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Best Rust Check

Bob Roberts
• Wednesday, 30 December, 2020
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Crosscheck has taken all measures to ensure for a healthy and safe work environment for all of our employees and our customers. | Reader's Digest Skip to main content Photo: Shutterstock Take yourself back a few months: you arrive at your dealership on a cold winter day to pick up the brand-new car you bought, but the manager stops you.

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He suggests rust proofing your vehicle before you leave, and explains that it can be done right at the dealership, for a fee. We’ve done some research on four of the most common rust proofing methods to make that decision a little easier.

Often sold by your dealer, an electronic module is a small device that must be professionally installed in your vehicle. These systems emit a weak current through a vehicle’s metal body, theoretically preventing it from reacting with oxygen and corroding.

Photo: Shutterstock Also known as an “undercoating,” tar-based sprays were initially introduced in the 1950s to make car rides quieter. The procedure involves spraying a black, tar-like substance on the floor pans, wheel wells, and other exposed parts of the under body of your car, which then hardens and acts as a permanent shield against moisture, salt, and other elements.

Unfortunately, over time moisture can seep behind the hard outer seal and corrode the metal beneath. Furthermore, the rigid nature of a tar based spray makes it susceptible to cracks, which will pose an entrance for water to get in.

Heart is one of the largest providers of this method of rust protection and charges approximately $150 per vehicle. Compared to its tar-based counterpart, a dripless oil spray covers more surface area because it’s applied to more interior regions of the vehicle, but this added protection comes with a price.

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The application process often involves drilling holes into the frame of the vehicle to maximize the area covered. Additionally, these sprays will often leave smaller crevices and tight seams on your vehicle unprotected because of their high viscosity.

The biggest knock on this method is that the sprayed oil will drip off your vehicle for about two days as it dries. To make matters even more complicated, it’s become a common practice for manufacturers to use galvanized steel in their vehicles frames.

With a coating of zinc, galvanized steel doesn’t react with oxygen the way iron does greatly reduce the risk of rust. Rust proofing will make more sense if your vehicle is regularly subjected to the elements, but if you plan to mainly do city driving in a warm climate changes are it isn’t necessary.

Those with a short-term lease won’t see much benefit in rust proofing, save for a slightly higher residual value. Rust is a problem for many car owners, and it can damage many of your vehicle’s components, including the body, engine, and electrical equipment.

These simple but effective products create a protective film that prevents metal from rusting. We’ve scoured the web for the best rust prevention sprays around and answered some common rust -related questions that drivers have.

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Shield’s anti-corrosion spray was developed by the Boeing Company to lubricate and protect aircraft components. The liquid is formulated to restore and extend the life of metal surfaces with ease by converting rust into chemically stable iron mandate.

In addition, it’s simple to apply using whatever method suits you best, such as by brush, roller, or spray. The no-run solution makes it easy to apply, whether you’re protecting a car, truck, or recreational vehicle.

Another great feature of this spray is that, when you apply it correctly, the layer of rust protection also acts to absorb and deaden road noise. Made from a natural, lanolin oil-based formula, Fluid Film’s rust treatment has the added benefit of being totally non-toxic, making it easier to apply without the need to wear a mask. Manufactured to the highest quality in the United States, the unique formula sticks around so well that most users report only needing to apply the film once each year just before winter arrives.

Brand Fluid Film Model Lubricant/Corrosion Inhibitor Weight 11.7 oz This corrosion inhibitor provides a tough but flexible coating that’s suitable for a huge range of metal components.

The spray is easy to apply, and its carefully blended formula is designed to creep into every nook and cranny before firming up to provide a durable layer of protection. Suitable for marine use as well as automotive applications, CRC’s rust -proofing solution will hold its own even in wet, salty conditions. CRC recommends using its product on everything from electrical connections to engine components and trailers.

