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Best Rust Like Games

Christina Perez
• Friday, 30 October, 2020
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Our list of gameslikeRust features other survival adventures where you will battle the environment, AI and other players. Rust quickly captivated a large audience when it began its alpha (through Steam Early Access) in late December 2013.



AI controlled enemies weren’t completely removed from the game though to ensure a good balance of Eve and PVP experiences. Crafting and shaping the game world is also at the heart of the Rust experience with players able to forge tools, weapons and houses to increase their chances of survival.

Please note only games in later stages of development are included on our pages. Planet Calypso leverages the framework of Entropic Universe to create a science fiction MMO with a wealth of content, mechanics and sizeable community waiting to be explored.

The game is being developed by Job and Lighter and takes place on a persistent single server. Haven and Hearth is free to play and offers plenty of unique features that create a realistic experience.

The games focus is on two core gameplay aspects, permanent death and lasting changes to the... Building on the original game by offering improved graphics, larger islands, additional items and better randomization you’ll get plenty of more hours of Stranded gameplay.

Fallen Earth is set in a post-apocalyptic game world and offers it to players with a free to play MMO experience. Most war games have you take on the role of a soldier in the middle of the battlefield with weapons and armor.

rust gameplay

In the day, you cannot leave the house because of snipers, so instead you stay home and maintain the dilapidated hideout that you’ll slowly improve over time (if you last that long). In The Long Dark players will be taking on the harsh environment of the Canadian wilderness.

After a global disaster leaves the world without power players step into the shoes of a crash-landed pilot who finds himself surrounded by the cold dark environment of the wild. Gameplay in The Long Dark happens in a first-person perspective with players controlling their lone survivor across the frozen Canadian landscape after a global event.

The game started out as a title on the Xbox Marketplace and eventually made its way to Windows. The game plays out in an open world environment with players taking control of their survivors in a third-person perspective.

State of Decay is packed full of unique elements with a crazy amount of depth for players to explore. Warm Online is a sandbox style MMORPG that has a creative focus allowing you to create your own adventure.

The game also has a stand-alone version released on Steam in 2015 called Warm Unlimited. Ignoring the rocky history that this franchise has had with countless development issues and decisions that have been less than well-received by the community Infestation: The New Z has thus far avoided the same fate a few months into release and hopefully this trend continues for the title so that it may finally see TH...

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The popular AI director also makes a return with plenty of tweaks to ensure players are always challenged. Just like the original game plot elements are kept minimal with players following four survivors of an infectious disease that has turned the population into zombie like creatures.

This CastleMiner Z block based gameplay also features mechanics that are familiar to the genre with zombie... Starting the battle royale craze in 2017 PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) quickly commanded an audience of millions and gave birth to a wider genre that would dominate the gaming industry for years to come.

Based on a mod created by Brendan “PlayerUnknown” Greene... In Dead Island you’ll have to explore an open world environment and try to prevent being eaten by using whatever weapons you can find around the place.

Dead Island is a great role-playing experience for fans of survival horror and is available on Windows, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3. After a night of wild partying the player wakes up as one of the four available characters (each with their own stats and skills) an...

Sir, You Are Being Hunted is one of the more unique games to be released in recent years with its offering of stealth gameplay combined with free roaming sandbox mechanics. As the name might suggest players spend their time being hunted in a procedurally generated game world by killer robots.

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Unlike the zombies, mutants or humans of other games these British themed robot opponents give Sir, You Are Being Hunted a unique setting over other stealth and survival titles. The Left 4 Dead base game takes place across four varied and unique acts all with a movie design to the campaign, their own tagline and five separate...

Salem is a free to play MMO with a focus on exploration and crafting mechanics. Sea tribe is behind development of the game who also run the popular hardcore MMO, Haven and Hearth (to which Salem has many similarities).

Just like in Haven and Hearth players can expect permanent death in Salem so it definitely isn’t for the faint of heart. Salem is set in 17th century New England and as the name might suggest has obvious ties to the witchcraft of the era, with players playing as a pilgrim.

On non Wii-U platforms some of these features are taken out or redesigned while still retaining the impressive fundamental design of the primary Wii U version mot notably the fantastic London setting and horror tones that are magnified by the permanent death mechanic with some graphical improvements along... Using a realistic military shooter as its base and adding layers of deadly difficulty is Escape From Markov, a title under development by the Russian studio of Battle state Games.

