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Best Rust Mods

Maria Garcia
• Friday, 06 November, 2020
• 7 min read

No, you do not need to install any special programs or such in order to play on modded servers. The regular Rust application already has everything you need to run a modded game.

unturned rust mod ever


(Keep in mind these are the same people who made Good, so modding is nothing new to the team) The purpose of this mod is simple: it eliminates the crafting time when making an item.

It increases the amount of resources a player collects from trees, rocks, pickable plants/items, quarries, pump jacks, etc. For example, you can see a boosted gather rate from the rock in the picture to the left.

Here's how it works:Say a server has a 5x gather rate. The normal rate of gathering wood from a tree with a rock would be 10 wood per swing. Multiply that amount by 5, and you get 50 wood per swing instead of 10. This also applies to anything that can be mined/extracted, as well as objects you can pick from the ground (like Hemp Fibers which provide Cloth). Gather rates commonly range anywhere from 2x to 10x, as well as the occasional 20x or 100x. There are a few servers that have an extremely high gather rate of 1,000x to 150,000x! In general, a “kit” is a type of redeemable bundle of items that can be used to give players stuff, like for example a starter kit with full Burlap clothing and a Revolver.

NOTE: As of Dev blog 75, placing ladders in a blocked building area is no longer possible, and therefore this mod is now rendered useless. Are you absolutely sick of people building ladders onto your property? This mod basically changes ladders to follow the building privilege system, so in order to place a ladder (within a cupboard's radius) one must have access to the cupboard.

Here's how the system works:Say I want to teleport to my friend Glamorous. After /TPR I would put down the name of the person I want to send the request to.

rust mod

After I sent my TP request, Glamorous will receive a message saying that I want to teleport to him. He then has 30 seconds (more or less depending on the server) to accept my TP request with the /TPA command.

If he does, then I will receive a message saying he accepted my request, and in about 5-15 seconds, I will be teleported to his location. In this brief amount of time, usually about 10 seconds, avoid taking any kind of damage.

The reason why the mod is made that way is so players can't get into a fight and teleport out in the middle of it. Again, keep in mind that these time figures are approximate, and vary by server.

NOTE: If your teleport target is on a ceiling, or on a rock high off the ground, he will need to relocate. This is because you can only accept teleport requests on ground level, or on a foundation.

For example, if one went out resource collecting and forgot where their base was, they could TP back to their set home. Here's how to use them:Step 1: Get on a foundation (not the ground, not a ceiling) that you wish to set your home as.


In this brief amount of time, usually about 10 seconds, avoid taking any kind of damage. The reason why the mod is made that way is so players can't get into a fight and teleport out in the middle of it.

Step 3: Once you have teleported, the game will load up as if you were respawning (except you still have your stuff and the status bars remain the same) and you can wake up in your set home location and continue on. With this system, you can set a certain amount of homes that depends on the server, but is usually more than one.

Usually you have to be standing on a ground-floor foundation to do this./remove home (home name) : Removes a home that you've set. When this mod is active, you can smelt dozens, even hundreds of ore at a time instead of the regular amount.

This provokes players to raid the rad towns and take the opportunity of getting away unscathed. However, this may mean that there would be a rather high density of players attempting to loot the rad towns, possibly resulting in unnecessary conflict.

Overall, this provides a slightly different gaming experience for the weaker half of Rust's players. The Clans Mod aims to resemble the cooperative feeling of working with groups in Rust, but without the hassle.

gaming computers tech thermaltake pc computer case setup bit modding trophy voting pcs custom build rgb characteristics builder state scan

It can also be tweaked to show a text box with the number of players online and sleepers at the moment, as well as notify the player when a person has joined/left (although this is usually the job of the Notifier Mod). If there isn't a floating text box, you will have to type in a command (usually /who or /list) to view a list of the players online, as well as the amount.

The picture below on the left shows an example of one such text box, which has also been tweaked to display the server's name. In this mod, every normal sense of Rust is town out the window except for the most basic one: survive.

All the players spawn simultaneously on a modified map, and using nothing but what they have, they must scour the land for loot to help them survive. They spawn with only a torch, bandage and a completed map, and must loot handmade rad towns to get better gear.

The object of the game is to be the last living person left, and if a player dies they go into a special “spectator” mod from which, in third person, they can watch other living players go on. If a player wanders outside the playable area, they will take damage.

The airdrops and loot spawns on the server are specially tweaked to give out loot that helps the players in their situations, usually weapons, ammo, medical supplies or attire. Players cannot collect resources manually in Battle Royale.

rust raiding early

This is a fairly uncommon mod that allows the creation of an economy in the server. Each player has their own budget of money, which they can use to “buy” items from the in-game market. They can also sell items they have on them, as well as “steal” money from other players when killing them.

In some servers with this mod, prices can fluctuate up or down, just like the real economy. In order to interact with the economy system, players must use a set of commands in the chat overlay.

Basically what this mod allows the player to do is carry items in increased stacks as opposed to the regular game. This mod allows players to carry a lot more, and encourages resource gathering.

Also, if the server has a high gather rate, this prevents the player's inventory from filling up too fast when harvesting resources. This mod is for servers that want to change their in-game decay timer.

Decay, as you may know, is a destructive, natural process when structures are left unattended for extended periods of time. Well then, this mod allows the player to instantly deposit items from their inventory into a given storage object.

rust started

This mod is common in most servers where kits and heightened gather rates exist. For example, a rad town could be tweaked to spawn much more practical loot, or combat-specific items, or special kinds of ammunition etc.

In the Battlefield Mod, you spawn with a combat kit of guns, medical equipment, food and armor. Typically, this sort of thing would make you the top dog in the server, but everyone else spawns with these.

The entire server is ablaze in gunfights, and even the spawns are laden in gunfire. It's a classic deathwatch sort of thing where you start out with a revolver.

Killing someone else will upgrade your weapon to something better, like for example Revolver to Semi-Automatic Pistol. In the Red vs Blue game mode, you spawn with one of two teams on the Saves Island map, fully armed.

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