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Users report that this spray provides a thinner, more even coating than many of its competitors. The formula can be safely applied not only to metal but also to body filler and fiberglass, making it one of the most diverse options on the market. A number of people have used this product to salvage metal that would otherwise have gone to the scrap heap, making it a great option for thrifty hobbyists.

The formula easily dries to a highly flexible and shatterproof layer, which prevents further rust from forming. Users report that the formula really grips to rust and is easy to apply, making it ideal for the underside of any vehicle. Because the coating easily spreads out to a thin and even layer, it also goes a lot further than you might expect.

The formula is a little thinner than many of its competitors, making application via spray, roller, or brush quite easy. The result is a smooth layer that stands up against chips and scratches. Another unique feature of the formula is its UV resistance: powerful radiation from the sun won’t damage the coating.

This makes it the perfect option for use in all climates, whether you need to protect your car from snow and salted roads or the blazing sun. Finally, this rust proofing paint is versatile enough for use as both a stand-alone protective coating or on already-painted surfaces.

Thinner formula for easy application via spray, brush, or roller Permeated’s solution is a true rust killer, dissolving rusty spots in mere minutes and leaving behind a durable polymer coating.

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Easy to apply by brush or spray, the coating makes an excellent rust -proof primer that can be easily painted over to ensure a durable finish. The formula is suitable to use with body filler and fiberglass as well as metal, making it a diverse solution for most automotive surfaces. Users report that Permeated’s formula is highly effective and easy to apply, making it a handy bottle to keep on hand around the garage.

With this in mind, it should come as no surprise that deciding on exactly the right solution for your needs can be a challenging task. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of common questions and concerns people have when diving into the world of rust prevention.

Below we work our way through some of the most important factors to bear in mind when choosing your rust prevention spray: When choosing a rust prevention treatment, one of the first things to check up on is what type of surface the product is suitable for use with.

Plenty of rust prevention and vehicle undercoating solutions are suitable for use on fiberglass and body filler as well as metals, but this is not always the case. Another key factor that will influence your decision is whether you want to deal with existing rust, or simply prevent it from forming in the future.

Most of the solutions on this list perform both functions, but it’s always a good idea to double-check. If you are planning to treat a visible surface, make sure you choose a rust inhibitor that can also act as a primer, so you can easily paint over it.

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Bear in mind that products designed to convert existing rust tend to leave a dark brown or black surface behind, so you will probably need to apply at least two or three layers of paint to adequately cover it. If you dislike the idea of working your way over multiple uneven surfaces with a wire brush, you may wish to choose a rust inhibitor that can be applied via spraying.

Corroded components are more likely to fail over time, and could be costly and difficult to fix. Because of this, rust proofing your car is a small investment that makes for huge benefits further down the road (pun not intended).

Before paint is applied, car bodies are typically treated with what is known as an undercoating, which is designed to protect the vehicle against damage. They protect a vehicle’s undercarriage against dust, moisture, and dents, as well as helping to reduce road noise.

This polymer coating tends to be quicker and easier to apply than its rubberized counterpart. The undercoating seeps into any cracks and seams, and bonds with non-rusty areas to protect it against corrosion.

Applying this type of undercoat is typically more time-consuming, as it takes longer to cure than wax, polyurethane, or rubberized undercoatings. As mentioned earlier, you will need to decide whether to use a spray or paint method when the time comes to rustproof your vehicle.

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This is because iron is a relatively reactive metal, which can form chemical bonds with a number of elements. A: Applying a rust -proof undercoating at home is a relatively straightforward endeavor, which most keen automotive DIY enthusiasts can undertake.

It’s also a good idea to wear a dust mask or ventilator and work on a day with low humidity to ensure the coating dries as quickly as possible. For a whole car body, you’ll usually need to strip the existing paint away to apply a rust -proof undercoating, whereas to treat the undercarriage will usually mean a simple wash.

In just one step, the spray dissolves minor rusted areas, displaces dirt and grime, provides lubrication for moving parts, and dries to a tough yet flexible anti- rust coating.

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