The core premise of Escape From Markov has players scavenging instanced maps for resources while avoiding the threats of other players and AI which in turn can be used to improve your own gear to take on greater challenges. Starting development in 2012 Escape From Markov was first shown to players through a 2016 alpha a...

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Set in a deep medieval fantasy realm the struggle of life in Mortal Online is a real challenge for even MMO veterans. Your game starts in Mortal Online similarly to other MMO titles with you carving your own character out of stone with visual customization, race and stats at center stage.

With your character foundation established you’ll embark into the world where both Eve and PVP for... It’s a game where the fittest survive and explore the fact from beginning till the death ”.

This game was released in February 2018, covering genre action, strategy, fighting, creative and so on. The game is initially about; you are on the island where you have to subsist by gathering materials to manage your thirst, health, clothes, and shelter.

There is a threat of wolves, bears, and other wild animals; also, other players can kill you and can steal your weapons. The game is all about considering spectacle in crafting an environment so beautiful and enthralling that players are enthusiastic to risk their lives in danger to see supplementary of it.

Descending to the depth of the ocean in the unknown world, rare resources are found by the player, but the aquatic perils are more predominant. SubnauticaThis game was released on 16 December 2014 and can be played on cross platforms like PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, Macintosh operating systems.

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It compacts mainly with Create, explores, and survives; but the primary perceptions are similar. The price of this game oscillates to different platforms, so one must choose wisely according to their requirements.

The Forest is GameslikeRust, open-world survival single or multiplayer game that functions likest but with an exclusive backstory. The game is about; you play as a stayer of a plane crash who is trying intensely to survive in a forest where the likelihoods are piled in contrast to you. It was published by End night Games and was released on Windows on 30 April 2018 and PlayStation 4 on 6 November 2018.

It is comparable to Rust in that the gameplay occurs in an expansive open-world in which players must search for resources and smear them efficiently. It can be played on platforms such as Android, Mac, PC, PlayStation, Xbox One, and iOS.

Don’t starve together It is an open-ended game where you assume the character of a plane crash survivor stuck somewhere in the Pacific Ocean. Likest, there is a constant threat of approaching destiny as you scavenge the terrestrial, assembling to do with the resources at your disposal.

Stranded deep You must craft for shelter, floating mechanisms for direction-finding, and weapons to hunt for sustenance. Its gameplay and the mechanism am quite similar to that of Rust, the only difference in Ark Survival is that there are dinosaurs.

rust game

It appeals stimulus from Rust but serves a bold shot to redefine the genre. Likest, SCUM includes agricultural and crafting items while searching for necessary resources.

The gameplay is free gameslikerust were crafting, farming, and constructing are essential for a player’s survival. This game can be referred to as similar to Rust, but minute modifications can be seen to increase fame.

Canon exiles Day is a post-apocalyptic open-world survival game that was published by Bohemia Interactive and released on 16 December 2013. Day Portal Knights is an adventure set in a Minecraft- like world, but that emphasizes much more on act out and characters.

Portal knights 7 Days to Die is a zombie first-person-shooter game that takes place in an open-world environment. 7 Days to die One must give a try to these games as they are GameslikeRust with almost the same motive, but different objects and characters are in attendance. They are decent options to play next to Rust, and also offer a variety of substitutes for diverse stage ratings.

Rust is an online, multiplayer, sandbox, action-adventure, survival game created and released by Face punch Studios. It happens in an unforgettable setting and allows you to survive by building shelters, collecting resources, and crafting items in the forest.


Your main goal is to explore the world of the game, find shelter, clear hurdles, confront deadly animals, and engage with other players. You need to collect food, wood, stones, and clothes by killing animals, chopping trees, and mining rock.

With addictive gameplay, outstanding graphics, and the best mechanics, Rust is an awesome game to play. If you’ve been playing lots of (Rust) and perhaps want some respite from the losing streak you’re on, or simply think it’s time to escape the toxic experience, we have 15 alternatives for you to give a try.

The horror of having to survive on your own in the jungle is fortunately offset by the collection of extremely weird creatures creeping around this sepia-tone environment and the attractive Tim Button-style 2D artwork. Deerclopses, Bearers, and Were pigs, and many weirder monsters roam about looking to make your life a living hell.

