, as well as a skin for the satchel charge, which isn’t available in-game yet. With its soft pastel pinks, unicorns, and rainbows adorning every piece of the collection, there is nothing in the community quite like it-- for better or for worse.

The Hokey’s base gun pattern has a curvature that is similar enough to a banana to pull off the skin nearly perfectly. Chill is one of the most prominent Rust content creators, and this skin pays homage to his legacy is the game.

Hoodie is also available in real life if you’ve ever wanted to cosplay as a Rust character, or just enjoy the game THAT much. The hoodies, both in the game and in real life are a great way to show some love to one of the biggest content creators in the Rust community.

survival rust mode

Like the Marble Fade pattern in other games, the Tempered Mask is a sleek way to flex on your poorer opponents. The tempered pattern is also available on the MP5, an unpopular mid-game gun-- but the metal facemask version wins out due to its popularity and price.

Easy to make and even easier to find, wood armor is good at protecting against melee damage (from spears, cleavers, maces, and the like) and lower-tier projectile weapons, like bows, revolvers, and the occasional Python, making it an excellent, easily accessible combination to get started with. The wolf headdress adds to the projectile weapon protection, making it an essential addition to your kit.

The coffee-can helmet, when combined with the road sign kilt and chest plate, is an excellent mid-game option for roaming, raiding and other mid-game endeavors. If you head out the door in this kit, be sure to wear a shirt or pants underneath for optimal coverage and protection.

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