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Best Restaurant East Philadelphia
The Detroit Post
Saturday, 06 March, 2021

Best Restaurant East Philadelphia

Earl Hamilton
• Monday, 02 November, 2020
• 7 min read

And from Memorial Day through the end of September, popular rooftop tenant BOK Bar invites guests to enjoy light bites and craft beer while taking in sweeping views of the city. Napolitana wood-fired pizza is the specialty at this two-floor eatery that features a Gianni Ac unto oven, which has earned a rep as the best in the world.

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The Regina pie made with buffalo mozzarella and Painful del Vesuvius tomatoes can permanently alter diners’ views of the casual fare. Read More The locals wish they could keep this café a secret, but the waffles, brunch and daily baked treats make it a place they have to brag about.

An intimate dining room and outdoor patio complete the rustic atmosphere, and the seasonal menu melds local produce and house-made salami with artisanal delicacies such as fresh pasta and sheep’s milk cheeses. Hungry diners can opt for the Sunset Menu, which includes a traditional main dish with soup or salad.

Read More Brisket, ribs, chicken wings and pulled pork are smoked daily in this little joint just off the Avenue and available in sandwich form or all on their own. Read More Philadelphia ’s first upscale Dutch-Nordic bistro, owned by Chef Local Lachlan, creates elegant, candlelit, home-style dinners starring a house-smoked fish smorrebrod (board) with fresh-baked bread, shellfish stew prepared three ways and butterball (fried pork meatballs), with a view of the Singing Fountain.

Chef Lou Aquila uses his native Filipino cuisine as the inspirational starting point for dishes at his BYOB. And on Wednesdays and Sundays, the intimate spot hosts a Malayan family-style meal, a communal experience where diners eat with their hands.

Malaysian street food shines at Sate Tampa, known for grilling skewered meats in both classic and Taiwanese styles. Read More Competing for one of this English foolery ’s three tables has become somewhat of a friendly sport among fans of braised lamb shank curry pies, Cornish pasties, jellied or stewed eels and sausage rolls.

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The tempting dinner menu features mainly small plates that use locally sourced products, and the sidewalk bar attracts warm-weather fans. Read More Classic French cuisine is chef-owner Townsend Went’s unabashed specialty, so this intimate spot is the place to indulge in phone gas, escargot or cote DE bonus.

This circa-1918 espresso and gramophone shop (that sold RCA Victors) became an Italian café at Prohibition’s end, and a dinner venue known for pasta Caruso, Frey Diablo and servers who sing opera between courses in 1979. Map updates are paused.

With each menu iteration, Nick Elm’s stalwart becomes more or less French, Asian, American, Mediterranean, Philadelphia. Even if Marc Very’s venerable restaurant was the only spot in Philly, we’d have more creativity, more variety and more talent than some cities have in their entire lists of tractors and pastorates.

You come here for black bass swimming in brown butter dash or the duck leg with housing on a potato roll. No matter what you order, you’ll leave in awe of Peter Service’s vision of American cuisine.

All he had to do to stand out was make the best tonnarelli, the best fuse, the best ricotta ONUDI with pears and Fonda that you’ve ever tasted. Different addresses, different rooms … it doesn’t matter where Cristina Martinez is; her food is some of the most heartfelt you’ll find on the planet.

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It’s hard to say which half of this clandestine place is more fun: the loud front room, with its canned sake, crowded bar, and amazing little Japanese sausages, or the quiet back, where chef Jesse Ito’s Omahas sushi dinners draw crowds from all over the city and beyond. It’s that this place, which arguably does some of the best pizzas in America, can also make a simple bowl of beans swimming in olive oil memorable.

No matter the season, Joey Balding’s heartfelt cooking proves how deep the flavors of Italian simplicity can go. The menu reads like a poem about comfort, all pork croquettes, fried potatoes and baked apples.

James Beard winner Camille Cog swell heads up this all-day café from Console where daylight crowds swarm over the bakery cases, snatching up her chocolate reach and Jerusalem-style bagels. At night, there’s table service and candles, label toasts with smoked trout, and lamb with pistachios.

Philly’s reality is much more like AGK, with its steak writes, white burgundy by the bottle and easy vibe. The way to truly get Little Fish is to walk in with a bottle of wine and the sure knowledge that whatever you eat tonight will be a singular dining experience, never to be repeated.

Middle Child seems like a retro luncheonette, but the toast and jam is Japanese milk bread with whipped ricotta, the Hoagie is a vegan marvel, and the So Long Sal is a wonder of the sandwich arts. Cadence is a soft-spoken masterpiece where the herb dumplings with seafood ragù and the pork loin with a mole sauce speak for themselves.

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But sit down, and you’ll find a wickedly talented kitchen putting an inspired twist on almost every dish. Downstairs, it’s like an escape hatch from the real world, with flickering candles and tables full of people eating yoga, crab upon and usage Danbury like they’re getting away with something.

With its customizable menu, hybrid counter/table-service setup, and fast-casual heart balanced against its serious commitment to Southeast Asian traditions, this is the future of chef-driven dining in Philly. People come to Blue Corn for green tacos, margaritas, brunch eggs, and an authentic taste of Mexico City-style food.

Whether it’s the ukulele music, the massive plate lunches, the Okinawan doughnuts or the poke bowls, Poi Dog is, quite simply, the happiest restaurant in Philly. The sandwiches are massive and built on housemate bread, and honestly, everyone can stop arguing about who has the best pizza in the city now, because Angelo’s is it.

You might come for the falafel and find that Vanilla makes its own gyro meat and hot sauce, or has octopus on the menu that you never noticed before, or really excellent baklava. But our culinary past is well-preserved here, enshrined in a menu of fat ravioli, octopus with white beans, and spaghetti with calamari.

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