However, instead of building shelters like in Minecraft or Rust, Don’t Starve is essentially about the contraptions and tools you can craft. The Alchemy Engine and Science Machine will be your best pals, before being replaced by the art of magic and ancient wonders.

Like Minecraft, this game gladly embraces the mystical and the mad, making it all the more exciting. In Day, you’re thrust in the middle of a serious zombie outbreak at the heart of Charts, a fictional former Soviet Union Republic.

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There are lots of places to scavenge essentials from and to hide in for basic accommodation, but you’ll really have to work hard to survive. You can even contract diseases such as hepatitis or dysentery if you drink dirty water or eat rotten food.

If you’re able to wrestle an enemy and sacrifice them on an altar, you can use the favor of the gods to turn the tables to your advantage. The game is set in a post-apocalyptic environment, where a worldwide nuclear war has decimated most of the population.

As a player, you’re stranded in a fictional Arizona city with only your determination to stay alive. The main goal of 7 Days to Die is to hold out as long as you can against the hordes of zombies pursuing you, a truly horrifying experience indeed.

In the game, you’ll be constantly on your toes with danger lurking at every corner of the streets. Moreover, collecting and gathering resources is a crucial aspect of the game, which requires you to continuously create newer weapons or structures to stay ahead of the enemy.

It takes you way back in time to a prehistoric era, where you need to survive in an extremely harsh environment with very little. The game has 99 dinosaur species and up to 40 other creatures, as well as other potentially dangerous human players.

rust game

Lack of oxygen and 3D movement make even the simple act of collecting bits of waste a tense undertaking. Air pumps, oxygen tanks, and vehicles allow you to remain underwater for longer, though, and the more you adapt to the environment, the more ocean becomes home.

Getting into a new environment, you have to quickly figure out how to survive in a world where giant fish see you as a light snack. While there’s relentless pressure to breathe, eat, and drink, Subnautica is also an ironically relaxing survival game as well.

Despite a myriad of threats lurking underwater, it’s essentially about the thoughtful, peaceful expedition to an exceptional alien world. You’re trapped all by yourself (or with a group of friends in co-op mode) on your titular wooden plank mass with zero lands insight.

While you must continuously top up thirst and hunger levels, the game also allows you to indulge your somewhat sillier side, allowing you the freedom to build multi-story palaces as you please, full of shark head trophies, as well as any other stuff you come across in the sea. The gameplay is divided into two modes: Sandbox, where you’re free to create anything you want, and Winter mute, which has an episodic plot campaign.

The story mode acts like a bunch of tutorials and offers some backstory about how your pilot character wound up crash-landing in the freezing wild lands in Canada. But that doesn’t mean there’s no danger, since wolves can seriously hurt you, and the weather can turn from bright, clear skies to heavy snowstorms in a flash.

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Despite its cartoonist appearance, the game is extremely difficult, with inventory space and resources also very limited, and a day and night cycle that impacts the behavior of the enemy. During the day, the game’s block, colorful world comes alive as things are a bit more peaceful.

Stronger is a survival and space exploration game, in which up to four players can team up to colonize an extra-terrestrial planet, mining its wealth and using it to craft a range of vehicles and tools. The game contains no scripted events nor follows a predetermined plot, giving you and your pals the chance to make your own adventures.

Stronger’s colorful and bright visuals blend well with its low-resolution graphics, particularly when transforming environments with your landscaping tool. In addition, there’s a solar system for you to explore on top of the new suits, vehicles, items, and environmental hazards to craft.

There are stages in which your character must craft items to create weapons and do some familiar tasks, like in Rust. You need to craft weapons, build your kingdom, hunt dragons, and set off a war to seize other empires.

Although most zombie survival titles center around a single protagonist, this game has you switching between several procedurally-created characters you’ve taken on to stay in your base. State of Decay II is focused on strengthening your base to handle in-game events like zombie infestations and scavenging for supplies.


Each map has limited resources, forcing you to cautiously consider which skills you want to invest in and what goals you’d like to achieve. Zomba is an exciting, multiplayer, shooting, and battle royale video game created for mobile devices by Wildlife Studios.

Rust is a strictly multiplayer survival game created by Face punch Studios. Despite the looming danger of wolves and bears, the main threat is other players as the game is strictly multiplayer.

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