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Best Rust Converter Canada

Maria Johnson
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Acts fast, meaning the surface can be repainted or sealed even sooner. Acts fast, meaning the surface can be repainted or sealed even sooner.

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The first ingredient, tannin acid, reacts with the rust to transform it into iron mandate. The second ingredient, 2-Butoxyethanol, works to provide a protective layer after the tannin acid has performed its job.

Coverage: approximately 400-500 square feet. The surface will start to turn Black 20 Minutes after applying BlackS tar. Black Star works equally well on the flat, or angled surfaces as well as nuts, bolts, screws, welded seams, and tools. It uses 21st technology to convert rust into a slick resin coating made of polymers.

Scraping and etching are also virtually a thing of the past according to MRO Chem. The rust conversion process happens rather quickly with even the hardest corrosion.

Black Star RustConverter will stick to rust with ease and continue the conversion process despite rain or snow. Oil Rig workers in the North Sea have used this product for years on their equipment, and much the same can be said for farmers who live and work in the Heartland.

You can use it on any material made of metal, including fences, roofs, sheds, grain bins, automobiles, marinas, buildings, and more. Whether these products are exposed to the elements or simply a corrosive material, MRO Chem claims Black Star RustConverter will perform the task at hand with ease.

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Shipping prices for this product vary based on rates provided by UPS. In most cases, customers living in the continental United States will receive free shipping.

This rust converter will change rust into a black substance that you can mostly wipe away. However, the remaining metal left behind is covered in a black substance that prevents rust from reoccurring.

You can purchase it in size as small as one quart, or in excess up to five gallons. All of these size options prove to be helpful based on the amount of rust converter needed to complete rust removal jobs at hand.

People who have smaller, one-time jobs that need to be done might find interest in purchasing the one-quart size. However, for people who work on farms or in automotive repair might find it more cost-effective to go with five-gallon purchases at a time.

You can apply any paint on top of this surface, and it should not rust a second time. Also, rust will not continue to spread to other areas from the original spot that has been treated, so in many instances, you can use this rust converter only one time.

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Unlike other rust treatment products, only a small amount needs to be applied for optimal effectiveness. As a matter of fact, only eight to ten milliliters will cover between 200 and 260 square feet per gallon of coverage.

You can apply this product with a paintbrush, a paint roller, or a spray gun. Picking which instrument to use depends on the area that you're covering or how many items you will work with.

Inhaling the product or allowing it to touch skin can be dangerous. Both types of exposure need to be handled with immediately, and a doctor’s care should be sought as soon as possible.

This product comes in a 10.25-ounce can that eliminates the need for a sprayer tool when applying a rust converter. Once more, VH’s product eliminates the need to do any sanding or blasting to rusted surfaces before treatment can be applied.

As with all the products that have been examined thus far, this aerosol spray will prepare a surface for painting and prevent more rust from occurring. This surface will likely be dark brown or black, so the paint being used will have to cover such tints.

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This product can act as either a primer or a final coat in the application. Other products that can be applied to this surface once the conversion process has been completed include solvents and epoxies.

Before any of these products are applied, though, the surface needs to be given time to dry and set after the rust converter has been used. There are some concerns about shipping the aerosol can, so some states and countries will not allow it to be sent through the mail.

The reasoning behind this thought process is that aerosol cans do not handle pressure or jostling easily. Some businesses include ranches and farms, where equipment fights exposure to the elements and corrosive substances like pesticides and gasoline.

For people looking to take care of a little rust in spaces throughout their home or business, they might find an attraction to this aerosol can. Ft. Time-tested & field-provenEasy cleanup water-based formula No sandblasting, heavy scraping, or grinding necessaryNine-month shelf life.

At the same time, it performs the rust converting process on any metal surface with ease. Matching colors might be a task because covering the black surface left behind by the rust converter might need a few coats for opaqueness to be achieved.

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Oil-based paints work best on this surface, and they can be applied as soon as 48-hours after the rust converter ’s application. In order to apply this product, any loose rust should be removed from the surface in preparation for application.

