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Thursday, 28 October, 2021

Best Names For Bitlife

Christina Perez
• Tuesday, 20 October, 2020
• 10 min read

Basso Guano Alvarado Annual Andrade Patricio Arias Arrival Baccy Barrios Barrel Personal Bolivar Cabal Carrillo Carina Carrillo Carvalho Chavez Cortes Del Polo Genera Incarnation Spin Garcia Gonzalez Indian Lopez Marcelo Martin Miracles Maya Notes Ortiz Palacios Paley Pardon Parka Plain Sousa Romero Rocco Saavedra SCADA Ta mayo Verger Villa Villalba Yeses Zambrano Disclaimer: I am constantly updating this list as more ideas come in.

bitlife kody playing got brown comments bad intelligence level right


If you have an idea, please comment below and I’d be glad to add it to the list. This idea is controversial and is pretty evenly divided between sides.

If you do something bad like getting in a fight they should reduce this allowance, ground you, etc. Your allowance could potentially increase as you age closer to adulthood.

Also, when we get married, we should have the option of changing our child’s last name as well (Unless of course they are abandoned). Furthermore, we should find out the baby’s birth, like an ultrasound, so that we have the option of aborting it if it isn’t the gender that we want.

For example, when your child passes their driving test, you should be able to buy a car for him. It could look something like this: “Jake has just passed his driving test, he is asking you to buy him his first car.

With this branch, the requirements for acceptance should be high levels of Smarts and Fitness (I’m assuming the Health stat takes the place of fitness). Sometimes I get bored with one life, but I’m not necessarily ready to give up on it yet.

league legends names username gameaddik

It would be way cool if we could save our progress, start a new life, and be able to come back at a later time. But make sure our legacies and stuff are saved to that previous life.

I think pensions would make the game even better by allowing us to have some sort of income while we are retired so that our children's’ inheritance isn’t blown because we retired too early. And if they have a large litter we should be able to either sell the puppies (via the advertisement) or take them to a shelter.

Family that you leave behind would be considered abandoned, and you would have the ability to reconnect with them. This would happen automatically if you return home, but you could choose to do so on your own when you reach adulthood.

I think that a sports career should start with high school (or even before that) and should have the ability to continue on into college, and if you are lucky enough, you’ll be able to make it into your career. Now, with that, while you are in high school and college, you should have to maintain a certain level of smarts, or risk getting kicked off the team because of academic ineligibility.

They could potentially kick you out of the house for coming out of the closet, for teenage pregnancies, etc. They could even force you to break up with your teenage lover if they do not approve.

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