Then, Temple’s rust converter can be applied to the prepared surface with either a paintbrush or a soft sponge. A single quart of Temple’s converter can cover up to 125 square feet, so only a little of the product needs to be applied to a small surface.

If only odd and end jobs need to be done around the house or a farm, then one quart of this product will last for some time. If it becomes exposed to skin, it can easily be removed with soap and water.

Only comes in one-quart bottles Requires some prep work before the application can be made As with Black Star’s model, it can be used to spray at rust from any angle.

Once the rust has been smoothed out with the brush, then this rust converter can be sprayed onto the surface. As with previous models, it will leave behind a dark brown or black surface that has been sealed to prevent more rust from forming.

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Once the rust converter primer has dried, which will take about 48-hours, paint and other materials can be applied. Depending on the amount of prep work done beforehand, the sealed surface left behind might need to be sanded smooth.

To overcome this problem, Bugzilla was developed which is one of the most effective products available for the removal of rust. It will convert the existing rust into a polymeric coating that protects the surface.

Bugzilla is an acid-based liquid so it can spread through the rusted surface and area quickly. While the coating is usually applied using a paintbrush or paint roller, it is also possible to dip the rusted item in the solution.

After applying Bugzilla solution the rusted surface or object should be allowed to dry. Since the coating is semi-mono molecular and thin Bugzilla can also be applied to moving parts of the machinery or vehicles.

Additionally, there is little to no chance of bubbling or foaming occurring during the breakdown process. Therefore, a great deal of sanding does not need to be performed after application before the paint can be applied.


One of the more attractive features of this rust converter is the fact it will not cause bleed-through staining on surfaces surrounding the rust being treated. Therefore, coats of paint surrounding the area will not be disturbed as part of the conversion process.

Can be used on any metal surface Composed of organic materials Environmentally safe A little of this product goes a long way Can be used on any part of a car, including brake lines Easy to clean with just soap and water The key to finding the right rust converter is to look for one that provides the least amount of harm to the person using it.

For example, the aerosol can option might be a hazard to breathing during application due to small particles. Only one or two brands offer larger sizes, but most of them are just large enough to handle things around the house. Probably one of the most attractive aftereffects of this product is the fact it will not allow rust to spread further.

Rust converters have two active ingredients- tannin acid and 2-Butoxyethanol, an organic polymer. The tannin acid, which is an alcohol soluble product, reacts with rust (iron oxide) to form a dark-colored inert substance (iron mandate). On the other hand, the organic polymer reacts with this dark substance forming a polymeric coating that provides a perfect base prime that you can paint on.

Unlike removers, the rust converter reacts with the rust converting it to a substance that you can paint and prevent any further corrosion. The ease of rust converter removal varies from one product to the other depending on the active ingredient.

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For instance, in water-based rust converters such as the , you just need some soap and water to clean them. However, rust converters made of a phosphoric acid base are a bit difficult to remove when they stain your clothing.

However, when stored properly, rust converters in both open and unopened containers can be used within 2 years from the purchase date. You can use a converter when using an alternative removal process such as sanding and grinding the rust off is not ideal.

Most rust converters are water-based and contain phosphoric acid and organic polymer in their active ingredients. However, some rust converters are made up of a formic acid formula to help reduce the toxicity of the product.

Therefore, using it on your car’s painted surface will not allow the rust converter to cure well. If you want to treat a mixed surface that has small rust spots surrounded by paint, it is advisable to use a rust remover instead and touch up the spots with paint afterward.

It is advisable to clean out the rust by grinding your metal until its silver shiny before welding it. Therefore, you need to wear goggles and chemical resistant gloves.

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Besides, you need to use a proper face mask to avoid inhalation, especially when spraying the onto surfaces. Although most of the vapors from rust converter are not harmful, it is advisable to use them in a room that is well ventilated. But before we can apply the rust converter, we need to make sure we have the proper PPE on.

To apply a rust converter, you should have protective gloves, eyewear, and proper ventilation. The first thing to do is remove any dirt, grit, loose rust flakes or scale.

Rust converter does also come in two other formulas, a sprayable for airless and compression sprayers and an aerosol. All you need is soap and water to clean your brush or/and container if you plan on reusing them.

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